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My 2 Copper's Worth

Well we're on a website dedicated to MMO's so I'll give you one guess as to what I'll write about. And no it's not mustard.

Author: ivan50265

IP's That Would Make Great MMO's: Pt.1 Filling the Genre Gap.

Posted by ivan50265 Saturday May 2 2009 at 11:18PM
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   I always enjoy getting into conversations and reading articles about what IP's people think would make a great MMO.  I find the subject matter even more interesting now that we are seeing a surge in the Super-Hero and Sci-Fi categories of MMO's that our currently in production or soon coming to store shelves.  It seems or at least I hope that developers have realized that it is far better to create thier own niche rather than attempt to copy or infringe on the success of another.  My hope is that we will continue to see different and exciting new genres emerge in to the MMO market over the next few years and it is with  that in mind that my first of this three part series will be focused on some genres that we have yet to see in the MMO market , but I think would make excellent games for us to play.   So without further adieu here's the list.


Magic and Machine

  With all of the new Sci-FI titles soon to emerge into the market we will soon see that genre saturated much like the Fantasy genre in MMO's.  The thought I keep having though is that a company could definitely create thier own niche in the market by mixing the two together, and in my opinion there is no better IP out there that accomplishes this than:

  With its post modern setting of mega-corprations and technology mixed with the return of magic Shadowrun is the perfect blend of magic meets machine. I like to think of Shadowrun as Tolkein meets the Terminator in terms of character creation.  Let's say you want to make an elven mage no problem.  Now lets say you want to take that pointy eared tree hugger and jack them full of cybernetics and turn them into a katana/machine gun weilding delaer of death can do.  Not to mention humans, orc, trolls, and dwarves are also playable races in the game.  Players can take on challenges from hacking into the computer matrix with a character class known as a decker or drop a dragon with a rocket launcher or conjured power ball.  All of which just sounds like pure fun to me. 


Modern Day Fantasy

  Although we have a ton of MMO's set in the medieval times wouldn't it be nice to have a more of a modern day fantasy setting.  Fun Com seems to be delving into this a little with their new title "The Secret World" but I have to think there is room for more than one especially with FunCom's performance in their latest MMO entry.  Though it would be fun to run around in a familiar modern fantasy world, and the one I have a real hankerin to run around in is:

   Harry Potter I think would make a great mmo. The magical world that is Harry Potter's is absolutely fascinating to me at least, and I think it would be a blast to run around in. Now I'm not saying put the whole thing in Hogwart's maybe the front fourth of the game and then let us explore the world as an adult after we have graduated school. Give us the opportunity to dabble in the dark arts and we could get some great PvP between rival orders. The greatest part is you wouldn't even need the main charcters in it if you didn't want them just the instructors at the school and some mainstays in the grown-up world. You could even get the side game of quidditch which would be a blast in it's own right. Besides if the franchise has enough name recognition for a theme park then it has to have enough clout to enter the mmo market.


Military Conflict

  I think there would be definite room for a covert ops type military based mmo.  Not the open conflict like Planetside, but more of a secret war with assaults to control maybe quest hubs or something of that nature.  You'd need a good advesarial IP without really involving any named countries or the such and how could you go wrong using:

   GI Joe vs Cobra the idea just sounds like a blast.  Make your soldier specialize them in whatever and give them their kick ass callsign I think we would see some very original Joes and Cobras.  Then take that guy and try to stop Cobra's nefarious plot or try to further it you choose.  This IP just screams PvP to me as both sides could fight for objesctives which could open up quests or upgrade gear or what have you.  The right studio could really make this a heck of a game to play. Oh and I forgot to mention what about vehicles that would be a fun addition to any PvP battleground.


Weird Western

  I have read a fair share of articles that mention the need for a western themed mmo, and I can't blame them.  For me this is the most obvious of niches that could really be successful in todays MMO market.  Now I'm not talking some "how the west was won" type of mmo, but more of the weird western like the "Wild Wild West" with all of the cool steampunk machinations.  Now my first thought was "The Wild Wild West", but I thought that was a little gimmicky with the movie and all.  So instead I chose:

   Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with Deadlands let me paint you a picture real quick. 

Imagine that it is 1876 in the US wild west.  The Civil War ended with the South successfully seceeding from the union.  An Indian shaman has performed an acient ritual and unleashed evil forces on the earth that live off of human fear.  Half of California is now in the ocean and the rest is comprised of canyons of water.  Miners unearth a new fuel known as ghost rock which fuels the development of steampunk technology.  You are in a party consisting of a Lawman, a card playing sorcerer that gambles with spirits, an Indian warrior, a wandering evangelist who can perform healing miracles, and a mad scientist.  You are tasked with clearing out a town that is over run with zombie gunfighters.... 

And that is just a quick overview of the Deadlands.  What I really like about this IP is that you get the wild west and undead type of genres mixed together which could attract fans of both genres.  The character classes are original and well thought out, and the steampunk technology is inventive like the gatlin shotgun for example.  If a studio did this right I think this genre and IP would be very successful in the MMO market.


  Well there you have it for part one.  Congratulation you made it.  I am curious what you think so far and if there is a genre you think I missed feel free to comment below.  In part two I'll be discussing some IP's that may sound good but could be a nightmare to develop properly. 

Until Next Time




UnSub writes:

Watch Superstition Studios: it is headed by Shane Hensley, who created Deadlands (and runs Pinnacle) and I'm 90% certain they are developing a Deadlands MMO.

However... Superstition is owned by FireSky / Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, so there's a good chance CME will fold long before that particular version of the Deadlands MMO appears.

Sun May 03 2009 9:27AM Report
Elismer writes:

A Harry Potter-based MMORPG would be pretty sweet.  I can see several ways of doing that particular game as well.  I will certainly look forward to that some day.  Maybe someone will do it before I die.

Sun May 03 2009 3:41PM Report
ghstwolf writes:

Honestly I think you missed one that could be really great, Mechwarrior (Battletech for the purists).  That said, the lack of a Shadowrun MMO is almost a sin (no surprise Microsloth is involved with both IPs).  Then again, I'd sort of hate to see them "wasted" on the sort of games I'm thinking would come out.

Sun May 03 2009 3:46PM Report
dcostello writes:

  I think that this is a good post, but I do not believe the problem lies in finding the "right" title to place on an MMO--to the contrary I believe that developers should focus more on the MMO aspect of the, well...MMO.

Sun May 03 2009 8:27PM Report
Senadina writes:

I've wanted a Shadowrun MMO for a long time now. Never heard of Deadlands, but now that I have, hell yeah it would be a blast as an MMO. And as much as I love the Harry Potter books and movies, I don't think I want to play a game where all I can play is a spellcaster.And I can't see how you could be anything but: who would play a muggle? :)

Sun May 03 2009 9:09PM Report
ivan50265 writes:

To ghstwolf wait till part three and you might see something familiar.

Thanks for the feedback all.

Sun May 03 2009 9:34PM Report
Laughing-man writes:

Shadow run would be an amazing MMO, I wish they would develop that...

I used to play the pen and paper version and it was really fun.

I even remember there being a Sega game...  Good times.

Mon May 04 2009 1:52PM Report
Nibs writes:


Tue May 05 2009 12:22PM Report
Merit10 writes:

 As soon as I saw the movie I knew this would make a great MMO.... Avatar! I got dibs on the blue chick.

Sun Jan 31 2010 7:48AM Report writes:
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