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My 2 Copper's Worth

Well we're on a website dedicated to MMO's so I'll give you one guess as to what I'll write about. And no it's not mustard.

Author: ivan50265

Three reasons why I can't hate WoW.

Posted by ivan50265 Sunday March 8 2009 at 10:52PM
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   Hello again friends.  Recently my wife and I were discussing the MMO genre, and I started getting on my high horse as uaual, and I started in on one of my favorite targets The World of Warcraft.  It was right before I got on soem random diatribe about the negatives of being equiment dependent when my wife offered me some food for thought of which will be the subject of this blog.  Enjoy. 


Three Reasons I Can't Hate WoW


   Its been about two years since I have logged into the world of Azeroth.  I stopped playing simply because I wasn't really having fun anymore, and  for me the Blizzard formula had runs its course.  I could spend paragraphs pontificating on the game's shortcomings, but instead I will spend a few brief moments explaining why I will never be able to hate the 11 million pound mmo gorilla known as WoW.

    First and most obvious is that once upon a time I actually had fun playing the game.  Now before you say anything think back to when you first loaded up the game you had fun at least a little didn't you? I thought the original levels 1-60 were well done at least the first time around as well as the raids they were fun the first couple of times through.  I also have to admit they have one of the best music scores I have ever heard in a game.   

   Second through this game's accessability they have exposed a population of people to this genre if not gaming altogether.  I have this intern at work, and he wanted to find a hobby.  When he asked me what I thought I offered my favorite hobby which just happend to be gaming.  My intern was interested in this idea, and after he did some research came back to me and told me he really woul dlike to get into gaming, but he only had a computer which wasn't that good, and couldn't afford a new system of one of the new consoles.  I jokingly suggested WoW mentioning that the game could run on just about any machine.  I didn't hear anything more about it for about a week until I saw my intern coem in late one morning and he looked like he'd had a long night.  When I asked him what had happened he answered with the simple phrase " I started playing WoW at like 8pm and the next time I looked at the clock it was 3 am."  I laughed my ass off.  How many times has that happened to sme poor soul let alone me. 

  Lastly and most important I can never hate WoW because it made my wife a gamer.  Four years ago my wife and I were a new couple that had decided to move in togather.  Usually there's and adjustment process where she and I had to get used to each other.  Instead of hearing complaints about me leaving my socks on thr floor she had an issue with my gaming.  After countless arguments and hearing "those games are so stupid."  I gave her the disks to WoW and asked her to load it on her computer and give it 20 minutes of her life and if she didn't like it at least she could tell me she tried it.  She did as I asked and four hours later I was begging her to log off and go to bed so she could get up for work in the morning.  From that moment on my wife and I have been the consumate team in MMO's. She still somtimes is lured by WoW whic is fine by me even though I don't play anymore. Gaming has become a mutual hobby of ours and my married friends are jealous as hell.

   Like many others who have left the WoW scene behind for their various reasons I have to give some props. This game is truly a phenomenon for better or worse.  Although I have no intention of ever logging back into WoW I have to give it some thanks for being fun for a moment, allowing me to introduce others to gaming, and giving me and my wfe our comon hobby that we both love. 

That's all I have.

Until Next  Time


P.S. Feedback always welcome below.

xbellx777 writes:

very nice op even tho wow has done some bad things for the industry you cant deny the impact its had on mmo's. man i wish i had a girl like that. my ex hated videogames so that didnt work out too well. i wonder how we lasted over a year and a half now lol

Mon Mar 09 2009 12:47AM Report
Zhauric writes:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Very nice post and good to see someone honest about it all. I still play WoW though I rather not *laughs* but so far the genre isn't bringing anything to hold me. A lot of the time we see people talk down about WoW and use it to degrade others when the simple truth is a majority of us have played it and done so a reasonable amount of time. It has its merits and it has its downfalls like everything else out right now.

Mon Mar 30 2009 1:28PM Report writes:
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