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My 2 Copper's Worth

Well we're on a website dedicated to MMO's so I'll give you one guess as to what I'll write about. And no it's not mustard.

Author: ivan50265

Star Trek Online vs The Old Republic Online: Can't we all just get along?

Posted by ivan50265 Sunday March 1 2009 at 6:08PM
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   With both the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises producing mmo's presently it was only a matter of time until the age old Star Trek vs Star Wars debate was going to show itself in comparisons of game quality and of course the obligatory forum post or two.  Personally I am eagerly anticipating both games, and wish them the best in their success, but after reading a pair of forum posts from  members on both sites I'd thought I'd offer a little food for thought. Now in no way do I think either community would engage in flame wars on each others respective forums.  I do believe there are some of a more mischevious nature which may try to foster a little rivalry.


Communites Unite

   So I thought it would be interesting if we looked at what these two communities have in common rather than their differences.  Fans of the frnachises have more in common than you think when you step back and look at them. 

   The first and foremost being that both franchises are classics in the science fiction realm.  Star Wars and Star Trek are the two most recognizable scinece fiction frnchises anywhere, and both communitites are obviously passionate about their franchises as well.

   The second is that both franchises when it comes to mmo's have been screwed over royally.

   First off you have the Star Wars fans.  Now at least they've had an mmo, but a failure of an mmo at that.  SWG failed in all areas to deliver a true Star Wars experience although many will argue at the greatness of the original version of the game it was still a buggy at best, and the developers through all of its iterations (pre-CU, CU, and NGE) rather than giving the player a galactic civil war have delivered a game full of Jedi in a time period where they are supposed to be extinct. Now I could go further into the NGE debacle and how that screwed the community, but we all know by now what's going on there.  Needless to say when the announcement of ST:TOR finally arrived it was welcomed news, and offered the community a new hope. Pun intended.

   Now poor Star Trek fans have been getting run over the coals for the better part of 5 years now with no game to show for it as if yet.  From the anouncement in 2004 from fromer Perpetual Entertainment fans were rewarded with nothing more than spotty information, few screenshots, and no oficial game site to speak of.  Then fans were rewarded with the company chnaging names to P2, stopping work on the game,and then finally selling the license to an undisclosed developer.  Finally the mmo emerges in the hands of Cryptic Studios who from all appearences have been working dilligently on trying to get a product out to the public.  The game finally has a website and a teady flow of information. 

   Lastly the most important thing both communities have in common is that we are fans of science fiction.  In the coming year or two if you are a fan of sci-fi like I am you'll feel like a kid in a candy store when it comes to the sheer amount of mmo's launching in this genre.  The better all of the games are the better it is for the genre as a whole.  Let alone the more quality mmo's we se on the market the better for the mmo genre as well.  

   In the end we will see the merits and flaws of both games when they launch, but until then let's hope the best for these games and all mmo's currently in development.  Their continued success will allow us to enjoy watching this genre of gaming whic I eprsonally belive is one of the best to continue to thrive and innovate for our enjoyment in the future.

Until Next Time,





TenchiMuyo writes:

I've been watching both games since they were announced, and I was very excited about both. However; with the announcement that STO will not have land-based exploration, or even exploration of your own ship; I am sadly dissapointed. I was looking forward to designing my own crew quarters. It makes me wonder; will we even have any visual customization in the game? If we can't walk around, what's the point of customizing our visual avatar?

I am still hoping they change their mind on this; and will still be watching STO; I might even try the beta. But I am looking much more forward to SW:TOR. I've been a fan of the KOTOR series for a long time; and am glad Bioware has taken on such a daring, and entertaining idea.

Sun Mar 01 2009 7:20PM Report
ivan50265 writes:

I hear ya on the SW:TOR and on the ST:O issue.  I believe ther will be missions on land , but as for random walking around it might be too much for a space/ground game right out of the bat.

Sun Mar 01 2009 8:57PM Report
esarphie writes:

As to Star Trek, apparently leisurely wandering around isn't an option, however missions take place on ships, on planets, and in deep space.

Seriously, as entertaining as wandering through the hundreds of hallways on a starship might be, it isn't something you'd want to do repeatedly.

From what I can tell you pretty much are at the helm of your ship unless you have a mission that sends an away team somewhere. Frankly, I think that could work just fine.

Mon Mar 02 2009 12:46AM Report writes:
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