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My 2 Copper's Worth

Well we're on a website dedicated to MMO's so I'll give you one guess as to what I'll write about. And no it's not mustard.

Author: ivan50265

How to be a Virtual Psychic, or My Predictions for 2008.

Posted by ivan50265 Wednesday January 30 2008 at 11:15PM
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   Hello once again friends. I'd like to send out a quick apology for my absence, but life happens you know.  I've been keeping up with the scene though, and have finally found the time to ressurect one of my favorite pet projects which is this blog.  I'd like to send out a warm welcome back to the blog "Paragus Rants" you've been missed. If you get a chance give him a read it's good fun.  Ok well enough talk and down to business enjoy and as always comments are welcome down below.


My 2008 Predictions

  So I thought it'd be a hoot to start things back up with a good old fashioned article on what I think will happen in the world of MMO's for 2008. (Like anyone really cares.) But it'll give either some food for thought or some gasoline to pour on the flames below. Without further adieu I now offer you a look into my crystal ball:


1. "Rock Band" will go massive!

   Ok I know this sounds a little weird, but with the release of a patch that will allow players to goup together online to play their game mode "Band World Tour"  "Rock Band" will inadvertantly become a MMO.


2. Bioware and Lucasarts will officially announce the new "Star Wars" mmo.

   Yep folks the unannounced super secret ninja mmo project will be announced, and we will all let out a big collective "No S**t!"  Now if it's not a "Star Wars" mmo that'll be a real suprise.


3. "Warhammer Online" and "Age of Conan" will launch and one of them will suck!

   Both games have been way over hyped to the point that one of them isn't going to live up to the promise, and one is going to deliver. I can honestly say I'm not sure which is going to do what, but I am positive that one of them will fall flat on their face.


4. "Star Trek Online" or "Marvel Universe Online" will be cancelled and one will survive at least another year of development.

   These two games have had alot of conjecture and mystery surrounding them with the anouncment that P2/Perpetual stopped work on STO and the project has been moved to another developer to the rumors that the "Marvel Universe Online" is bogged down in feuds between Marvel, Cryptic Studios, and Microsoft. One of these games is gonna bite the dust leaving us all a littel disappointed that one of two great IP's won't see a future as an mmo for quite sometime and the other will survive at least another year for us to wonder if it will get the axe next.


5. "Wrath of the Lich King" will sell fewer units than "The Burning Crusade"

   WoW will show it's first sign of losing dominance when the new expansion fails to outsell or match sales of the previous expansion.  There's just too many new games coming out and fewer players will bother to spend the extra $40 or $50 bucks to return to Azeroth for another 3 month grind.


   And with that my ESP has run dry. And that's my 2 copper's worth.  Feel free to share your opinion with me below I look forward to reading your thoughts. And thanks for the read.


Until Next Time,








miagisan writes:

STO and MUO are already dead in the water thats not a big stretch :)

Thu Jan 31 2008 12:26AM Report
krindorf writes:

Nice post Ivan. Now, about your predictions...

1. I think Rock Band could be the dark horse of 2008, myself.
2. It's certainly looking like KOTOR Online, isn't it?
3. AoC will thrive methinks, WAR may well be set for an Epic Fail.
4. Although it's going through a nightmare period, I think there is too big an Intellectual Property behind STO for it to fail; /wave to MUO.
5. This is the biggest prediction, and I think you're bang on. Some quality titles coming this year, and I think WoW's sales will be affected.

WTS ESP potions, will trade for hax. ^^


Thu Jan 31 2008 4:06AM Report
Augusten writes:

5.  LOL.  On this you are dead wrong.  I am neither a WoW fan nor a detractor.  WoW is what it is, and none of the current slough of mmorpg's set to be released have what it takes to affect the sales of WotLK.

Hardcore MMORPG fans fail to understand most WoW subscribers are the same types of persons who continue to buy Sims expansions.  They are not interested in a MMORPG that offers greater challenge.  They are not interested in leaving the social connections in WoW behind. 

And even most hardcore MMORPG players will pick up the expansion just to see what it has to offer.

Thu Jan 31 2008 11:29AM Report
Paragus1 writes:

Thanks for the shout-out! :)

Tue Feb 19 2008 1:37AM Report writes:
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