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IG2T 19 Free WOW Guides Blog^^

I will provide 19 free wow guides on my blog....

Author: ig2t

WOW Alliance Guide -- 3.DWARF-GNOME START-3.2Ironforge

Posted by ig2t Friday May 15 2009 at 6:38AM
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1. C(39,57) Turn in The Reports to Senator Barin Redstone.
2. A(55,47) Get the flight path from Gryth Thurden
3. B(18,51) Make Ironforge your home
Run to Dun Morogh

4. Q(68,55) Get The Public Servant from Senator Mehr Stonehallow and Those Blasted Troggs from Foreman Stonebrow.
5. Q(68,55) Kill 6 Rockjaw Skullthumpers and 10 Rockjaw Bonesnappers.
6. Q(68,55) Turn in The Public Servant to Senator Mehr Stonehallow and Those Blasted Troggs to Foreman Stonebrow.
Level 10
1. R(63,49) Get Protecting the Herd from Rudra Amberstill
2. R(62,47) q Kill Vagash and get the [Fang of Vagash] from his corpse
3. R(63,49) Turn in Protecting the Herd to Rudra Amberstill
4. S(83,39) Get The Lost Pilot from Pilot Hammerfoot
5. S(79,36) Turn in The Lost Pilot and get A Pilot's Revenge from A Dwarven Corpse, kill Mangeclaw and get the [Mangy Claw] from his corpse.
6. S(83,39) Turn in A Pilot's Revenge to Pilot Hammerfoot
7. T(86,48) Turn in Shimmer Stout and get Stout to Kadrell from Mountaineer Barleybrew.
Run to Loch Modan
8. B(33,50) Get the flight path from Thorgrum Borrelson.
Fly to Ironforge
Enter the Tram
9. Get Deeprun Rat Roundup from Monty.
10. Use the [Rat Catcher’s Flute] on 5 Deeprun Rats
11. Turn in Deeprun Rat Roundup and get Me Brother, Nipsy from Monty.
12. Take the tram to the Stormwind end.
13. Turn in Me Brother, Nipsy to Nipsy.

Level 11
1. Take the tram to the Ironforge end.
Leave the Tram.
If Human, pick up in Loch Modan, here.
Otherwise, take the tram to Stormwind, head to Elwynn Forest, and pick up in Elwynn Forest, here(Level 5 #8), skipping any quests that are not applicable.

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WOW Alliance Guide -- 3.DWARF-GNOME START-3.1Dun Morogh

Posted by ig2t Friday May 15 2009 at 6:34AM
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Level 1
1. A(29,72) Get Dwarven Outfitters from Sten Stoutarm
2. A(28,73) Kill Ragged Young Wolves until you have 8 [Tough Wolf Meat].
Level 2
1. A(29,72) Turn in Dwarven Outfitters, get your class Rune/Memorandum quest and Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery from Sten Stoutarm and A New Threat from Balir Frosthammer.

2. B(28,68) q Turn in your Rune/Memorandum quest.
3. C(26,73) q Kill 6 Rockjaw Troggs and 6 Burly Rockjaw Troggs
4. D(22,71) Turn in Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery and get Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery, Part 2 and The Boar Hunter from Talin Keeneye
Level 3
1. D(22,70) q Kill 12 Small Crag Boars
2. D(22,71) Turn in The Boar Hunter to Talin Keeneye
3. A(29,72) Turn in A New Threat to Balir Frosthammer.
Level 4
1. E(22,71) Turn in Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery, Part 2 and get The Troll Cave from Grelin Whitebeard
and get Scalding Mornbrew Delivery from Nori Pridedrift
2. B(28,66) Turn in Scalding Mornbrew Delivery and get Bring Back the Mug from Durnan Furcutter
3. B(28,67) q Get A Refugee's Quandry from Felix Whindlebolt
4. E(25,75) Turn in Bring Back the Mug to Nori Pridedrift
5. G(20,76) Use Felix's Box to get [Felix's Box].
6. G(22,79) Use Felix's Chest to get [Felix's Chest]
7. F(26,79) Use Felix's Bucket of Bolts to get [Felix's Bucket of Bolts]
8. F(25,78) Kill 14 Frostmane Troll Whelps
9. E(25,75) Turn in The Troll Cave and get The Stolen Journal from Grelin Whitebeard
10. F(26,79) Kill Grik'nir the Cold and get [Grelin Whitebeard's Journal] from his corpse.
Level 5
1. E(22,71) Turn in The Stolen Journal and get Senir's Observations from Grelin Whitebeard
2. B(28,67) q Turn in A Refugee's Quandry to Felix Whindlebolt

3. H(33,71) Turn in Senir's Observations and get Senir's Observations, Part 2 from Mountaineer Thalos
4. H(33,72) Get Supplies to Tannok from Hands Sprinsprocket.
5. I(46,53) Turn in Senir's Observations, Part 2 to Senir Whitebeard
6. I(46,52) Get Beer Basted Boar Ribs from Ragnar Thunderbrew and Tools for Steelgrill from Tharek Blackstone
7. I(47,52) Turn in Supplies to Tannok to Tannok Frosthammer, make the Dun Morogh your home and buy a [Rhapsody Malt] from Inkeeper Belm.
8. J(50,49) Turn in Tools for Steelgrill to Beldin Steelgrill, get Ammo for Rumbleshot from Loslor Rudge, The Grizzled Den from Pilot Stonegear, and Stocking Jetsteam from Pilot Bellowfiz
9. I(50,50) q Kill Crag Boars and Large Crag Boars until you have 6 [Crag Boar Rib] and 4 [Chunk of Boar Meat] and Young Black Bears until you have 2 [Thick Black Bear Fur].
Level 6
1. J(50,49) Turn in Stocking Jetsteam and get Evershine from Pilot Bellowfiz
2. I(46,52) Turn in Beer Basted Boar Ribs to Ragnar Thunderbrew
3. K(44,56) Use the Ammo Crate to get [Rumbleshot's Ammo].
4. K(42,54) Kill Young Wendigos and Wendigos until you have 8 [Wendingo Mane]
5. L(40,65) Turn in Ammo for Rumbleshot to Hegnar Rumbleshot.
Level 7
1. I(46,53) Get Frostmane Hold from Senir Whitebeard
2. J(49,48) Turn in The Grizzled Den to Pilot Stonegear
3. M(30,43) Turn in Evershine and get A Favor for Evershine and The Perfect Stout from Rejold Barleybrew, and Bitter Rivals from Marleth Barleybrew
4. N(27,48) q Kill 6 Ice Claw Bears, 6 Elder Crag Boars, and 8 Snow Leopards.
5. M(30,43) Turn in A Favor for Evershine.

Level 8
1. N(25,50) N Head to the back of the hold until Fully Explore Frostmane Hold is complete, killing 5 Frostmane Headhunters on the way
2. O(41,36) q N Use Shimmerweed Baskets and kill Frostmane Seers until you have 6 [Shimmerweed].
3. M(30,43) Turn in The Perfect Stout and get Return to Bellowfiz and Shimmer Stout from Rejold Barleybrew
4. I(47,52) Buy a [Thunder Ale] from Inkeeper Belm, head downstairs, talk to Jarven Thunderbrew, use the Unguarded Thunder Ale Barrel behind where he was standing to turn in Bitter Rivals and get Return to Marleth
5. I(46,33) Turn in Frostmane Hold and get The Reports from Senir Whitebeard
6. J(49,48) Turn in Return to Bellowfiz to Pilot Bellowfiz
7. I(45,49) Get Operation Recombobulation from Razzle Sprysprocket
8. M(30,43) Turn in Return to Marleth to Marleth Barleybrew
9. P(27,41) Kill Leper Gnomes until you have 8 [Restabilization Cog] and 8 [Gyromechanic Gear]
10. I(45,49) Turn in Operation Recombobulation from Razzle Sprysprocket.
Level 9
Run to Ironforge.

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WOW Alliance Guide -- 2.HUMAN START-2.2Stormwind

Posted by ig2t Friday May 15 2009 at 5:52AM
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13. A(56,64) Turn in Shipment to Stormwind to Morgan Pestle.
14. B(51,12) Turn in Elmore’s Task and get Stormpike Delivery from Grimand Elmore.
Enter the tram.
15. Take the tram to the Ironforge end.
16. Get Deeprun Rat Roundup from Monty.

17. Use the [Rat Catcher’s Flute] on 5 Deeprun Rats
18. Turn in Deeprun Rat Roundup and get Me Brother, Nipsy from Monty.
19. Take the tram to the Stormwind end.
20. Turn in Me Brother, Nipsy to Nipsy.
Level 11
1. Take the tram to the Ironforge end.
Leave the tram.
2. A(55,47) Get the flight path from Gryth Thurden.
3. B(18,51) Make Ironforge your home
Pick up in Dun Morogh, here (Level 5 #6) if Human, skipping any quests that are not applicable.
Otherwise head to Loch Modan.

this wow alliance guide is copy from

WOW Alliance Guide -- 2.HUMAN START-2.1Elwynn Forest

Posted by ig2t Friday May 15 2009 at 5:48AM
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2.HUMAN START-2.1Elwynn Forest


Level 1
1. A(48,43) Get A Threat Within from Deputy Willhelm.
2. A(48,41) Turn in A Threat Within and get Kobold Camp Cleanup from Marshal McBride.
3. A(48,43) Get Eagan Peltskinner from Deputy Willhelm.
4. A(48,40) Turn in Eagan Peltskinner and get Wolves Across the Border from Eagan Peltskinner.


5. B(49,35) Kill 10 Kobold Vermin and kill Timber Wolves until you have 8 [Tough Wolf Meat].
Level 2
1. A(48,40) Turn in Wolves Across the Border to Eagan Peltskinner.
Level 3
1. A(48,43) Get Brotherhood of Thieves from Deputy Willhelm.
2. A(48,41) Turn in Kobold Camp Cleanup and get your class's Letter quest and Investigate Echo Ridge from Marshal McBride.
3. A(x,y varies) Turn in your class's Letter quest.
4. B(49,35) Kill 10 Kobold Workers
5. A(48,41) Turn in Investigate Echo Ridge and get Skirmish at Echo Ridge from Marshal McBride.
6. C(47,32) Kill 12 Kobold Laborers.
Level 4
1. A(48,41) Turn in Skirmish at Echo Ridge and get Report to Goldshire from Marshal McBride.
2. D(53,45) Kill Defias Thugs until you have 12 [Red Burlap Bandana]
3. A(48,43) Turn in Brotherhood of Thieves and get Milly Osworth and Bounty on Garrick Padfoot from Deputy Willhelm.
Level 5
1. A(50,39) Turn in Milly Osworth and get Milly’s Harvest from Milly Osworth.
2. D(53,45) Use Milly's Harvest until you have 8 [Milly’s Harvest].
3. E(56,48) Kill Garrick Padfoot and get [Garrick’s Head] from his corpse.
4. A(50,39) Turn in Milly’s Harvest and get Grape Manifest from Milly Osworth.
5. A(48,43) Turn in Bounty on Garrick Padfoot to Deputy Willhelm.
6. A(49,41) Head to the top of the church and turn in Grape Manifest to Brother Neals.
7. F(45,47) Get Rest and Relaxation from Falkhaan Isenstrider

8. G(42,65) Turn in Report to Goldshire and get The Fargodeep Mine from Marshal Dughan.
9. G(42,67) Get Gold Dust Exchange from Remy “Two Times”
10. G(43,65) Get Kobold Candles from William Pestle
11. G(43,65) Turn in Rest and Relaxation to Innkeeper Farley and make Elwynn Forest your home
12. H(38,81) Enter the Fargodeep Mine and kill Kobold Tunnelers while exploring the mine until you have 10 [Gold Dust], 8 [Large Candle], and until Scout the Fargodeep Mine is complete.
Level 6
1. G(42,67) Turn in Gold Dust Exchange to Remy “Two Times”
2. G(42,65) Turn in The Fargodeep Mine and get The Jasperlode Mine from Marshal Dughan.
3. G(43,65) Turn in Kobold Candles and get Shipment to Stormwind from William Pestle
4. I(43,89) Get Young Lovers from Maybell Maclure
5. K(29,85) Turn in Young Lovers and get Speak with Gramma from Tommy Joe Stonefield
6. J(34,84) Turn in Speak with Gramma and get Note to William from Gramma Stonefield and get Lost Necklace from “Auntie” Bernice Stonefield and Princess Must Die! from Ma Stonefield.
7. I(43,85) Turn in Lost Necklace and get Pie for Billy from Billy Maclure
8. I(41,87) Kill Stonetusk Boars until you have 4 [Chunk of Boar Meat].
Level 7
1. J(34,84) Turn in Pie for Billy and get Back to Billy from Ma Stonefield
2. I(43,85) Turn in Back to Billy and get Goldtooth from Billy Maclure
3. H(41,78) Kill Goldtooth and get [Bernice’s Necklace] from his corpse.
4. J(34,84) Turn in Goldtooth to “Auntie” Bernice Stonefield
5. G(42,67) Get A Fishy Peril from Remy “Two Times”
6. G(42,67) Turn in A Fishy Peril and get Further Concerns from Marshal Dughan
7. G(43,65) Turn in Note to William and get Collecting Kelp from William Pestle

8. L(50,66) Kill Murlocs and Murloc Streamrunners until you have 4 [Crystal Kelp Frond].
9. G(43,65) Turn in Collecting Kelp and get The Escape from William Pestle
10. I(43,89) Turn in The Escape to Maybell Maclure.
Level 8
1. M(61,54) Go through the Jasperload Mine until The Jasperlode Mine is complete.
2. N(73,72) Turn in Further Concerns and get Find the Lost Guards and Protect the Frontier from Guard Thomas.
3. O(81,66) Get A Bundle of Trouble from Supervisor Raelen.
4. P(81,59) Kill 8 Prowlers and 5 Young Forest Bears while using Bundles of Wood from around the bases of trees until you have 8 [Bundle of Wood]
5. Q(72,60) Use A half-eaten body to turn in Find the Lost Guards and get Discover Rolf’s Fate.
6. R(79,55) Use Rolf’s corpse to turn in Discover Rolf’s Fate and get Report to Thomas
7. O(81,66) Turn in A Bundle of Trouble to Supervisor Raelen.
8. O(79,68) Get Red Linen Goods from Sara Timberlain
9. N(73,72) Turn in Report to Thomas and Protect the Frontier and get Deliver Thomas’ Report and Report to Gryan Stoutmantle from Guard Thomas.
Level 9
1. S(70,76) Kill Defias Bandits until you have 6 [Red Linen Bandana]. 6Note: if you get a [Westfall Deed], use it to get Furlbrow's Deed.
2. S(70,76) N Kill Princess and get the [Brass Collar] from her corpse.
3. O(79,68) Turn in Red Linen Goods to Sara Timberlain.
4. G(42,65) Turn in Deliver Thomas’ Report and The Jasperlode Mine and get Cloth and Leather Armor and Westbrook Garrison Needs Help! from Marshal Dughan
5. J(34,84) Turn in Princess Must Die! to Ma Stonefield.
Level 10
1. G(41,65) Get Elmore’s Task from Smith Argus.

2. T(24,74) Turn in Westbrook Garrison Needs Help! and get Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty from Deputy Rainer and Wanted: “Hogger” from the Wanted Poster.
3. U(26,82) Kill Riverpaw Runts and Outrunners until you have 8 [Painted Gnoll Armband]. 6Note: If you pick up a [Gold Pickup Schedule], use it to get The Collector.
4. U(24,91) N Kill Hogger and get [Huge Gnoll Claw] from his corpse.
5. T(24,74) Turn in Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty to Deputy Rainer.
6. G(41,65) Turn in The Collector and get Manhunt from Marshal Dughan.
7. N(73,72) Get Bounty on Murlocs from Guard Thomas.
8. R(74,55) Kill Murloc Lurkers and Foragers until you have 8 [Torn Murloc Fin].
9. N(73,72) Turn in Bounty on Murlocs to Guard Thomas.
10. S(71,80) Kill Morgan the Collector and get the [The Collector's Ring] from his corpse.
11. O(79,68) Turn in Cloth and Leather Armor to Sara Timberlain.
12. G(41,65) Turn in Manhunt to Marshal Dughan
Run to Stormwind.

this WOW Alliance Guide is copy from

WOW Alliance Guide -- 1.NIGHT ELF START-1.2Darnassus

Posted by ig2t Friday May 15 2009 at 5:43AM
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5. A(38,21) Turn in Rellian Greenspyre and get Tumors from Rellian Greenspyre.
6. B(67,15) Make Darnassus your home.
Run to Teldrassil

7. S(43,44) Kill Timberling Tramplers, Timberling Mire Beasts and/or Elder Timberlings until you have 5 [Mossy Tumor].
Run to Darnassus
8. C(70,45) Get Nessa Shadowsong from Mydrannul.
9. A(38,21) Turn in Tumors and get Return to Denalan from Rellian Greenspyre.
Level 10
Run to Teldrassil
1. M(60,68) Turn in Return to Denalan and get Oakenscowl from Denalan.
2. T(53,74) N Kill Oakenscowl, and get [Gargantuan Tumor] from his corpse.
3. U(42,76) Get The Glowing Fruit from the Strange Fruited Plant
4. V(39,80) Kill Ursal the Mauler
5. J(55,56) Turn in Ursal the Mauler to Athridas Bearmantle.
6. W(38,33) Use the [Amethyst Phial] in the moonwell and get The Enchanted Glade from Sentinel Arynta Cloudsbreak.
7. X(34,28) Kill Bloodfeather Wind Witches and Bloodfeather Sorceresses until you have 6 [Bloodfeather Belt] and get The Shimmering Frond from Strange Fronded Plant.
8. W(38,33) Turn in The Enchanted Glade and get Teldrassil from Sentinel Arynta Cloudsbreak.
9. J(56,61) Turn in Crown of the Earth, Part 5 and get The Crown of the Earth, Part 6 from Corithras Moonrage
10. M(60,68) Turn in Oakenscowl, The Glowing Fruit, and The Shimmering Frond to Denalan.
Level 11
Run to Darnassus

1. D(34,8) Turn in The Crown of the Earth, Part 6 and Teldrassil to Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm.
Run to Teldrassil. Note: use the portal on the east edge of the city.
2. Y(56,92) Turn in Nessa Shadowsong and get The Bounty of Teldrassil from Nessa Shadowsong.
3. Y(58,93) Turn in The Bounty of Teldrassil and get Flight to Auberdine from Vesprystus.
Fly to Darkshore
4. Darkshore(36,44) Turn in Flight to Auberdine and get Return to Nessa from Laird
Fly to Teldrassil.
5. Y(56,92) Turn in Return to Nessa to Nessa Shadowsong.
Fly to Darkshore.
Sail to Wetlands
6. A(9,59) Get the flight path from Shellei Brondir.
Run to Loch Modan
7. B(33,50) Get the flight path from Thorgrum Borrelson.
Run to Dun Morogh.
Run to Ironforge
8. A(55,47) Get the flight path from Gryth Thurden.
9. B(18,51) Make Ironforge your home
Enter the tram.
10. Get Deeprun Rat Roundup from Monty.
11. Use the [Rat Catcher’s Flute] on 5 Deeprun Rats.
12. Turn in Deeprun Rat Roundup and get Me Brother, Nipsy from Monty.

13. Take the tram to the Stormwind end.
14. Turn in Me Brother, Nipsy to Nipsy.
Leave the tram.
15. Y(66,62) Get the flight path from Dungar Longdrink.
Run to Elwynn Forest.
Pick up at Elwynn Forest, here, in the human start(Level 5 #8), skipping any quests that are not appli

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WOW Alliance Guide-1.NIGHT ELF START-1.1Teldrassil

Posted by ig2t Friday May 15 2009 at 5:04AM
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1.NIGHT ELF START-1.1Teldrassil

Level 11. A(58,44) Get The Balance of Nature from Conservator Ilthalaine.2. A(59,45 ) q Kill 7 Young Nightsabers and 4 Young Thistle Boars.

Level 21. A(58,33) Turn in The Balance of Nature and get your classes’ Sigil quest and The Balance of Nature, Part 2 from Conservator Ilthalaine.2. A(59,42) Get The Woodland Protector from Melithar Staghelm.3. A(60,41) Get A Good Friend from Dirania Silvershine.4. A(x,y varies) Turn in your Sigil quest at your trainer – will vary based on class.5. B(61,38) Kill 7 Mangy Nightsabers and 7 Thistle Boars.Level 31. A(57,41) Get Webwood Venom from Gilshalan Windwalker.2. C(54,32) Turn in A Good Friend and get A Friend in Need from Iverron.3. A(60,41) Turn in A Friend in Need and get Iverron’s Antidote from Dirania Silvershine.4. A(58,44) Turn in The Balance of Nature, Part 2 to Conservator Ilthalaine5. A(57,45) q Turn in The Woodland Protector and get Woodland Protector, Part 2 from Tarindrella.6. D(56,45) q Kill Grell until you have 8 [Fell Moss] and 7 [Hyacinth Mushrooms].Level 41. A(57,45) q Turn in the Woodland Protector, Part 2 to Tarindrella.2. E(57,39) q Use Moonpetal Lillies until you have 4 [Moonpetal Lily].3. F(56,33) q Kill Webwood Spiders until you have 1 [Webwood Ichor] and 10 [Webwood Venom Sac].4. A(57, 41) Turn in Webwood Venom and get Webwood Egg from Gilshalan Windwalker.5. A(60,41) Turn in Iverron’s Antidote and get Iverron’s Antidote, Part 2 from Dirania Silvershine.6. C(54,32) Turn in Iverron’s Antidote, Part 2 to Iverron.Level 51. F(56,26) Use Webwood Eggs to get a [Webwood Egg].
2. A(57,41) Turn in Webwood Egg and get Tenaron’s Summons from Gilshalan Windwalker. 3. A(59,39) Head up the ramp, turn in Tenaron’s Summons and get Crown of the Earth from Tenaron Stormgrip.4. G(59,33) Use the [Crystal Phial] in the moonwell.5. A(59,39) Turn in Crown of the Earth and get Crown of the Earth, Part 2 from Tenaron Stormgrip.6. H(61,47) Get Dolanaar Delivery from Porthannius.7. I(60,56) Get Zenn’s Bidding from Zenn Foulhoof.8. J(56,57) Get Denalan’s Earth from Syral Bladeleaf and A Troubling Breeze from Athridas Bearmantle.9. J(55,56) Head upstairs and get The Emerald Dreamcatcher and Twisted Hatred from Tallonkai Swiftroot.10. J(55,59) Turn in Dolanaar Delivery to Innkeeper Keldamyr and make the inn your home.11. J(56,61) Turn in Crown of the Earth, Part 2 and get Crown of the Earth, Part 3 from Corithras Moonrage.12. I(57,56) q Kill Strigid Owls until you have 3 [Strigid Owl Feather], Webwood Lurkers until you have 3 [Webwood Spider Silk], and Nightsabers until you have 3 [Nightsaber Fang]. Keep killing Webwood Lurkers until you have 7 [Small Spider Leg].Level 61. I(60,56) Turn in Zenn’s Bidding to Zenn Foulhoof.2. J(57,61) Get cooking from Zarrin, then get Recipe of the Kaldorei and turn it in to Nyoma.3. J(56,57) Get Seek Redemption! from Syral Bladeleaf.4. I(59,56) q Use Fel Cones until you have 3 [Fel Cone].5. I(60,56) Turn in Seek Redemption! to Zenn Foulhoof.6. K(63,58) Use the [Jade Phial] in the moonwell7. L(66,58) Turn in A Troubling Breeze and get Gnarlpine Corruption from Gaerolas Talverthorn’s corpse in the first building.8. L(67,59) Use Tallonkai's Dresser inside the last building to get the [Emerald Dreamcatcher].
9. J(56,57) Turn in Gnarlpine Corruption and get Relics of Wakening from Athridas Bearmantle10. J(55,56) Turn in The Emerald Dreamcatcher and get Ferocitas the Dream Eater from Tallonkai Swiftroot.11. J(56,61) Turn in Crown of the Earth, Part 3 and get Crown of the Earth, Part 4 from Corithras Moonrage.12. M(60,68) Turn in Denalan’s Earth and get Timberling Seed and Timberling Sprouts from Denalan.13. M(60,69) q Kill Timberlings until you have 8 [Timberling Seed] and use Timberling Sprouts until you have 12 [Timberling Sprout].Level 71. M(60,68) Turn in Timberling Seed and Timberling Sprouts and get Rellian Greenspyre from Denalan.2. N(68,53) q Kill 7 Gnarlpine Mystics and Ferocitas the Dream Eater.3. J(55,56) Turn in Ferocitas the Dream Eater to Tallonkai Swiftroot.4. (54,58) q Get The Road to Darnassus from Moon Priestess Amara.5. O(42,67) Use the [Tourmaline Phial] in the moonwell.6. P(48,55) q Kill 6 Gnarlpine Ambushers.Level 81. Q(44,57) N Head into the Ban’ethil Barrow Den, go across the first bridge on your right, use the Chest of the Black Feather to get the [Black Feather Quill], head across the bridge on your left, use the Chest of Nesting to get the [Rune of Nesting], head down beneath both bridges and across the next bridge, get The Sleeping Druid from Oben Rageclaw, head beneath that bridge, use the Chest of the Sky to get the [Sapphire of the Sky], kill Gnarlpine Shamans until you have a [Shaman Voodoo Charm], head back up across the bridge, turn in The Sleeping Druid and get Druid of the Claw, head down the other passageway, kill Rageclaw, use the [Voodoo Charm] on his corpse, head up the center ramp, across the bridge on the right and through the tunnel to use the Chest of the Raven Claw to get the [Raven Claw Talisman], head back up, and turn in Druid of the Claw to Oben Rageclaw.
2. J(54,58) q Turn in The Road to Darnassus to Moon Priestess Amara.Level 91. J(56,61) Turn in Crown of the Earth, Part 4 and get Crown of the Earth, Part 5 from Corithras Moonrage.2. J(55,56) Turn in Relics of Wakening and get Ursal the Mauler from Athridas Bearmantle3. R(54,52) N Kill Lord Melenas at the back of the cave near the pool on a ledge, and get [Melenas’ Head] from his corpse.4. J(55,56) Turn in Twisted Hatred to Tallonkai Swiftroot.Run to Darnassus.

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WOW Guide 2.Races-2.2Horde

Posted by ig2t Wednesday March 4 2009 at 7:56AM
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2.2.1 Orc
DABOO! Wait…No. Orcs are all about combat. All Orc racial traits are all about
combat, so it’s best to use them. Orcs make excellent melee combat specialists, but
also have some feasibility with pets.
It maximize the racial traits, grab an axe and start chopping! Their +5 to axe skill and
bloodfury ability make them excellent Warriors, melee hunters, and rogues. A rogue can
activate blood fury and then ambush an enemy, dealing extra damage.
Orcs also have an ability which boosts melee pet damage. 5% may not seem like much,
but that adds up.
Starting Location: Valley of Trials (Durotar)
The Valley of Trials is a rough & dry landscape surrounded by cacti, scrub brush, and
scorpions. The demonic taint has spread even to the valley in the form of the burning
blade clan. They must be stopped.
Primary City: Orgrimmar (Durotar)
Classes: Hunter, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, & Warrior
Languages: Orcish
Primary Traits: Spirit, Strength
Racial Abilities:
Axe Specialization +5 to axe skills. This improves your accuracy, making
axes more viable weapons than swords for the Orcs.
Blood Fury For 20 seconds, strength is boosted by 25%. You do,
however loose 35% of your life over that 20 seconds.
There is a 2 minute cooldown. Very useful for instance
encounters when you have a healer and need to crank
out that little extra damage.
Command Pets under your control deal an additional 5% damage.
Hardiness Orcs have a 25% resistance to stun effects.
Starting Attributes:
Hunter Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior Total
Agility 23 20 17 17 17 94
Intelligence 17 22 28 19 17 102
Spirit 24 23 25 25 23 120
Stamina 20 22 23 23 24 112
Strength 20 22 24 23 26 115
2.2.2 Tauren
The Tauren are noble defenders of the lands of Kalimdor. Their special bond with
nature allows them to be the only Horde race with access to the Druid class. Tauren
have access to very few classes, but have access to a really useful racial ability.
Tauren are the only race who can use warstomp, one of the most useful racial talents in
the game. With warstomp, you can stun any enemy attacking you with a very short
casting time ability.
Tauren also benefit from +5% health, which is quite useful for just about any class.
Starting Location: Camp Narache (Mulgore)
Camp Narache is located on a quiet little Tauren plain. The inhabitants seem to enjoy
their hunting and trials. Recently however, a camp of Razorbacks invaded the area and
stirred things up.
Primary City: Thunder Bluff (Mulgore)
Classes: Druid, Hunter, Shaman, Warrior
Languages: Orcish, Taurahe
Primary Traits: Strength
Racial Abilities:
Cultivation +15 skills in herbalism. This skill allows you to pick herbs
above your normal ability. Handy if passing by a higherlevel
zone. Unlike boosting a production tradeskill, this is
a nice bonus, but nothing to serious base your tradeskills
Endurance Hitpoints +5%
Nature Resistance +10 Resistance to all nature spells. A small bonus, fairly
Warstomp Stun all opponents around the Tauren for 2 seconds. 2
minute cooldown. Useful vs casters.
Starting Attributes:
Druid Hunter Shaman Warrior Total
Agility 15 18 15 15 58
Intelligence 16 15 17 15 58
Spirit 24 23 24 22 93
Stamina 23 23 22 24 92
Strength 26 25 26 28 106
2.2.3 Troll
Trolls are all about combat. Their racial abilities can benefit most classes and most of
the racial abilities can be applied to any class. Trolls start out in the same location as
Orcs, so it should be easy enough to find other players to play with you.
Trolls make good Rogues due to their health regeneration, beserking, and throw
weapon traits. They also make good Warriors for the same reason. Warriors won’t deal
as much damage, but they will be hit less and have more armor.
Starting Location: Valley of Trials (Durotar)
The Valley of Trials is a rough & dry landscape surrounded by cacti, scrub brush, and
scorpions. The demonic taint has spread even to the valley in the form of the burning
blade clan. They must be stopped.
Primary City: Orgrimmar (Durotar)
Classes: Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, & Warrior
Languages: Orcish, Troll
Primary Traits: Agility, Spirit
Racial Abilities:
Beast Slaying Trolls receive a 5% damage bonus when fighting beasttype
monsters. There are many beast types so this is a
decent racial ability.
Berserking When “wounded”, the Troll can activate this ability to
increase spellcasting speed and melee speed by 20% for
2 minutes. This has a 2 minute cooldown
Regeneration Trolls gain a 10% health regeneration bonus and are
allowed 10% of their normal regeneration rate while in
combat. This saves a great amount of downtime and is a
great racial ability.
Throwing Weapon Trolls gain a a +5 bonus to all thrown weapons. Thrown
weapons. Good for pulling with Warriors, Hunters, and
Starting Attributes:
Hunter Mage Priest Rogue Shaman Warrior Total
Agility 25 22 22 25 22 23 149
Intelligence 16 19 18 16 17 16 102
Spirit 22 23 24 21 23 21 135
Stamina 22 21 21 22 22 22 130
Strength 21 21 21 22 22 24 131
2.2.4 Undead (Forsaken)
The scourge have some neat (and one rather icky) racial abilities. They don’t have the
best ones, but some quite useful.
Cannibalize allows you to eat a corpse to double your health regeneration for 15
seconds. A neat trick, but it has a 3 minute cooldown period.
The early Undead missions can be categorized as “fun.” Blizzard did not slack when
they made the Undead missions. One has you make a… special treat for a prisoner that
turns him into a zombified minion of the scourge…very fun.
Starting Location: Deathknell (Tirisfal Glades)
The Tirisfal Glades are a land of waste and decay. With the Scourge then Forsaken’s
habitation of the land, things seem to be falling apart. The massive Undercity is built
upon the ruins of Lordaeron’s former capital city. Death is inn the air…and so is the
smell of human…
Primary City: Undercity (Tirisfal Glades)
Classes: Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, & Warrior
Languages: Orcish, Gutterspeak
Primary Traits: Spirit, Stamina
Racial Abilities:
Cannibalize Use on a corpse to consume the corpse and gain
+200% health regeneration for 15 seconds. This
effect has a 3 minute cooldown timer, but it helps to
reduce downtime.
Shadow Resistance +10 Resistance to shadow magic.
Underwater Breathing The Forsaken can breat 4x longer than any other
race. This is handy as normal breathing times can be
Will of the Forsaken Activate this ability to become immune to sleep,
charm, and fear effects for 20 seconds. This ability
also has a 3 minute cooldown.
Starting Attributes:
Mage Priest Rogue Warlock Warrior Total
Agility 18 18 21 18 18 93
Intelligence 21 20 18 20 18 97
Spirit 27 28 25 27 25 132
Stamina 21 21 22 22 23 129
Strength 19 19 20 18 22 98

WOW Guide 2.Races-2.1Alliance

Posted by ig2t Wednesday March 4 2009 at 7:55AM
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2.1.1 Dwarf
Dwarves are good and stout members of the alliance. Their high stamina benefits nearly
any class. Dwarves make very good Rogues due to their find treasure ability (some
treasures in instances are well tucked away) and their stamina rating helps boost those
much needed hitpoints. Though there is a lack of agility, leveling and items can make up
for that.
Dwarves start out in the same area as gnomes, so more questers pass through Dwarven
lands than anywhere else. Dwarven Hunters prefer to use guns instead of bows, which
is very good because of their gun specialization racial talent.
Dwarves are best off as leather/cloth wearers so their racial ability is active above
others. Heavy-armor wearers tend to keep mineral tracking on for their smithing
Dwarves make fine heavy-armor wearers however, their stamina and strength can
provide a boost to their statistics.
Starting Location: Anvilmar (Dun Morough)
Anvilmar is a small outpost recently infested with Wolves, Trolls, and Troggs. Players
won’t be able to leave this area easily until at least level four or five.
Primary City: Loch Modan (Dun Morough)
Classes: Hunter, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, & Warrior
Languages: Common, Dwarven
Primary Traits: Stamina, Spirit
Racial Abilities:
Treasure Finding Best tracking ability for leatherworker rogues. Allows the
tracking of treasure chests on the minimap.
Stoneform Poison, Bleed, and Disease Immunity. 5% armor class
Frost Resistance Dwarves live in a cold climate, so they have a better
chance to resist frosty spells. +10 resist to cold effects.
Gun Specialization Dwarves are very good with guns. An excellent ability for
dwarven hunters. Used once in a while by rogues and
warriors for pulling purposes.
Starting Attributes:
Hunter Paladin Priest Rogue Warrior Total
Agility 19 16 16 16 19 86
Intelligence 19 19 21 19 19 97
Spirit 20 20 22 19 19 100
Stamina 24 25 23 25 24 126
Strength 22 24 21 25 23 115
2.1.2 Gnome
The Gnomes of Dun Morough pride themselves on their technological advancements.
As such, they tend to make the best engineers. Their racial traits allow them to boost
their engineering well beyond other classes. Their high agility starting trait allows them
to become good Rogues, but their high intellect allows them to be even better Warlocks
and Mages. Other players will want to go Gnome Warrior for the cuteness factor, more
power to them!
With engineering, Gnome Rogues can concoct bombs to stun and get behind their
targets or create dummy locked chests to up their lock picking skill. Target dummies are
also quite good at getting enemies off your back.
Starting Location: Anvilmar (Dun Morough)
Anvilmar is a small outpost recently infested with Wolves, Trolls, and Troggs. Players
won’t be able to leave this area easily until at least level four or five.
Primary City: Loch Modan (Dun Morough)
Classes: Mage, Rogue, Warlock, & Warrior
Languages: Common, Gnomish
Primary Traits: Agility, Intelligence
Racial Abilities:
Arcane Resistance Increases resistance to arcane magic. A slight bonus for
PvP combat with Mages. +10 Arcane Resistance
Expansive Mind Intellect +5%
Escape Artist Allows gnome to break out of a slow or stop effect. 1
minute cooldown and small casting time.
Technologist Small bonus to engineering talent.
Starting Attributes:
Mage Rogue Warlock Warrior Total
Agility 23 26 23 23 95
Intelligence 26 23 25 23 94
Spirit 22 20 22 20 84
Stamina 19 20 20 21 80
Strength 15 16 15 18 64
2.1.3 Human
Humans are the “jack-of-all-trades” race, though that statement usually follows with,
“master-of-none”. But in the World of Warcraft, any race can be any class, so humans
can shine.
Humans receive a spirit bonus, which means they make good casting classes such as
Priests, Mages, and Warlocks. Higher spirit means less downtime, which is wonderful
for any of these classes.
Sword mastery means that Paladins and Warrior who are human can also enjoy a nice
accuracy bonus, as long as they use swords they are considered one level above what
they currently are.
Humans make decent sword-Rogues as well, just make sure you use a sword!
Starting Location: Northshire (Elwynn Forest)
Northshire is a hold sanctuary now host to some unholy beings. Thieves and Kobalds
now run rampant through the area. Guess whose job it is to clean up the neighborhood?
Primary City: Stormwind (Elwynn Forest)
Classes: Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, & Warrior
Languages: Common
Primary Traits: None
Racial Abilities:
Diplomacy +10% faction gain. Gaining faction with certain groups
can get you merchant discounts. Handy.
Human Spirit +5% Spirit gain. Faster health and mana regeneration.
No matter what class you are, this means less
Perception Activate to improve your stealth detection radius. 3
minute cooldown. Not very useful in most situations,
put on your second action bar.
Sword Specialization Humans are apt with swords. Humans receive a +5
bonus to swords, making them more accurate.
Starting Attributes:
Mage Paladin Priest Rogue Warlock Warrior Total
Agility 20 20 20 23 20 20 123
Intelligence 23 20 22 20 24 20 129
Spirit 22 21 23 20 22 20 128
Stamina 20 25 20 21 21 22 129
Strength 20 22 20 21 20 23 126
2.1.4 Night Elf
Night Elves are best suited to be Rogues or hunters. Their high agility and racial bonus
allow for the highest dodge % early in the game. Night Elf hunters use only bows as
they feel guns are closer to the ruination of nature.
Night Elves are quite secluded from the other races, it is a good hour long hike to get to
the Dwarf or Human lands. Unless you enjoy dieing several times and look forward to a
very long trip, expect to spend your early-game in the Night-Elf lands of Kalimdor.
Night Elves are the only race in the Alliance that can be Druids. Druids are a diverse
and fun class you may wish to consider.
Starting Location: Aldrassil (Teldrassil)
The corruption of the Burning Legion has begun to infect the unconsecrated tree of
Teldrassil. As a new Night-Elf, it is your job to quash this corruption.
Primary City: Darnassus (Teldrassil)
Classes: Druid, Hunter, Priest, Rogue, & Warrior
Languages: Common, Darnassian
Primary Traits: Agility
Racial Abilities:
Nature Resistance +10 Resistance to all nature spells. A small bonus, fairly
Quickness Dodge +2%. This is one of the most useful passive
abilities of all the races. Using this you have a 2%
chance of taking no damage at all!
Shadowmeld Though not the most useful activated ability, Shadowmeld
may get you out of a bind at some point in gameplay.
The fun factor of vanishing in front of your friends is its
biggest benefit.
Wisp Spirit Do you suck? This is the ability for you. Whenever you
die, instead of becoming a ghost, you become a wisp!
Wisps travel much faster than ghosts, making corpse runs
much, much, easier!
Starting Attributes:
Druid Hunter Priest Rogue Warrior Total
Agility 25 28 25 28 25 131
Intelligence 22 20 22 20 20 124
Spirit 22 21 23 20 20 126
Stamina 19 20 19 20 21 99
Strength 18 17 17 18 20 90

WOW Guide 1.Introduction-1.2The basics

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1.2.1 Hearthstones
A hearthstone is a special stone located in your inventory. By clicking it, you return to
the inn to which you are bound. Hearthstones regenerate each hour, this regeneration is
know as “cool down” and refers to the time it takes to become available again. To bind
to a new location, enter an inn and talk to an innkeeper. That innkeeper can then bind
you to that location, allowing you to hearth there. Bear in mind though that you can only
be bound to one location at a time, so be sure to bind yourself to a new inn when you
enter a new area you intend to quest in for a while.
Hearthstones allow you to get out of many tedious situations such as a long walk or
when you’re stuck in a cave and want to turn in your quests. These are also handy for
casual gamers who just want to get back to town to quit their gaming session.
Hearthstones are also handy because they give you easy access to the rest system.
1.2.2 Resting
Resting in World of Warcraft can be best explained like this. As you are offline, you
accumulate rest. Rested player receive 200% experience from monster (not quests)
until they are no longer rested. Eight hours of logged off time at a city or inn equals one
bubble of rest. The rest maximum is 30 bubbles of experience or 1.5 levels (240 hours
of not playing the character, 10 days). If you intend to create a primary character, it can’t
hurt to have a secondary. Log in to the secondary character every ten days, gain a level
and a half of experience, and hearth back to the inn.
1.2.3 Combat
Combat in World of Warcraft is fairly simple. When you click an enemy, you can view
their type above the inventory bags. Yellow enemies will only attack you if you attack
them or open treasure chests near them, red enemies will attack you if you enter their
The radius of a red enemy depends on your level, the lower level you are, the higher
radius an enemy has. There are many types of red enemies as well, some will, when
reduced to low hitpoints, run and get their friends to attack you as well. Other will keep
on swinging or using special abilities.
To engage an enemy, hit the attack button on the action bar. You can also attack an
enemy by getting within range of a spell or special attack and using it on them. Be
aware that most enemies not in the newbie zone will attack in packs if you attack them
when they are too close to others of their kind.
Combat is straightforward; drain their hitpoints before they drain yours. Most classes
can “solo” (kill without being in a group) enemies one or two levels above them. When
you click on an enemy, its portrait will appear next to yours with a level number. If the
level number is grey, green, yellow, or orange, you should be able to attack it with little
problem. Grey enemies yield no experience, green ones give about 50-90% experience
(depending on level), and all others gi/ve 100%.
Beware of monsters marked “elite” these creatures need a group of at least three at
equal level to take down. Elite monsters tend to drop better equipment, but are harder to
take down.
There are also unique monsters which drop really good items scattered in rare places
around the world. These monsters always drop at least one good piece of equipment,
but these creatures only spawn once every eight to twenty-four hours. It should be
noted that almost any item these creatures drop can be found on any monster, but these
unique creatures always drop them.
There are two types of “realms” or servers, PvP and PvE. PvP servers are servers
where players of the alliance factions (Dwarf, Gnome, Human, Night Elf) can fight with
members of other factions in particular zones. In the case of PvE servers, players can
only fight with other players of other factions in arenas.
Dueling is an option which allows you to mock-fight with other players. Select another
player and right click their portrait when it appears next to yours, then select the duel
option. A battle flag should appear on the ground. If the other player agrees, you duke it
out. There is no death in dueling, the loser is just reduced to 1 hitpoint.
1.2.4 Death
When you die, you are brought back in ghost form. In ghost form you have three
choices, resurrect yourself at the spirit healer (angel-looking creature) at the graveyard,
get resurrected by another player, or walk back to your corpse.
If you chose to return to the living using the spirit healer, you items take a large durability
hit (25%) and you take a penalty to your statistics for a period of time. This is the best
option if you just don’t want to go back or have to quit the game very shortly.
If you get resurrected by another player, you incur a temporary statistical penalty and
have to stay out of the action for a bit of time. This is best if you are in an instance zone
and want to get right back to the action or if you are participating in a raid.
The third option and most common is simply to walk back. Walking in ghost form tends
to be quicker than walking in regular form and there is no penalty. Night Elf players in
particular should almost always chose to walk back. When a Night-Elf player dies, his
ghost form is a wisp. In wisp form, a Night Elf travels much faster than any other
character in ghost form.
When doing a “corpse run” check the map (“M”) to see where your corpse is, it will be
indicated with a little tomb stone.
1.2.5 Factions
There are two primary factions in the world of Warcraft, the Alliance and the Horde.
Alliance Horde
Night Elf
If you intend to play on the same server as a friend, be sure you are of the same primary
faction as the other or you can’t play together, message each other, or even talk to one
another if face-to-face. Alliance players cannot be in the same guild, group, or raid party
as horde players as well.
1.2.6 Experience
Experience in World of Warcraft is the measure by which your character attains a new
level. Every time you kill an enemy whose level is close to yours, you gain experience.
Experience also comes in the form of quests or discovering new regions. Experience is
gauged above your action, menu, and inventory bars as twenty bubbles, as the bubbles
fill, you gain more experience. Rest is represented by a small bar on the bubble gauge.
When you reach that bar, you are no longer considered to be in a rested state and gain
experience at a normal pace. You can see your experience and experience needed to
attain a new level if you hover over the gauge.
When all twenty bubbles are completely filled, you attain a new level. As in other
games, levels allow you to equip better items and make you more powerful. When you
gain a new level, you should equip all items you’ve been saving for that level, invest your
new talent point (after level 10) and buy new spells if you hit an even-numbered level.
The best way to gauge how much you should spend on equipment and how much you
should spend on new spells is simple. You can usually save one level’s worth of
currency on items, and the other on new spells. There are exceptions which could vary
your results including play style. This general formula is a good rough guideline. The
only exception is the levels in intervals of ten (ie. Level 10, 20, 30, ect). These levels
contain spells you are really going to want to have, for most classes there will be a lot of
spells you’ll want at these levels. So you may need to save two levels worth of currency
before reaching that level.
So spend levels that end in 0, 2, 4, 6 on equipment or savings and the rest into skills.
Whatever you have left over from skills should be saved for a mount, but we’ll get into
that later.
1.2.7 Statistics
As you level up or gain new items, you can increase your statistics, here is what each
statistic does.
? Increases ranged damage
? Increases critical hit %
? Increase armor
? Increase melee damage for hunters and rogues.
? Increase Dodge (Higher dodge for rouges)
? Increase mana & health
? Increase spell critical hit %
? Weapons skills are easier to learn
? Increase hitpoints
? Deal More Melee Damage
? Block more damage with a shield.
? Increase mana regeneration
1.2.8 Quests
Quests tend to be the best way to gain levels early in the game. Not only do quests help
you to gain experience, but they also usually give a reward of gold or a really good item.
Until level forty, you should always be questing, no matter what. Once you hit the higher
levels (40+) you can generally pick and chose your quests depending on what the
reward is.
At the higher levels, quests tend to take much longer than they are worth. Where you
could gain two bubbles of experience doing a quest, you can usually gain three or four
grinding (just attacking monsters the right level) for experience. Higher-level quests can
get you some really great items, so never neglect to look at them, just be choosy.
The best quests tend to be those that take you into group “instance” zones. There tends
to be three-to-seven quests that take you into each of these group zones, so if you have
a group ready-to-roll, you should definitely take these quests as, coupled with the elite
monster experience, can get you an entire level.
1.2.9 Groups
The best way to play World of Warcraft is grouping with other people. While soloing
World of Warcraft is much more feasible than most any other MMORPG, the game is
geared towards group questing. While true experience is lower per-kill, you tend to kill
more enemies in groups, especially in the group zones.
Two players can often take down an elite monster if very careful, but three players tends
to be the optimal combination. A tank, a healer, and any other character tend to
combine the best together, whereas four and five players tends to be overkill in most
The only exception comes in the form of instance quests. When you intend to complete
an instance which has a level equal to yours, you may want to recruit an extra player or
two, especially in the early group zones such as the Deadmines and Wailing Caverns.
The best way to find a group is to be in a large guild. Younger guilds tend to recruit
anyone where as other guilds may be more exclusive and only recruit you if you play
with one of their members or fulfill some other requirement.
The next best way is who type “/join general” then type, “LFG (name) level”. If you need
another healer, also request a healer or whatever type of player you need.
If you tend to be a solo person, but don’t want to be, open up the social menu by hitting
“O” and clicking the box that says, “I would like to join a group.”
The leader of a group (indicated with a little crown) can set the “looting type”. Items or
“loot” can be distributed to members of the group in several ways:
Round Robin The most common group type. Each player takes a turn
at looting a corpse. If there were three players, Fred, Jan,
and Rev, Fred would get to loot the first monster and take
his materials, Jan would take the second corpse, and Rev
would take the third.
Master Looter This is a rare looting type. The leader of the group
decides which character gets each item. Ideal for guilds
or large groups who trust each other.
Threshold A handy looting system. This allows you to set which
system is used for each item type. If a group set the
threshold at blue items, blue items and everything above
would be handled round-robin style.
Group Loot Items above the threshold are rolled for, the highest roller
keeps the item.
Need Before Greed Same as group loot except the players that cannot equip
the item automatically pass the roll and cannot get the
item. Ideal for groups of strangers in a group zone.
Free For All Anyone can loot anything.
1.2.10 Raids
Raids are very large groups of up to forty players. Raid content is designed for these
large groups filled with players who are level 60. Raids tend to fail unless full, so are
best suited for guilds. Raid groups enjoy the best items (if they get them in the roll) but
have the worst experience gain (not that it matters since most players have hit the level
cap of sixty.
1.2.11 Zones
There are two types of zones, open and instanced. Open zones are areas which any
player can interact with any other player. Your starting location is an open zone, you
interact with several players and have fun.
The second type of zone is known as an instance. Instance zones can be thought of as
your own personal playground. These special zones become available around level
Within an instanced zone, only you and players of your group or raid can enter.
Instanced zones are full of elite monsters, so either be many many levels above them, or
bring friends. Instance zones tend to give the player the most experience, rewards, and
1.2.12 Currency
Currency takes shape in three materials, copper, silver, and gold. One-hundred copper
translates into one silver and one-hundred silver is equal to one gold. The game does
this automatically for you, so you’ll never need to go around shouting, “Want to change
101 silver into 1 gold!” or anything similar to that.
1.2.13 Items
Items give your character power. Medium-level items tend to have increases to skills
with them, higher level items can sometimes have abilities of their own like shocking all
nearby enemies or graining healing.
Items come in seven differing colors, poor (grey), common (white), uncommon (green),
rare/superior (blue), epic (purple), legendary (orange), and artifact.
? You tend to get poor and common items from monsters early on, some of
the early poor and uncommon make suitable gear for a while, but quickly
looses its appeal. After early levels, poor and common items tend to
become something you should just sell for money.
? Uncommon items drop off normal monsters, but tend to drop more
frequently off of elite and unique monsters. Uncommon items will be the
most common item in your inventory until level 60.
? Rare items are much like uncommon items, but they only drop off of
monster who are in their twenties. You may not see many rare items
yourself unless you participate in group-quests and raids.
? Epic items only appear in high levels and are very hard to find. You may
only ever have four or five in your possession. These items are very hard
to find and sell very very well.
? You may never even see a legendary item unless you participate in group
raids. Legendary items tend to only drop off monsters in raids or in the
50s and 60s. If you get one of these, sell it for a mint or keep it for
yourself, but guard it with your life.
? Artifacts have never been seen but are probably only dropped off raid
? Some items such as armor can have a durability. When an item’s
durability reaches 0, the item no longer has any effect until repaired. To
repair an item, talk to an item vendor, many can repair items for you at a
cost. Repair costs are not very expensive on common and uncommon
items, so it’s little more than a minor annoyance most of the time.
? Items also have level requirements, enemies tend to drop items five
levels below them (unless early on), so you should be able to equip most
items that are dropped.
There are some items you will see thoughout the game that you should save to sell on
auction. These are ingredients that other professions will want, if you see them, don’t
vendor them!
As mentioned before, the very best way to obtain good items is to kill elite monsters, it is
even better to kill instance monsters and even better drops come off of raids. Here are
some of the epic (Purple) items you can find within the game that are weapons,
accesories, or cloth items. Still working on leather and mail armor for the next update.
Assume that items drop off enemies 5-10 levels above their minimum level or level 58+
Axe of the Deep Woods (Level 52)(BWE)
(41.5 DPS)
COH: Blasts a target for 90-126 Damage.
Brain Hacker (Level 55)(BWE)
(56.7 DPS)
COH: Deals 200-300 Extra Damage and wounds intelligence by 25 for 30
Fiery War Axe (Level 35)(BWE)
(40.3 DPS)
COH: Hurls a Fireball at target for 150-200 damage and 24 damage over 6
Flurry Axe (Level 42)(BWE)
(35.5 DPS)
COH: Two Attacks on your next swing.
Kang the Decapitator (Level 44)(BWE)
(47.2 DPS)
COH: Target bleeds 520 damage over 30 seconds. Ouch.
Bow of Searing Arrows (Level 37)(BWE)
(26.1 DPS)
Deals 1-5 Additional fire damage.
Hurricane (Level 48)(BWE)
(38.8 DPS)
Deals 1-5 Additional frost damage, slowing target.
Alanna’s Embrace (Level 57)(BWPU)
96 Armor
+20 Stamina
+20 Intelligence
+20 Spirit
Increases damage and healing by up to 11.
Drops off Ras Frostwhisper in Scholomance.
Embrace of the Wind Serpent (Level 50)(BWPU)
86 Armor
+9 Stamina
+17 Intelligence
+30 Spirit
+12 Nature Resistance
Drops off Hakkar in the Temple of Hakkar.
Robe of the Archmage (Level 57)(BWPU)
96 Armor
Class: Mage
+12 Intelligence
Increases damage and healing by up to 35.
Improves critical strike of spells by 1%
Use: Restores 375-635 mana
Tailor Recipe
Robe of the Void (Level 57)(BWPU)
96 Armor
Class: Warlock
+14 Stamina
Increase shadow damage by 48.
Use: Heal pet for 300-500 health
Tailored Recipe
Truefaith Vestments (Level 57)(BWPU)
96 Armor
Class: Priest
Increase healing done by spells and effects by up to 66.
Restores 6 mana every 5 seconds.
Reduces cooldown of fade by 2 seconds.
This is a tailored recipe.
Boots of Prophecy (Level 60)(BWPU)
70 Armor
Classes: Priest
+8 Agility
+9 Stamina
+11 Intellect
+20 Spirit
+10 Arcane Resistance
+10 Fire Resistance
Circle of Flame (Level 54)(BWPU)
74 Armor
+15 Spirit
+15 Fire Resistance
Use: Channel 40 health into mana every 1 second for 10 seconds.
Eye of Flame (Level 49)(BWE)
70 Armor
+10 Intelligence
+10 Spirit
+15 Fire Resistance
Increases damage done by fire spells by up to 42.
Halo of Transcendence (Level 60)(BWPU)
94 Armor
+17 Stamina
+27 Intelligence
+26 Spirit
+12 Fire Resistance
+12 Shadow Resistance
Dropped by the raid dragon boss Onyxia. Good luck.
Arcanist Belt (Level 60)(BWE)
57 Armor
Class: Mage
+26 Intelligence
+11 Spirit
Restores 6 mana every 5 seconds.
Arcanist Belt (Level 60)(BWE)
44 Armor
Class: Mage
+20 Intelligence
+8 Spirit
+4 Arcane Resist
+7 Fire Resist
+4 Frost Resistance
Alcor’s Razor (Level 58)(BWPU)
(42.4 DPS)
+10 Resist Fire
COH: Blast target for75 to 105 damage.
Deathstriker (Level 58)(BWPU)
(45.6 DPS)
COH:All attacks guaranteed to hit and be critical strikes for 3 seconds. One of
the best rogue daggers in the game. Drops off Rend Blackhand in Blackrock
Gutripper (Level 40)(BWE)
(33.9 DPS)
COH: Deals an additional 95-121 damage.
Shadowblade (Level 48)(BWE)
(38.9 DPS)
COH: Shadowbolt of 120-180 damage.
Dwarven Hand Cannon (Level 53)(BWE)
(34.8 DPS)
1-11 additional fire damage.
Precisely Calibrated Boomstick (Level 43)(BWE)
(27.7 DPS)
+14 Agility. Arguably the best gun in game for rogues/warriors. Very good for
Choker of Enlightenment (Level 56)(BWPU)
+10 Intelligence
+20 Spirit
Each spell costs 25 mana less.
Drops off Lucifron in the Molten Core
Jeweled Amulet of Cainwyn (Level 55)(BWE)
+8 Stamina
+18 Intelligence
+10 Spirit
Lady Maye’s Pendant (Level 59)(BWE)
+10 Stamina
+19 Intelligence
+10 Spirit
Lei of Lilies (Level 46)(BWE)
+10 Stamina
+15 Spirit
Restores some health and mana when eaten.
Freezing Band (Level 47)(BWE)
+10 Frost Resistance
Equip: Increase frost damage by up to 15.
COH: 50 frost damage and freezes enemy for 5 seconds.
Mark of the Dragon Lord (Level 56)(BWPU)
Use: Mana shield that absorbs 500 damage. While shield is active, increases
mana regeneration by 22 every 5 seconds for 30 minutes.
Drops off Overlord Wyrmthalak in Blackrock Spire.
Myrmidon’s Signet (Level 53)(BWE)
+10 Strength
+7 Agility
+17 Stamina
Underworld Band (Level 38)(BWE)
+10 Stamina
+6 Spirit
Increases shadow damage by up to 10.
Elemental Mage Staff (Level 56)(BWE)
(57.5 DPS)
+20 Fire Resistance
+20 Frost Resistance
Increase damage up to 32 damage for all fire and frost spells.
Glowing Brightwood Staff (Level 49)(BWE)
(51.3 DPS)
+15 Stamina
+29 Intelligence
+9 Spirit
+15 Nature Resistance
Headmaster’s Charge (Level 57)(BWPU)
(58.4 DPS)
+30 Stamina
+20 Spirit
Use: Increases target’s intelligence by 30.
Drops off Darkmaster Gandling in Schlomance
Staff of Jordan (Level 35)(BWE)
(40.4 DPS)
+11 Intelligence
+11 Spirit
Increases damage and healing spells by 18.
Warden Staff (Level 43)(BWE)
(46.5 DPS)
260 Armor
+15 Defense
+11 Stamina
Black Blade of Shahram (Level 58)(BWPU)
(58.8 DPS)
COH: Summon an infernal spirit
Drops off General Drakkisath in Blackrock Spire
Blade of Hanna (Level 59)(BWE)
(60.2 DPS)
+11 to all Stats
Bloodrazor (Level 45)(BWE)
(37.0 DPS)
COH: 120 damage over 30 seconds.
Dazzling Longsword (Level 36)(BWE)
(31.5 DPS)
COH: Reduce armor by 100 and cannot stealth or turn invisible
Destiny (Level 52)(BWE)
(53.8 DPS)
COH: Increase strength by 200 for 10 seconds.
Dragon’s Call (Level 52)(BWE)
(41.4 DPS)
COH: Calls a dragon welp to help you in battle.
Krol Blade (Level 51)(BWE)
(40.9 DPS)
+7 Strength
+5 Stamina
+1% Chance to get a Critical Strike.
Nightblade (Level 39)(BWE)
(43.4 DPS)
COH: Does 125-275 shadow damage.
Runeblade of Baron Rivendare (Level 58)(BWPU)
(59.5 DPS)
Increased Movement Speed and Regeneration rate.
Drops off Baron Rivendare in Stratholm.
Sul’Thraze the Lasher (Level 50)(BWPU)
(52.1 DPS)
COH: Lowers target’s strength by 15. Inflicts 90-210 shadow damage and an
additional 125 damage over 15 seconds.
Created by combining two blades found in Zul’Farrak, Jang’thraze from the chief
and San’thraze from Anut’sul.
Teebu’s Blazing Longsword (Level 60)(BWE)
(47.2 DPS)
COH: Deals 150 fire damage.
It’s on fire!
Lifestone (Level 51)(BWE)
Use: Restores 300-700 Health
Equip: Restores 10 health every 5 seconds.
The Lion Horn of Stormwind (Level 58)(BWE)
1% chance of increasing all part member’s armor by 250 for 30 seconds.
1.2.14 Auctions
The best way to obtain items for yourself is the auction system. Auctions allow players
to bid or buy directly items they would never normally obtain themselves. To locate the
nearest auction house, ask a guard in the local city where to find them. Auctions can run
up to twenty-four hours, so make sure you check the status of the auction. Auctions that
state the time to completion is “very long” tend to get outbid.
1.2.15 Travel
World of Warcraft is also quite good at letting you travel around the world. The most
common method is hearthing, which was mentioned above.
The next common is using the flying transportation including airships, griffons, bats,
wyverns, and hippogriffs. You can find these special flying mounts in nearly any zone
and all of the major cities. The air mounts cost a small fee and can quickly transport you
to the zone you want, as long as you have already walked there and talked to the
connection on the other side.
If, for example, you wanted to go to Stormwind from Westfall. As long as you have
talked to the griffon master in Stormwind, you can fly there from Westfall.
Another method of transportation is ships and airships. These ships take of at certain
docks every few minutes. The gnomish version of these, the Deeprun Tram travels
underground from Ironforge to Stormwind and back.
The most fun method of transportation is using a mount. Each race has a specific mount
that they can purchase once they have reached a high level of faction with their area. It
is very important that you do the early missions of your faction so you can be that much
closer to getting your mount early on.
Dwarf Ram
Gnome Mechanical Strider
Human Horse
Night Elf Panther
Orc Wolf
Tauren Kodo
Troll Raptor
Undead Undead Steed
Mounts are very expensive (80 gold), but allow you to travel around the World of
Warcraft much quicker. Each mount also has a level requirement. Basic mounts can be
used at level 40 whereas more advanced mounts don’t become available until level 60!
It should be noted that Druids, Hunters, Mages, Paladins, and Warlocks get speedenhancements
of their own, so may wish not to buy a mount and spend their money on
other things.
? Druids get a travel form at level thirty.
? Paladins can do a special quest for their horse-mount at level forty.
? Warlocks can summon a Felsteed at level forty.
? Hunters have a speed ability.
? Mages gain teleportation spells at level twenty and group portal spells at
level fourty. These allow you to travel to all of your primary factions major
cities. Just look for a “Portal Trainer” in the mystic quarters of each city.
There are also rare mounts to be found! These require more gold (upwards of 1000g!)
but look cooler and travel faster!
Mounts make it much easier to do quests and reach friends. When looking to reach a
group far away or even running through lower level instances, mounts are a must-have
for any serious hardcore player.
1.2.16 Chat
Chat functions allow a player to communicate with other players. There are many,
many, many, emoticons, but here are a few. To use any of these, first hit the enter key.
“/t playername message”
This tells a specific player a message, can be used to reach anywhere so long as both of
you are in the same primary faction.
“/g message”
Allows you to message everyone in your guild.
“/p message”
Allows you to message everyone in your party.
Your character does a chicken dance.
Your character dances a race/gender specific dance.
Opens up the macro menu.
1.2.17 Macros
Macros are special commands that can be programmed into a special icon that can be
assigned to your quickbar. Actions like casting a spell while announcing something like
“Casting polymorph on Kobald Worker! Don’t Attack!”
1.2.18 Experience
Unlike other MMORPGs, World of Warcraft is notoriously easy to get to the highest level.
At first (1-10) levels will come very easily. You can get to level twenty very quickly, then
it all slopes to the point where it can take 6-8 hours of grinding to gain one level. If
you’re going hardcore gaming, getting to the highest level ASAP, do quests until you find
a good grinding creature, grind for a bit and go back to quests.

WOW Guide-1.Introduction-1.1 Interface

Posted by ig2t Wednesday March 4 2009 at 7:45AM
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The interface of World of Warcraft is fairly simple to navigate. The top left portion of the
game’s interface displays three important things, your health (red), your current mana
(blue), and your characters portrait.
The red indication bar is health; health determines the well-being of your character.
Each time an enemy attacks you, you lose a portion of this meter. When the meter is
completely empty, your character dies.
Health can be recovered in a number of ways. Spells, First Aid, Cooking, and potions
are all effective means to heal yourself. WoW also has a health regeneration system
which tends to be faster than most other MMORPGs.
The blue bar below the red one is an indication of your mana, or ability to use special
spells and abilities. Each time you use a spell, your mana will go down, when
completely empty, you will no longer be able to cast spells.
Mana can be regenerated in much the same way as health. Drinking fluids and quaffing
potions are your best options, followed by natural regeneration which also occurs more
often than most MMORPGs. Mana will begin the regeneration process 6 seconds after
starting your last successful spell.
Warriors and Druids in bear form have a special meter in place of mana called rage.
Rage allows the player to use special abilities in place of mana. Warriors use “stances”
which we’ll get into later, and druids just maul opponents to death. When rage levels
have built up to the point where you can use an ability, it will light up so you can perform
a special attack. Special attacks and abilities do not generate rage, but deal more
damage than just swinging your weapon.
Warriors and Druids have skills to pump up rage, but alchemists can make special
potions as well which allow warriors to have rage before they fight.
Rogues and Druids in cat form use a special meter in place of mana as well called
energy. Energy meters replenish much faster than mana and allows the character to
use abilities, but each ability takes much more energy to use than one which uses mana.
If you are the leader of a group, the top left can also be clicked to access a pulldown
menu which allows you to set looting rights.
To your top-right is the mini-map. This indicates your current location, zone, time-of-day
in-game, direction, nearby allies, and things you are tracking. Zones are the area you
are currently in such as “Elwynn Forest” or “Deadmines.”
Allies and anything else you are tracking appear as dots on your mini-map. Tracking is
available to some trade skills and as abilities of the hunter. You can track one enemy
type or ingredient at a time on the mini-map.
If you click on the mini-map, you will see a sonar like “ping”, all allies can see this ping
which helps for coordination. The plus and minus signs can be used to zoom in and out.
I recommend you fully zoom out most of the time.
Allies are displayed below the health/mana bars. Each ally in your group has their own
mana/health indicator which is useful for healing or guarding your friends. By hovering
over an ally, you can see what enhancements or ailments their character my have on
them at the time.
The action bar along the bottom is used to quick-link spells, talents, abilities, tracking,
and items. This bar allows you to do all of that simply by clicking on an icon or pressing
the corresponding button. As you highlight each symbol on the bar, you can get a
description as to what it does. As you attain new abilities and items, you can drag them
from the spell book or inventory onto the action bar.
To the right of the action bar is a set of icons allowing you to access your menus. The
first is the character screen. This allows you to view your character’s “paperdoll” or
representation. You can drag items onto the paperdoll to equip them. Also in this menu
are your skills and reputation tabs located on the bottom. The skills menu displays all
the skills you have learned up to this point. The reputation tab allows you to see how
much reputation you have with a particular faction.
The next tab is you spell book, which is where purchased spells are stored. Every other
level (2, 4, 6, ect) you get to buy or quest for new spells. When you get these spells,
they are stored in the spellbook. The spellbook also contains the icons for your trade
skills and talents. Tabs on the right hand side of the spell book allows you to access
different categories of abilities.
Talents appear on this bar at level 10 and allow you to customize your character even
further. In a Diablo-esq system, you can place a point you get each level into a
particular talent. As you place skillpoints into talents, new branches will open up,
allowing you access to more talents.
The next icon is the social icon. This icon is used to manage your friends list, group you
are in, guild, and raid group. This also contains an ignore list which allows you to ignore
messages from people you don’t like.
The world map icon allows you to see where you are in correlation with the world and
within the zone.
The main menu lets you set options and preferences.
The help menu allows you to page a GM or game assistant to help you with a technical
issue in the game.
To the right of the inventory menu are your bags. Bags allow you to carry items. Click a
bag to open it. When the game begins, you start with one bag. In the case of the
hunter, you also start with a quiver (holds only arrows). As you progress through the
game, you will obtain more bags. Bags also vary in capacity, from six to twenty. To
obtain more bags, ask a player who uses the tailoring trade skill to craft you some.
Above the menu bar and action bar are twenty bubbles, when all twenty are filled, you
gain a new level. Levels allow you to invest in new talents, buy new spells, and increase
your statistics.