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My Style

Posted by iamloser Sunday December 30 2007 at 9:01PM
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Alright, my style of game is sandbox. I used to play RuneScape and loved it (until a couple weeks ago when they made those "changes" to the game.) In RuneScape you seriously do whatever you want, there is Quests, which I hate (yes I hate quests,ill explain later), but atleast the quests were more well thought out than "Go kill 10 things and bring me back their liver". RuneScape WAS and let me put emphasis on this WAS a sandbox style game.

Now, about me hating quests. In real life, there is no such thing as quests. Yes, you can do favors for people to get things or just to do them, but do developers take us as that stupid? Can't we do that ourselves? Create our own life, our own adventures. To me an quests totally take away (in my opinion) the Role-Playing in MMORPG. Let us do what we want in the world. Like RuneScape (no, i am totally aware that RuneScape is not the only MMO because I hate it now but to me it was a perfect example for what I am talking about.) where NPC's asked you for favors with good stories, but items didn't require quests unless they were an item in the quest. Quests gave you some experience but for the most part, you could be high on the hiscores with only completeing a couple quests. Alright I think you get my point, lets move on.

My perfect MMO would be one where the story of it, yes the story of the world, was run by the players. The economy is run by the players. Players could do ANYTHING they wanted. Crafted anything they wanted without having to be a certain level. Oh yes and no levels, totally skill based. PvP everywhere! Thats right everywhere. Groups of players could build a city, ships (with a maximum of 50 cannons!!), and control resources like mines. It would be an FPS, all your attacks aimed!! Yes!! Something that takes...wait for it...wait for it...skill!! No more pressing 24232213 until you win. Friendly fire. No I am not evil and want to kill my clanmates but its realistic. No names floating aboves peoples heads, why?, it totally gives away your position for a surprise attacks. And combat, where you hit your adversary can effect things, marks are left on armor and their boddy. Full loot!. You can hear people or things walking up to you. Kill someone while you are on a mount. Steal mounts!! Hire NPC's to help with things. Hire them to gaurd your city. Oh, and speaking of cities, Sieges!!

Ok...can anyone guess what MMO I'm describing. No its not Habbo Hotel silly.

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