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Humble Pie Blog... Great taste and Great Ideas!

Hello everyone! This blog is coming from a senior in high school. My purpose is simple: To create great new ideas for games of the future and tell you exactly why it would be important! All the ideas you read are 100% mine unless cited otherwise.

Author: Humble_Pie

Dragonball Z MMORPG: The concept of a true next-gem game

Posted by Humble_Pie Sunday July 26 2009 at 3:02AM
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------------------------------------------------------- DRAGONBALL Z UNIVERSE------------------------------------------------

Even if you had been living under a rock for the past two decades, you would have heard of Dragonball Z. The hit anime series Dragonball Z has one of the largest fanbases in the history of television itself. Mastermind Akira Toriyama wrote the created the manga and anime for Dragonball Z. He himself has worked on the design of numerous video games as an artist. The world he created is gargantuan and has a myraid of worlds, races, characters, powers, and villains. The world itself is ripe for the picking as the setting of a future MMORPG. While a game called Dragonball Online has been created, it has not been released in many parts of the world. While I do not want to bash this game, I feel that I must point out the reason why this game comes nowhere near the kind of game that fans and numerous gamers are looking for.

For those of you who do not know what Dragonball Z is all about I will do my best to explain it briefly. The series' main character Goku overcome impossible odds numerous times in order to defeat villains that threaten his friends, family, and Earth itself. Now hold on! I know what you are thinking at this point and you have it all wrong. Dragonball Z is not your typical fantasy "save the world from the evil ganondorf" kind of series. It is infact one of the most origional shows out there. The powers of the characters consist of great strength that comes from training and growing in power through martial arts, speed, and even the ability to fly.

As time goes on in the series the heroes become stronger in the ways of martial arts to the point where they move so fast they cannot be seen or they can punch a mountain hard enough for it to crumble. They are able to shoot beams, orbs and a multitude of other energy blasts with their focused "CHI" energy. These blasts of energy create explosions that look similar to the fourth of july and can do anything from cook a hotdog to blast a hole in the Earth the Size of Texas. The more the heroes train the higher they can raise their power levels (Hence the "ITS OVER NINE THOUSAND" internet meme). As the characters' power levels increase, their raw fighting ability becomes stronger as well as their speed, strength, chi, and health/armor. By using these martial arts they combat great enemies and ultimately save the world. But all of this will not do the series justice. I highly reccommend you watch a few episodes on youtube if you really are confused.

The concept behind this game is one that I have been thinking about for a very long time. For those who understand the show, picture this as a blip of the gameplay:

"You sense a strange energy coming from the wastelands to the north. As a saiyan you don't need to wear a scouter to determine the power level of your foe. You leap into the air and power up quickly and you hover in the air for a second before flying off in the direction of the energy at the speed of a fighter jet. You create a sonic boom as you break the sound barrier. The world below you looks like a blur of large mountain peaks and rivers, trees and lakes. You pass some cities with pedestrians walking past the various sky scrapers. Once you reach the wasteland you spot your foe. He is merely floating in the air and starring at your friend (who you know in real life) Immediately they break out into a brawl in the air. Their limbs move so fast they appear to be a blur. They each lose a tiny amount of health but in this game boss fights can take a very long time to defeat. Your friend kicks him in the side of the face making him angry but he counters with a strong blow and your friend couldn't dodge in time. Your friend flies though the center of a mountain turning it into a pile of rocks. The foe turns towards you. Your friend is defeated but not dead and he must regain some stamina before he can become conscious and fly again. (After all, this foe has a much higher power level than him)

"You know that you must defeat him somehow but you have to power up first. You hold out your arms, clench your fists, and charge up. Lightning strikes down from the sky and day seems to turn into night for any other players in your area. Your foe suddenly has a scared look on his face and rocks start to rise all around you. You let out a shout and your hair turns golden yellow. Electricity pulses around you. You are ready for him now. 'Its about time Ive had a real challenge around here' says your foe.You choose you dialog options and talk to him just like characters do in the series (it wouldn't be dragonallball Z without some trash talking) It took you months of training (playing the game skillfully and effectively) to reach this power level. You start to charge up your custom energy attack and you let loose a blast of energy.

To be continued..."

The game's graphics would have a cell shaded look in order to maintain the anime look. The graphics however would be very good (of course ;)) As I state later on, there is an emphasis on destructible environments.

Everyone who watched the show dreamed of being powerful like the characters (the Z fighters). The following races would be in the game:

Human: The humans would be the protectors of earth. Tien, Krillan, Yamcha, Master Roshi, Bulma, Hercule, and Yajirobe are all some examples of humans. In the show they are always weaker than the saiyans. However for balancing purposes you could reach power levels equal to those of saiyans. Due to their strong spirit they would be able to unleash power levels undreamed of when in life and death situations where their health is really low After the fight and their emotions are calm they will still be able to retain a fraction of this power. In numbers humans would be able to give each other moral support, boosting their power levels even higher. They would have access to jobs that other races could not get since they live on planet earth and fit into the culture.

Namek: The Namekians would have powers and abilities that would make them unorthodox and fearsome in combat. Regrowing lost limbs, fusing with other Nameks, and having hightened senses would make them very powerful. Piccolo, Nail, Dundae, and Kami are all examples of Namekians. They would have access to crafting abilities that no other races would have. Those who can find other Namekians to fuse with will end up with more powerful characters than most players.

Saiyans: It is obvious that most fans would create a saiyan, but who could blame them? For this reason saiyans would have the largest variety of abilities, fighting styles, and transformations. Reaching super saiyan levels would be as hard as gaining a full set of very rare and hard to achieve armor in most mmorpgs past the first level of super saiyan. For this reason seeing another player who is super saiyan 2 would be a sight to behold. Super saiyan 3 or even 4 would be left for only the elite. Saiyans can only gain experience by facing foes that are their level or higher.

Alien: Freeza is the prime example of the alien race. Aiens are shape shifters. They change their power by becoming larger and more monster-like. Aliens have the unique ability of conquering other civilizations in order to gain bonuses in money and xp. They have their own spaceships for travel as well as possies of soldiers to do their bidding. Aliens reach unimaginable levels as they reach transformations states beyond the normal.

Android: Androids would have the ability to go undetected by others. They could absord energy from others and they can turn their limbs into machine guns, rocket launcers, and an assortent of other weaponry. They have improved armor and more stamina than most fighters.They can absord other androaids or absord energy in order to become more powerful depending on wether they are good or evil.

The combat system would be the deepest part of the game. Environments would be destructible and attacks would leave craters and destroyed mountain sides. Fighting most foes would not take that much time and usually would be minions or training simulators. The real bosses would be long fights. If you can remember instances (dungeons) from other MMORPGs, some boss fights would take as long as them to finish by yourself! In the show, the villains would sometimes take an entire day to defeat.

Leveling in the game wouldbe done in many different ways. Collecting dragonballs, fighting enemies, Training, and fusing are just a few examples. Instead of the typical levels like in most games, players could have power levels into the billions. Players who reach the billions would have to be proficient in PvP and PvE.

Jobs would include working in capsule corp like Bulma, destroying planets (if you are evil), or collecting rare materials from other planets. Simple ones could include fishing even. After all the characters liked to take it easy too! Characters would be able to buy homes, cars, other vehicles and other items like scouters with the money earned.

There would be player vs. player in the game but you would have to fight good vs. evil (unless you wanted to duel) These fights would take a long time and the winner would gain a large amount of xp while the loser would gain a quarter of the xp. The World Martial Arts tournament would be held three times a week on each planet and open to only members of that particular race. The universe martial arts tournament would be open to all races. Do not think horde and alliance. There are no factions like this, but there are home planets and locations for some of the different races. Nameks can fight Nameks but the game would not have ganking in it  and (unless the level difference is really large) Most players would be able to hold off a much higher level at least until they could try and contact a friend for some help. Agreed 1v1 deathmatches would mean that noone could interfere with the fight. These fights would give the most xp and PvP xp.

Feel free to comment and disagree with my ideas. I know it is far from perfect and I would love to see what ideas I am missing that you guys have thought of. I know for fact that I am not the first person to dream of a Dragonball Z MMORPG! I agologize for any typos!