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Author: haplo31

Rohan Online Half Elf Scout Class Build (Group PvP/Group PvE)

Posted by haplo31 Friday June 13 2008 at 1:55PM
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Half Elf Scout Class Build (Group PvP/Group PvE)

Scout = AoE simple enough. This class is very powerful when participating in a group PvP and PvE party, especially town wars.
If you are the type of person that enjoys to play in the party then this class and build is the right one for you. Scout is decent at soloing too. Scout can be great at soloing depending on your skill level and your ability to solo AoE and kite.

Stat Build: This is the same stat build as the Ranger class build, you may tweak the stats to add a little more MP or VIT. The reason for this is that you will mostly be in groups and will pull alot of aggro with your AoE’s.

PvE: There are a couple ways to level besides soloing and doing your quests. You can solo decently but you mainly have AoE’s so your prolly best served group leveling. You can do the high mob level grind in early levels that will best suite you. However when you get some of your critical AoE’s maxxed you are best served grinding in dungeons. Due to your multiple AoE arsenal you can go to high spawn areas and spam away your AoE’s on them. Make sure that you have a Healer keeping an eye on you assuming that you are short on damage dealers in the party. You wont’ have too much trouble finding a party in a dungeon under party matching. The speed at wich you gain experience in the party in a large part is determined on you and your AoE damage (you are special) However if you are on a packed or full server the room at which your party can work is minimal and can become frusterating.
If you work at your skill you can level quite a bit faster if you can learn to pull mobs with AoE’s kite with your mobility boost and rain down AoE’s on them. This can be very effective.

PvP: You will have a blast in Town Wars and Group PvP with this class and build. The AoE’s that you will be dishing out will leave your enemies bleeding and stunned. Multi Shot, Rain Shot, and Pouring Shot are all devastating AoE’s in group PvP.
This build has the potential in 1v1 PvP but since you are maxxing your AoE’s, DEX buffs, and increased critical rate spells it leaves little room to spare those extra points. You can always buy skill stones from cash shop or be super lucky and find one off a mob :)

Stat Point Build at Level 99
Rohan Scout Stat Build

The recommended spell upgrades:
(Half Elf Archer Tree)

1. Darkness-Level 5: Increase dark dmg 100%, res50% 8% chance decrease target’s 30% atk spd for 7 sec.
2. Psychic Pierce
-Level 1: 160% of normal dmg.
3. Long Shot
-Level 5: Increase 50% of attacking range for 9 min.
4. Enchanted Arrow
-Level 5: Increase arrow damage by 30 for 30 min.
5. Nimble
-Level 5: Increase dex by 30%, lasts 30 min.
6. Feeble Arrow
-Level 1: Decrease target 3% of str last 30 seconds.
7. Fatal
-Level 5: Critical dmg increases by dex * 3.0, last 15 min.
8. Sprint
-Level 5: Increase movement speed by 100% in 30 seconds
Piercing Root-Level 4: Normal attacks 130%, 50% chance hold the target in place for 5 second.
Double Strike-Level 5: Increase 100% of normal dmg, attack target twice.

The recommended spell upgrades:
(Half Elf Scout Tree)

1. Bow Mastery-Level 5: Increase bow’s atk by 25%, last 30 min.
2. Melt
-Level 1: Instantly removes root status.
3. Ignore Aggro
-Level 1: Decrease 10% of hate to attack, last 10 seconds.
4. Detect
-Level 1: Detect hidden target within the range of 10m, last 30 sec.
5. Sharp Melee
-Level 1: Increase short range dmg by 50%, last 5 min.
6. Alacrity Blow
-Level 5: Increase dex by 15%, last 30 min.
7. Combine Shot
-Level 5: Total damage is the sum of self level * 7 and target level * 9.
8. Multi Shot
-Level 5: 200% normal damage, maximum 8 targets.
9. Ka’els Arrow
-Level 1: Create 100 arrows with dmg of 100.
10. Drill Shot
-Level 5: Increase 120% of normal dmg, dmg decreases 30% everytime it hit 1 target.
11. Violent Shot
-Level 1: Effect ‘bleed’ dealt 50% of normal dmg every 3 second, last 15 sec, maximum 4 targets.
12. Ghost Arrow
-Level 1: Attack without consuming arrows for 30 times, only from created arrows.
13. Premium Shot
-Level 5: Increases weapon’s atk by 280% with a rare or unique weapon equipped.
Rain Shot-Level 5: 45% chance of critical hit, maximum 8 target.
15. All in One-Level 5: Shoot 19 arrows at once.
16. Rank Shot
-Level 5: Total damage = weapon’s rank * 90.
Pouring Shot-Level 5: Increase 60% dmg, ignore defense, maximum 8 targets.
Credits go to
Feel free to post this as a guide anywhere you want but plz keep link active and give me credit.