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Author: haplo31

Rohan Online Dhan Predator Class Build (Pure PvP/PvE)

Posted by haplo31 Tuesday June 10 2008 at 11:57PM
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Dhan Predator Class Build (Pure PvP/PvE)

This build has alot of similarities to the Avenger build and there isn’t a whole lot of difference stat wise with them. However I do believe the Predator and its build have better PvP spells than the Avenger because of a godly DoT (Scarecrow) and a great stun skill (Heart Trap)

Stat Build: Dhans have several areas of priority for their stat distribution. You can’t overload your stat points in any category especially agility or you are going to be regretting it later.
This Avenger build can do some decent damage with 157 strength and with the added criticals of damage dealing spells this works well. A a good amount of Agility (200) is put into the build to maximize the use of Deadly Blow but not overdo it as to weaken yourself in other areas. You will also have some good evasion too. For DEX we added 100 points so that you don’t miss so much. A little bit of Psyche will be added to boost the mana pool a bit so that you have a little more room to work your devastating spells.

PvE: Soloing is a breeze for this build, you will deal a ton of damage and get alot of 1 hit kills due to crits making you wonder why the mobs don’t just die when they look at you and not even bother.
Ranged mobs can be a pain though because of a relatively low HP. Dhan motto is kill before being killed basically. Dungeon grinding is fun with this build (makes you dizzy). You can be a on a constant killing spree with no real worries about anything leaving tons of dead mobs littered around the party. Be careful when boss hunting or fighting dungeon bosses, you do alot of damage and can pull aggro from them and you will be in trouble (found this out hard way). If your lucky you can get off Confusion Pouch and hope that one of the tanks can pull back aggro with a taunt skill. When you hit 56 you have access to Scarecrow which will which is PERFECT in dungeon parties. Not only will you be slaying monters at a incredible rate with your melee attacks but you will also be killing them from afar with your AoE DoT!

PvP: The Predator has a large array of powerful PvP skills making them an elite mass murderer lol. If you are 1v1 with no mobs around your Scarecrow skill spell and your ravaged attacks will wipe them off the face of the earth very quickly! Mana burn will leave your enemies without skills and give you a percentage of their mana to your health bar. You have a high chance to stun your opponent with Heart Trap at a continuous rate for 30 seconds.

Conclusion: There is not much to worry about other than keeping your man bar full. Hmans and Dark Elfs can give you some problems. Make sure to stun Humans as much as you can and get close to the Dark Elfs and they are done for.

Stat Point Build at Level 99

The recommended spell upgrades:
(Dhan Assasin Tree)

1. Invenom-Level 5: 100% boost to Elemental Attack Rate, 50% to Defense, 6% chance of 9 additionnal attacks with 99 damage.
2. Hide
-Level 1: Able to Vanish from players or monsters that are up to 5 levels higher. 50% drop in Mobility during Vanish mode.
3. Parry
-Level 5: 10% chance of you blocking physical attacks with your weapon. Lasts 30 minutes.
4. Mortal Rising
-Level 5: After being under Vanish mode, there’s a 100% chance of your first attack being a Critical Attack. Last 18 minutes.
5. Spring
-Level 1: 20% boost to your Mobility. Lasts 18 seconds.
6. Sudden Attack
-Level 5: 300% of your weapon damage added to your attacks. 8 continous attack with level damage.
7. Mirror Shield
-Level 1: Reflects 6% of received damage, including Magic attacks. Lasts 1 min.
8. Psychic Phantom
-Level 1: Additional 80% Damage added to regular attack.
9. Avoid
-Level 1: 3% boost to your target’s Agility. Lasts 18 mins.
10. Quickness
-Level 5: 30% boost in your target’s Dexterity. Lasts 30 mins.
11. Boost
-Level 5: 7% increase in turning a regular attack into a critical. Last 30 mins.
12. Mana Burn
-Level 5: Absorbs the target’s Mana at 600% of his level, and then converts it into 700% of his level. Stuns target for 3 sec.
13. Phantom Crow
-Level 5: Upon sucessfully casting Psychic Phantom, you have a 100 % cahnce of it giving Critical Damage. Lasts 30 mins.
14. Deadly Blow
-Level 1: Upon making a succesful Critical Attack, 200% of your Agility is added to your attack. Lasts 18 mins.
15. Death Blow
-Level 2: Each succesful attack increases damage by 40% of user’s Monster Kill Count. Lasts 21 mins.
16. Silence
-Level 1: Disables your target’s skills. Lasts 10 secs.
17. Confusion Pouch
-Level 1: Confusion takes over for 8 secs. User in confusion status does not receive damage.

The recommended spell upgrades:
(Dhan Predator Tree)

1. Awareness-Level 1: Immediate release from the Root spell.
2. Sluggish Attack
-Level 4: 400% of your level is applied to damage. 12% drop in your target’s Evasion. Lasts 30 secs.
3. Katar Mastery
-Level 4: 12% boost to your Katar Damage. lasts 27 mins.
4. Hide Spirit
-Level 1: Can use the vanish skill without hiding for 3 minutes.
5. Detect
-Level 1: Detect any players ans mosnters. 15M range. Lasts 30 secs.
6. Tracking Treasure
-Level 1: You can view Treasure Boxes thar are located within 35M on the Minimap.
7. Ruin Trap
-Level 3: 9% drop in your target’s Defense if they are within the Trap Range. Lasts 45 secs.
8. Sealing Square
-Level 1: Seal the targets that are within a 6M range for 10 secs. Does not apply to Monsters.
9. Healing Trap
-Level 1: 1% HP recovered every 3 seconds for all party members within range. Lasts 30 secs.
10. Heart Trap
-Level 5: 40% chance of stunning your target for 4 secs every 5 secs. Lasts 30 secs.
11. Scarecrow
-Level 5: 1800 damage given to random targets within the Trap’s Range. Lasts 60 secs.
12. Timer Trap
-Level 5: 30% of your Attack is applied as damage every 3 seconds to the targets within trap range. Lasts 60 secs.
13. Secret Hide
-Level 1: 10 % chance of staying in vanish mode even during attacks.
14. Transformation
-Level 3: Convert 100% of your target’s Ranged Attack into 80% Melee Attack for 45 secs. Not applicable to Monsters.
15. Premium Slash
-Level 3: Convert 100% of your target’s Ranged Attack into 80% Melee Attack for 45 secs. Not applicable to Monsters.
16. Royal Mask
-Level 5: Your level is raised by 5. Lasts 120mins.
17. Experience Mambo
-Level 1: 10% reduction in EXP loss upon death. Lasts 10 mins.
Demolition-Level 1: 100% boost in damage dealt to your target aligned at your location. 30% of the damage is applied as Poison damage. Lasts 15 secs.
Credits go to
Feel free to post this as a guide anywhere you want but plz keep link active and give me credit

Wattimena writes:

Did anyone else ever test this build?

Mon Sep 01 2008 5:27PM Report
avngerOscout writes:

lol str. Dhan is better than your build....


Sun Mar 22 2009 7:32AM Report
avngerOscout writes:

lol str. Dhan is better than your build....


Sun Mar 22 2009 7:32AM Report
sickemo16th writes:

well i doubt the build in your skill tree cause there you need like 2 death blows cause there no much skill that dhan can use only blows... crit blows

Sat Apr 04 2009 11:57AM Report
sickemo16th writes:

i dont think you need invenom that much cause it only gives an additional damage and it cause a heck of mana lol well that was just my opinion and im at lvl 21 now a PROhan

Sat Apr 04 2009 11:59AM Report
PrvtColm writes:

that build is so crappy i made an acount just to say it... wtf is with all that dex? 100! thats a waste of 50 stat pionts... 200 agi wont get u far at lvl 99 most ppl have more than 500... all that strength= waste, all that vit= waste.... deadly blow only gets 1??? do u even know what you are talkin about? it doesnt say if it is a strenght dhan or an agi... but that build is shit either way. and a couple extra pionts into psyche is piontless... what did you do add to everything? most build types only add to 2 main stats and get a base dex of 50... except maybe hybrids... i cant even tell if this is that tho... why dont u play the game and learn about it before you screw up nubs and make them start over... sum1 rlly needs to get sum common sense...those skills are shit too... i rlly dislike dumbasses... my character is only lvl 67... and i would pwn the shit out of that...


Tue May 19 2009 9:08PM Report
02johnnye writes:

 PrvtColm, what is your character's build?

I am at only lv18 atm, i need you help please... what build do you recommend i should base my dhan on?

Please help me, i was about to beleive this thing lol

Sat Jun 13 2009 12:15PM Report
maRiguano writes:

lol.. ya wat a shame that build sux . it s a shit.... too many lvi 2 and 3 skills-----u won t do any damage with 176 stR,, and 200 agi[[[[[[[ lvl 1 deadly blow? fuc ya lol...

Tue Jun 16 2009 6:38PM Report
darkblade93 writes:

Omfg , u really think this build is any good? dam this is the worst build ive ever seen dam , if u think u can put this shit online , so that noobs make this build , they will suck dam hard , and have to start all over again , men just delete this page , it isnt worth it making ur dhan this f*cking bad

Fri Sep 25 2009 10:43AM Report writes:
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