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Author: haplo31

Rohan Online Dhan Avenger Class Build (Pure PvP/PvE)

Posted by haplo31 Monday June 9 2008 at 11:15PM
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Dhan Avenger Class Build (Pure PvP/PvE)

Dhans in general are blood thirsty murderers :) They sole purpose for being alive is to kill everything in great numbers. So if this is you then you have come to the right place to find a well balanced build of destuction. They critical hit so much it feels like its a normal attack, and thats bad news for your enemies!

Stat Build: Dhans have several areas of priority for their stat distribution. You can’t overload your stat points in any category especially agility or you are going to be regretting it later.
This Avenger build can do some decent damage with 157 strength and with the added criticals of damage dealing spells this works well. A a good amount of Agility (200) is put into the build to maximize the use of Deadly Blow but not overdo it as to weaken yourself in other areas. You will also have some good evasion too. For DEX we added 100 points so that you don’t miss so much. A little bit of Psyche will be added to boost the mana pool a bit so that you have a little more room to work your devastating spells.

PvE: Soloing is a breeze for this build, you will deal a ton of damage and get alot of 1 hit kills due to crits making you wonder why the mobs don’t just die when they look at you and not even bother :)
Ranged mobs can be a pain though because of a relatively low HP. Dhan motto is kill before being killed basically. Dungeon grinding is fun with this build (makes you dizzy). You can be a on a constant killing spree with no real worries about anything leaving tons of dead mobs littered around the party. Be careful when boss hunting or fighting dungeon bosses, you do alot of damage and can pull aggro from them and you will be in trouble (found this out hard way). If your lucky you can get off Confusion Pouch and hope that one of the tanks can pull back aggro with a taunt skill.

PvP: If you love to PK and you do else you wouldn’t be playing the Dhan then you will have lots of fun. You can disable your enemies skills with Silence and then pummel away and bombard them with critical strikes.You can Mana Burn enemies that rely on mana and leave them hopeless too, and then absorb it into your mana bar. You have Health Burn and some other spells to restore your health making you very tough to kill. The Polluting Blood spell is a DoT that will drain the life out of your enemies quickly!

Conclusion: The only things you have to worry about is that you cannot tank well and getting mobbed.Oh yeah and hopefully you won’t get the wrong end of a battle with a Dark Elf. You don’t have that much HP but you kill things before they kill you philosophy works well. You can really own anything 1v1 and its really no sweat. And try not to cheat and attack while in vanish mode :)
Enjoy and Happy PvP!

Stat Point Build at Level 99

The recommended spell upgrades:
(Dhan Assasin Tree)

1. Invenom-Level 5: 100% boost to Elemental Attack Rate, 50% to Defense, 6% chance of 9 additionnal attacks with 99 damage.
2. Hide
-Level 5: Able to Vanish from players or monsters that are up to 5 levels higher.
3. Parry
-Level 5: 10% chance of you blocking physical attacks with your weapon. Lasts 30 minutes.
4. Mortal Rising
-Level 5: After being under Vanish mode, there’s a 100% chance of your first attack being a Critical Attack. Last 18 minutes.
5. Spring
-Level 1: 20% boost to your Mobility. Lasts 18 seconds.
6. Sudden Attack
-Level 5: 300% of your weapon damage added to your attacks. 8 continous attack with level damage.
7. Mirror Shield
-Level 1: Reflects 6% of received damage, including Magic attacks. Lasts 1 min.
8. Psychic Phantom
-Level 5: Additional 120% Damage added to regular attack.
9. Avoid
-Level 5: 15% boost to your target’s Agility. Lasts 30 mins.
10. Potion Value
-Level 3: Potions heal an additionnal 20%. Lasts 6 mins.
11. Quickness
-Level 5: 30% boost in your target’s Dexterity. Lasts 30 mins.
12. Boost
-Level 5: 7% increase in turning a regular attack into a critical. Last 30 mins.
13. Mana Burn
-Level 2: Absorbs the target’s Mana at 300% of his level, and then converts it into 400% of his level. Stuns target for 2 sec.
14. Phantom Crow
-Level 5: Upon sucessfully casting Psychic Phantom, you have a 100 % cahnce of it giving Critical Damage. Lasts 30 mins.
15. Deadly Blow
-Level 5: Upon making a succesful Critical Attack, 420% of your Agility is added to your attack. Lasts 30 mins.
16. Death Blow
-Level 3: Each succesful attack increases damage by 60% of user’s Monster Kill Count. Lasts 24 mins.
17. Silence-Level 1: Disables your target’s skills. Lasts 10 secs.
18. Confustion Pouch-
Level 1: Confusion takes over for 8 secs. User in confusion status does not receive damage.

The recommended spell upgrades:
(Dhan Avenger Tree)

1. Free Up-Level 1: Immediate release from Root spell.
2. Blind Attack
-Level 5: 500% of your level is applied to your damage. 15% drop in your opponent’s Accuracy. Lasts 1 min.
3. Katar Mastery
-Level 4: 12% boost to your Katar Damage. lasts 27 mins.
4. Rowel Spur-
Level 1: 20% drop in the mount’s Mobility. Lasts 10 minutes.
5. Immobile Trap
-Level 1: Opponents that are inside the trap range will have a 10% drop in their attack speed. Lasts 30 secs.
6. Sealing Square
-Level 2: Seal the target that’s within 7M range for 15 secs. Does not apply to Monsters.
7. Illustion Trap
-Level 5: Absorb 30 Agility from your target that’s within the trap range. Lasts 60 secs.
8. Health Burn
-Level 3: Drains HP from your target at 400% of your level, returning 500% HP back. Stuns for 2 sec.
9. Strenght Trap
-Level 5: Absorb 30 Strength from your target that’s within the trap range. Lasts 60 secs.
10. Secret Hide
-Level 1: 10 % chance of staying in vanish mode even during attacks.
11. Death Call
-Level 1: Brings an opponent within a 5M distance to your feet ans paralyzes them. Lasts 2 secs.
12. Polluting Blood
-Level 5: Without detox within 7 secs, user’s HP will drop at the rate of 600% of user’s level every 3 secs.
13. Duplication
-Level 5: 40% chance of two consecutive Critical attacks on your target.
14. Mind Exchange
-Level 2: 25 % chance of exchanging your target’s 100% Health with 280% Mana. Lasts 10 seconds.

Credits go to
Feel free to post this as a guide anywhere you want but plz keep link active and give me credit

Pepsipwnzgod writes:

there are so many flaws in the skill build it's not even funny, lacking stealth but imping after-stealth skills? wtf dude

Fri Jun 13 2008 10:54PM Report
haplo31 writes:

aight i will take another look, any suggestions for skill would be cool too hehe, thanks for feed back. thanks man

Fri Jun 13 2008 11:20PM Report
haplo31 writes:

lol okay after i looked at it i forgot to add to vanish duh!i i will update when i am done with some cold fusion apps

Sat Jun 14 2008 12:20AM Report
Wattimena writes:

So  haplo did you update this already?

Mon Sep 01 2008 5:45PM Report
Wattimena writes:

So  haplo did you update this already?

Mon Sep 01 2008 5:45PM Report
Wattimena writes:

Ehm you distributed 108 skill points dont we only have 98 at level 99? Sorry for double post since I cant delete or edit them

Mon Sep 01 2008 5:49PM Report
cecrity writes:

hey dude.. cud u help me with my avenger skill build??  tnx =)

Sun Mar 01 2009 9:27AM Report
asian123294 writes: is this re edited now?

Mon Mar 02 2009 7:28PM Report
kuleth writes:

Can yo please post a video to see how great is your build?...

(Confustion Pouch-Level 1: Confusion takes over for 8 secs. User in confusion status does not receive damage.)

-does this mean that his INVULNERABLE for 8sec?... can i use it on my self?

and in 100 dex... how much % can i hit a agi dhan or agi elf?

can you put a Clear video with full buff of yours and show how much skill points where distributed and please show a PVP match ^_^ thanks...

Tue Mar 10 2009 12:23AM Report
saintzzz writes:

what is the best build of dhan post it pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tue Apr 07 2009 2:40AM Report
buyadrink writes:

ei wat is the ratio of that build ???

distribution of the stats points ???

Thu Apr 16 2009 1:27AM Report
DHANNY writes:

gago ka bakit wala kang double psychic phantom ang tanga tanga mo noobs ka ba - are you insane you dont have a double psychic phantom ur build is weak! ='(

Tue Apr 28 2009 5:41PM Report
DHANNY writes:

haplo is bitch idiotic son of a fucking noob ass bitchy worm maggot weak build son of a fucker man!!

Tue Apr 28 2009 5:44PM Report
DHANNY writes:

tanginamo haplo ang kapal ng mukha mo mag post eh noob

naman ung build mo IMBA ka boy alam mo ba un napaka weak

ng build mo asa ka pang may susunod sa yapak mong hybrid

na kolokoy ka weak ka asa ka !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fri May 15 2009 2:52PM Report
dumbernode writes:

no need to be so harsh man. hindi mo naman kailangan gayahin ung build. nandyan yan as a guide not a mandatory build. i look up to him cause he is very open for suggestion. nakakahiya ka, pnphya mo ang mga pinoy.

Sat May 23 2009 1:16AM Report
dhanpredator writes:

uu nga dhanny wag mu nmn pkita na ang mga pinoy gnito pla ang ugali tsk.. d nmn tau gnun.. haay..  -_-

haplo thxxx for ur skill data it helps me to to learn more.. ^^,

Sat May 23 2009 12:51PM Report
disastre writes:

ganda ng build ng dhan nya. pang pre-schooler. lols. XD

Agi-avenger rules!!!

Mon Jun 01 2009 10:52PM Report
Vironx writes:

Oh crap! - what an attitude he has (i pity you)...

though this an open forum, let say sharing and exchanging of thoughts and ideas (though 80% opinionated : 20% facts) - you dont have to act in that way!

DHANNY - isa kang kahihiyan kahit pa anung sabihin mu lol!

ps: I agree with you disastre ('',)

Wed Jul 29 2009 11:15AM Report
ballonhead16 writes:

This isnt a really good dhan build and there are loads of skills you don't need in this build like

Death Blow & Silence

And try not too focus on hide and physic phantom in on build

The hide skills are 4 players who want to kill quickly in the first few hits. The physic phantom skills are 4 players who like steady high dmg. I prefer the physic phantom build because when you are in a party or fighting loads of mobs solo, when using the hide skill you can only use them once on the first mob and you wont be able to enter hide again until youve killed all the mobs attacking you making the skills useless and physic phantom has a really quick cool down time. only 9 SECONDS!

I have a lvl 40 avenger build dhan

build is:

Even Lvl: 2+str 1+agi 1+vit

Odd Lvl:1+str 2+agi 1+vit

Mob dmg:200+invenom Mob Crit dmg: 700+invenom

Physic phantom dmg: 1200

Wed Feb 17 2010 6:13AM Report
buddybox writes:

So is this a good build or not for an Avenger? im trying to make one but i cant find any other builds.....

Wed Apr 07 2010 11:43AM Report
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Thu Nov 08 2018 9:16PM Report writes:
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