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Author: haplo31

Rohan Online Dragon Knight Class Build (super tank/pvp/pve)

Posted by haplo31 Sunday June 8 2008 at 5:19AM
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Dragon Knight Class Build (super tank/pvp/pve)

If you are type of the player who is into tanking and having mass HP this Class Build is for you! You are gonna have a ton of HP and going to be able to deliver some lethal blows in PvP with Forefoot Swing.

There is plenty of HP to take on multiple mobs in PvE and not even break a sweat. You will be able to deliver some good damage with your basic attack because of your STR stat boost. In pve you won’t have to worry about running out of mana cuz you have the Health to Mana spell which because of your high hit points will max your MP bar whenever you so choose. This is a great balance between STR and VIT, you could go full vit which would enhance HP and tanking ability but lower your overall basic damage and your attack spells wouldn’t do nearly as much. You will be somewhat limited in PvP cuz of this.

The things you worry about in PvP is you man pool. If you get mana burned you are going to be in trouble, luckily you have pots for this. You have enough basic damage to counter act this though. Along with Health to Mana spell its not a big deal. Another thing to consider is you have really no way to replenish your HP besides Health Funnel and the amount of damage your do with Suction. Try not to let your HP bar below half way before you use Health Funnel or you could be in trouble… well unless you have a useable HP pot that is not on cool down. Your biggest nightmare are ranged attackers especially Magic type classes. Your only hope is to get close to them and whack away and hope your high HP holds up since you have minimal to none magic resistance.

Overall this is a really balanced and safe build that you can’t go wrong with. You won’t die much unless you run into a Dark Elf. You won’t have trouble finding parties for dungeons or boss hunting as a GOOD tank is always needed :)

Stat Point Build at Level 99

The recommended spell upgrades:
(Dragon Fighter Tree)

1. Level 5: 100% Blazing Elemental Attack, +50% Elemental Defense, 8% chance to convert 9% of damage to HP.
Level 1: Targeted monster attacks you, taunt duration increases as you level up.
Level 5: 30% melee attack for 30 minutes.
Level 1: -25% weapon damage, -10% physical defense, +60% attack speed.
Level 5: Uses 10% of HP then converts 275% of it into MP.
Level 5: Uses 20% of HP then converts 135% of it into damage on target.
Level 1: 180% additional damage to melee attack.
Level 1: 80% additional damage to melee attack.
Level 5: 150% attack, area of effect damage to targets within 6 meters for 90% of damage from last attack.
Level 5: 100% attack, area of effect damage to targets within 6 meters for 90% of damage from last attack.
Level 1: Uses 10% of HP then converts 200% of it into HP.
Level 1: -100% damage from targets while stunned, lasts 10 seconds.

The recommended spell upgrades:
(Dragon Fighter Tree)

1. Level 5: +15% Zhen damage, lasts 30 minutes.
Level 5: Decrease damage from critical hits by 500 points, lasts for 5 minutes.
Level 1: Cancels root.
Level 5: Become invisible, -0% movement speed, lasts 5 minutes.
Level 5: Transform into a Dragon, +25% attack, +20% HP, lasts for 8 minutes.
Level 5: 5% of damage dealt is absorbed to your HP and MP.
Level 5: 180% of STR+DEX values added to critical damage upon successfull critical hit, lasts 30 minutes.
Level 5: +122% attack speed, lasts 15 seconds.
Level 1: +10% damage.
Level 5: Ignores target’s defense and adds 90% damage, stuns target for 3 seconds.
Level 4: +150% damage, stuns target for 3 seconds.
Level 5: +5% change for critical hit.
Level 1: Target cannot use regular potions for 10 seconds.
Level 5: +25% to attack speed.
Level 5: 5% chance of stunning target for 1 second.
Credits go to
Feel free to post this as a guide anywhere you want but plz keep link active and give me credit

wolxe writes:

First off since no1 has posted oin this yet id like to add ALL the flaws and some comments to hope it helps ^^  

for the prefitable build for melee go 3v1 str,vit for atck or full vit 0v4 anything inbetween is just to balanced or just to little atck power to even put point sin to

first off for build in this build u have i guess u went 2v2 then 3v3 then 4v4 untill 200 str then rest vit BUT your build is just to much balanced  plus I SEEM NOTICE YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO DEX ADDED AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!


so basicly dex adds to how often your atck hits, the basic u need is 50 ,you can go higher for more crit power for the skill number 7. on the second tree or to hit more often like against agil dhans (im just going to use numbers i forgot the names) xD

ok now on to the skills... omg what am i getting in to

first off since you have alot of vit u got ffs (fore front swing) good, but to use ffs u have to be a non sepa char... u added:seperation and the skillz that go with it including number 11. on the second tree i belive those skillz have no use in a non sepa build so a wate of skill points. next u got the fire element... BAD wiht the amount of hp u have theres no point in getting it and since u have hp to mana u dont ned holy also but those 2, are for pve elements buts id go for ice (affects all things and all races must useful skill out of theh 4) and darkness (this slows down your opponets atck speed dosnt affect all races)

next for hp to mana skill u only ned 1-2 points in thsi for how much vit u have i get 2 for my own prefferance

and th eonly other thing u realy did was only put hp funel to 1 at levl 5 full vit dk about levl 30 130-150vit u can heal like almost 1k hp very use exspecialy for party (this is if u have full hp) and also the other atck skill dragon nail i think its called number 8. neds to max if your str build a vit dk just neds the number 10. skill ^^ (very good to get all monster to atck u in pt off of others liek the healer >.< use taunt alot to too) and the very last thing for the first tree is get drag skin to 2-3 for tsuners like human defenders, u can leave it at one but its th eonly pvp def skill for the first tree untill levl 50+

o  and if your str u can max hp to mana and mana to hp for added hp since u die alittle bit faster than vit dk

andn for the very very lats thing i have to say is once u hit your second tree id recomend getting your nons atck skill up first because d-form has 10min cd at 5 and it can get debuffed in pvp ouch... but if your more pve u can get d form stuff up first but its your opinion

ps ive read alot of forms wiht builds an dstuff but im gona do any thing wrong wiht second tree tho their is.. but TY for taking your time and writing this guide and all th eothers.... (which have so many problems xD) not mnay ppl post stuff u seem to have taken alot of time into making these builds so ty          member im not flaming! just some advice...... if any1 has anything wrong with this post ill edit (most likly wont) but hey its just my opinion and everyone has theirs ^^


Sun May 24 2009 11:58PM Report
simo0o0o writes:

Yes wolxe is right but why do you need frozen for - mobility when you a melee hero .............. i dont get it ! but man 10x you both for the build and gl whit the game :)

Wed Jun 03 2009 2:38AM Report
Akiba_Wolf writes:

I agree with wolxe, except adding the blazing sounds better than ice or darkness.

Sat Jul 04 2009 3:03PM Report
silabush writes:

Do we really need for sep. zhen skills ?? I dont think so.. What a waste of skill points.. n Health to Mana ? I only need 2 skill points for that.. so in total. you already wasting 10 skill points.. lolz.. I can make that skill points usefull for health funnel .. lolz.. this build sucks

Mon Aug 17 2009 5:26PM Report
ballonhead16 writes:

Im sorry Haplo35 but your builds are very good, you dont seam to have tried them out and just guessed what the best is.

First  the Health to Mana only needs lvl 3 as your health will be high enough to restore enough mana to keep you going during a battle and again getting BOTH the seperation zhen and the normal zhen moves isnt a good idea as you can only use on set of moves at once. A getting health funnel to lvl 5 does help heal you more than half of your Health

For Dragon Knight skills, you don't need one in dragons nail as you cant use it at the same time as blood effect. I wouldn't get mist too lvl 5 as there are no moves 4 it and instead i would get blue defense to lvl 5 as it really helps in PVP

I prefer the normal zhen skill set because you cant use the speration skills in evolution mode. And i wouldn't full the elemental attack skill because once you get your hands on some SES stones and get evolve to lvl 7 you can have evolve on all the time.

The 3- Str 1-Vit build is good and i agree with wolxe that some dex is neccessary.

Wed Feb 17 2010 2:04PM Report
ballonhead16 writes:

lol mistake i meant not very good in the first sentence of my recent post :P sry 4 confusion

Wed Feb 17 2010 2:07PM Report
killerzone02 writes:

to avoid miss attacks, why dont you try 2:1:1 str vit and dex

and dont add skill points in the sepa attacks cos it is just a waste of points

Fri Mar 05 2010 2:00AM Report
Bena_Chandra writes:

Great informative post on the Leveling guides. I use to review the leveling guides to improve my levels in the World of warcraft from That was the game which I use to play often.

Wed Mar 24 2010 12:44AM Report
GeoZhen writes:

simo0o0o: You need Frozen to prevent your enemies from running away once you get a whack on them, Or Darkness so slow their attack speed.. I agree that Blaze is useless for Dk because you have a massive amount of hp.. why need it?

Some people want Blaze for Dk just because Blaze/Fire looks Cool for Dk in other words "Dragon".


wolxe:  You have a very good point.. Can I ask you something?

Can I still fix up my Dekan's Stat build?

Im a level 42 Dekan (About to take up Dragon Knight)

With a stat build of pure Vit..

My HP is good.. Mana is no problem because I have HP to Mana.. But My attacks are crappy and I often Miss..

How can I still fix up my Build?

Sun Jun 27 2010 2:03AM Report
werwere writes:

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Tue Aug 03 2010 7:59PM Report
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Tue Aug 03 2010 8:00PM Report
Shiro192 writes:

Yo dude nice build i made a character checked this out made my self lvl 73 in 1 month and its a strong build!! cool..

Wed Feb 09 2011 7:34AM Report
sigge71 writes:

i think you can say that  there are only 2 universal skills that is worth use in rohan  , and thats   darkness and ice  cuz blaze and divinity  has no real  effect in battles that you can se ,  shamefully the ice skill is only usefull if your playn with an archer cuz it slows down the mobility of the mobs so it gives you a chance to take it down before it reaches you (if your lucky or does more damage on it than it has hp ,2nd  the darkness slows down the mobs attack speed while you attack with normal speed if you dont get hit by the darkness skill to from the mob . just like a player said here somwere above me  , wy use the ice skill on a melee char  , he has to go CC  to fight his mobs  , according to me its better to use the darkness skill on a CC char  cuz it gives you the chance to reduce the attack speed of the mobs your fighting  with 8% that the mob loses 30% of the attack speed , while the ice skill reduces the mobility of the target if your lucky with 8% chance that the mob loses 30% of the mobility .  ynk could have done the effects of many skills in here WAY better , but sorry enough all they seem to care aboute is the damn pvp ,pk , venge  , that is  if you ask me  that has the LEAST value in the play of rohan .

Thu May 17 2012 10:57AM Report
sigge71 writes:

a question   what good does the skill blaze  do ?   many players say that they use blaze cuz it looks like that mob is on fire while you fight it,  thats pure bullshit    the mobs dont starts to burn when you hit it with your blaze it only looks lke it does.

Mon Jul 30 2012 7:35AM Report
antidoom5 writes:

ho can i play dragon knight please


Mon Jul 10 2017 1:41AM Report writes:
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