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WTB 1 Social Life , Must have at least +10 Social skills.

Author: habber

the comparison

Posted by habber Friday June 29 2007 at 2:33PM
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I was reading a great blog post about the 'uniqueness of the mmorpg community found here:

It got me thinking about my past mmo gaming xp, And i realized why WOW is so much diffrent than most massive multiplayer type games. MMO's are almost allways pay for play.  meaning that if your not shelling out the 19.99 a month or so to play then your not playing any kind of mmo. As a direct result of this I have found the "mmo gaming community" to be , well Older.. That is until I played wow.

World of warcraft is still the only mmo i have played where the majority of players are younger, some MUCH younger.I suppose World of warcraft is Allowance for alot of the younger folks among us, unless half the wow population have sidelines working at BK's and mickey D's to pay those monthly fees. but i doubt it.

Which is exactly why WOW has a diffrent in game attitude then most mmo's.

I used to play an mmo religiously before getting into wow. The mmo i used to play needed massive ammounts of patience and teamwork in order to even remotely succeed. I will get into this in a bit more detail for any out there who care:.

1) ww2ol (world war 2 online)

- ah my first love. This antiquated game is the meaning of intensity. It is alos the emaning of a SLOW gaming expeirience. the map is europe at half scale, axis vs allies type of thing. Getting ANYWHERE will take you a long time. most of those long trips end in you being splattered all over the side of a troop transport vehicle (that must be drivin by another human). so generally this is the way it goes.

1a) you spawn
1b) You find what mission others are working towards and decide to lend a hand (2 mins)
1c) you wait for the next wave to congregate and arrange transport etc.. (10-15 mins)
1d) You and your new best friends go to war in a transport vehicle/plane/boat (10-45mins)
1e) you battle for the city town and win or loose. (2 seconds to infinite hours)

I once spent 4 hours of real time hiding in a tree with a rifle as countless axis forces looked for me to no avail, I would hide for 10 minutes, move to a diffrent location take 1 shot, and repeat so as not to be discovered. when i finaly was dicovered and shot at close range by a sidearm, i was so frightened that my tongue went numb in my mouth and i shook for 20min afterward.

Can anyone out there picture a typical wow player doing anything even remotely similar to this in game? Nah, wow is the counterstrike of mmo's, Quick paced, dummy proof and require very little maturity.

This does not mean i dont like wow or the wow community, quite the opposite. But definetly something to think about.

Anyone else care to do a wow versus other mmo comparison? let me have it in the comments.

~habb writes:
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