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WTB 1 Social Life , Must have at least +10 Social skills.

Author: habber

The Basics Part:2

Posted by habber Tuesday June 26 2007 at 12:26PM
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I have a confession to make. In world of warcraft I play as a hunter… Is it me or did the hate levels just rise a little in here?

I have only played as one character, and that character is a hunter. When I initially chose my  character I had no idea how to play wow and didn’t realize the magnitude of the decision I was making. But I play only as a hunter and what’s more? I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I understand fully why most people hate hunters, I also understand that when a raid is formed we will always be the expendable class (its not necessary to bring a hunter). Here is my issue with the general attitude toward hunters.

     Hunter hate:

OK I’ll admit, We deserve our bad reputation. For the most part a lot of the hunters you encounter have solo’d his or her way to 60 or 70 and is not used to fighting in groups. Hunters CAN solo most quests with the help of our pets, so a lot of us go to high levels without being in too many groups. Then when that hunter does finally join a group he/she will not know how to play his class and may very well cause a wipe. Im not going to get into what makes a good hunter and what makes a terrible hunter, We all know that already. Lets just discuss a few key points that I believe makes hunters at least ‘worth while’ to have around.

     Hunter love:


Hunters! (We) are a support class. We can pull of course (if the hunter is worth his weight in goblin dung he can keep everyone safe while pulling). Or if you prefer that the tank pulls, fine. Ill just hang back and help with crowd control and keeping aggro off our healers. Don’t want my pet in the fray next to the tank? No probs, let me know and ill have him help protect the healers when things get too hairy.

As a hunter, I AM EXPENDABLE. I will not use feign death when standing next to a priest or mage, I will end up dieing in the end but you guys are a more important class and that’s what im here for… to risk my neck when things get rough. To save your skin, or to die trying.

Whatever happens, I will be the one who announces the ADDS and patrols, I will see them first on my minimap. I will take my share of damage and deal out more then my share of dps while doing so. I will use my traps and be mindful of where the mobs aggro is going if I’m forced to remove it from myself.

All in all, I do not regret choosing a hunter to be my one and only class. If nothing else then too enlighten a few people along the way in ‘the ways of the hunter’.

I also rolled Alliance initially, but that is a completely different story and a different rant.


Cant we all just get along!