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Camelot Unchained Revealed

Follow my journey in Camelot Unchained.

Author: gylnne

Foundational Principle #7 for your viewing pleasure.

Crafting should be fun, useful and not induce Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!


"CU’s crafting system is a bit of a “hash” as it incorporates some familiar elements as well as elements that are wholly original; it is the interplay of these elements, enmeshed in the all-consuming RvR environment of the game that will make it unique. Before moving on to the “nuts and bolts” of the system, let us focus on some of the core principles that I envision for the overall crafting system."

First, our crafting system will be the only reliable way to get armor, weapons and most items (some purely cosmetic and low-level items may be obtained through vendors) for your characters. There are no “rare drops” from NPCs and even with NPC guards and the like, we think the whole “Oh look, I just killed a nightingale and it dropped a full suite of purple armor” is so last decade.

Secondly, players of CU will be able to create a “crafting-class” character with separate crafting-based ability and skill leveling tracks. These leveling tracks will be similar to the RvR-leveling tracks in the time necessary to “level up” characters so that consequently, players will not simply be able to dump money from their main/alt/guild and quickly level up a crafting character (just as they could not do that with an RvR-focused character).

Thirdly, when you level up your crafting skills you will not have to create large amounts of any good, as each item takes time and effort to create. We also do not envision creating a system where the crafters will need the support of many other crafters to make most items. While we want our crafters to work with their fellow crafters at times (more on this later), crafters must be able to do their job without having to rely on a large number of other people to create an item as requiring too much cooperation would greatly reduce the flow of new items into the system.

Fourthly, CU does employ a system where items can decay and can break over time; the decay will be slow enough that players will have plenty of warning before items might break while simultaneously ensuring that players have to replace most items over time (thus increasing the need for crafters and their wares)."

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