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Camelot Unchained Revealed

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Author: gylnne

CU Kickstarter Update #40

Posted by gylnne Tuesday April 30 2013 at 5:53AM
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At midnight last night Mark posted update #40. Gah does he ever let his people go home?:) To be honest I have never seen such a dedicated group of people.



Sorry that today’s update isn’t as rich, gooey and filled with Camelot Unchained deliciousness as always but it was a rather busy PR/interview day here. That and of course my MacBook Pro decided it was time to take a walk on the wide side. Things are now back up and running but there were way too many hours of lost productivity for your truly. OTOH, lots of things did still get accomplished here and I want to share some of them with you.

First, I finished the first cut at the revamp/explanation of Founder’s Points and the Founder’s Exchange based on lots of feedback both internally and externally. I’ll put the first draft up tomorrow so we can get feedback and then have a final version ready to go on Weds.

Secondly, I’ve added the $100 FP tier, which will come with 155 FPs. I’ve also added a number of crafter items to the Founder’s Exchange all of which can be purchased with a Crafter’s Pack at a discount. This met my goals of giving the crafters more items (as backer requested) at a reduced rate from the proposed crafter tier. The tier was a good one but it would have meant that some of the higher tiers would have to be adjusted too. This way the dedicated crafters can buy these items and everybody is happy.

Thirdly, I added another “TWIN HOMES WITH A VIEW” pledge tier.

Finally, we also made continued improvements to the Unchained Engine and "Capture the Chalice" game, Michelle and Sandra worked on some new concepts and we installed the new introduction video.

Below are the links to all of today’s full and frolic.


P.S. I’ll leave you with something to smile about tonight/this morning. When we first started this project, the idea that a niche RvR-focused MMORPG would ask for $2M on Kickstarter was not taken all that seriously. It was “Way too much!” or “Not enough people will support this!” and when we didn’t have huge backer numbers some folks were all “Hah, this is going to fail so hard!” Yet three weeks later, we are at 83% of our goal with almost 60 hours to go. The reason we are there is not just because of City State Entertainment and my “idears” it is because our backers have proven to be the most dedicated, enthusiastic (total understatement FTW) and amazing backers ever. You guys and gals and been so generous to us with your praise, presents and kindness that words really do fail me. However, I can still find enough of them to simply say, “Goodnight and thank you all very much”.

Today's tasty linkage!

AMA with Mark here! If you haven't up-voted us yet, please do so. We are getting a lot of new backers from it and we need your help to keep it on the front page.

Michelle doing some more awesome drawing here!

Opening presents and answering questions live stream here! 

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Link to the new introduction for Camelot Unchained here! Please share!