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Camelot Unchained Revealed

Follow my journey in Camelot Unchained.

Author: gylnne

Camelot Unchained PVE and Lootdrops

Posted by gylnne Saturday April 13 2013 at 9:46AM
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Mark comments on PVE and Lootdrops


"There will be NPCs of course (as I’ve stated before) since towns need citizens, structures need guards, crafters need leather, etc. The world won’t be empty but NPCs will not be dropping tokens, items, etc. However, you will be able to scavenge/skin/etc. materials from them of course but again, not items, tokens, etc.

There is also a difference between PvE-NPCs (cows) and RvR-NPCs (guards, human or otherwise) but no item or token drops. I also promise that there will not be PvE expansions with new tiers of gear drops that become required to complete. This game is a RvR-focused MMORPG and will remain such. KS Update 11

The other thing because we're going for..I don't think you can describe it as anything else other than hardcore rvr you're gonna get people who really really really want to find other people to fight with. Or really really really want to do the things in rvr that, you know, is frankly why they bought the game.Video

you're not gonna have to worry about well, half the guys don't feel like coming out into the battle tonight. Anyone who is on that server that night is going to want to do something related to rvr. The other thing I haven't even talked about yet is how many people can be on a server.

the standard of the old school games such as Camelot was somewhere around 3000...4000..that could be playing at any one time on one server. Part of that limitation of course is all the other things that were happening on that server, right? All the npcs and everything that these servers have to deal with before they go belly up.Video

Not gonna have alot of npcs, we're gonna have some. You need guards of course and you need, you know, animals, and birds flying around but they don't soak up alot of bandwidth.or server capacity so we're gonna shoot for more people per server than we had in the past. Just to clarify, we're not talking about one server.Video

Folks, Let me clear this up since it's an easy one. There will not be PvE questing, PvE drops, PvE zones, PvE leveling. There will be NPCs whether they are guards, animals, etc.

What if we don’t want to RvR that day but still want to have fun in the game?” Well, that is where housing, crafting and other systems will come into play. As a RvR-focused game, players will need all sorts of items and the crafters will have to supply them. Whether it is arrows, armor, gold for the mint, etc., there’s always going to be somebody who needs something and that’s where crafting comes in. And if you don’t feel like crafting, well, the housing/buildings system are waiting for you.

And if that isn’t enough there will be RvR missions that you can undertake that won’t involve sacking a keep but could still involve some RvR (in an open world, not instanced, k thx bye) if you get unlucky. And if that is not enough, well, we will have some other things that you can do but we are an RvR-focused game and if you are not feeling it that night and nothing we have interests you, well, it’s time to take a break, just like any other game.

I cannot promise you that CU will meet all your needs for an MMO. It cannot be all things to all people but it can be a great RvR-focused game with your help, feedback, support and involvement. If on some nights it isn’t what you are looking for, well, that’s okay, your realm’s enemies will be still waiting for you when you get back. (Foundational Principle #2)

Our crafters will never have to worry about whether the gear that they make, the arrows that they fletch nor the ring that they forged in the fires of Mount Doom…, whoops, wrong game, sorry, being eclipsed by something that is dropped by a hummingbird, even if it is the “WORLD’S LARGEST HUMMINGBIRD THAT SHOOTS LASER BEAMS FROM ITS EYES.”

The best way to accomplish this is to ensure that there are no drops of powerful items from NPCs.(Foundational Principle #2)

CU does employ a system where items can decay and can break over time; the decay will be slow enough that players will have plenty of warning before items might break while simultaneously ensuring that players have to replace most items over time (thus increasing the need for crafters and their wares)." (Foundational Principle #7)

Source:  PVE and Lootdrops

Yatenkaiohu writes: I want pve, dragons, mobs, gold drops, exploring with dangerous creatues. Bring back the magic of camelot.. Wed Apr 24 2013 4:36AM Report
gylnne writes:

Hi Yatenkaiohu,

If this is want you want then you need to find another game, where they have millions of dollars and lots of programmers. Mark is building a niche rvr game.

Wed Apr 24 2013 7:07PM Report
Wolfmeister writes:

Mark does bring up a badass point that PVP'er hear all the time from the PVE crowd "we would have to make two games if we allowed your gameplay style!"

This effectively takes it to the other side, while curtailing the abusive UO pk'ganker type. Giving them something to do, make them follow the rules, and it gives them a use. In this instance their 'thing' that they do which would usually be griefing... wont come without a cost, or consequence, and also it will reward them if they do it well.


I look forward to becoming a part of this team:)

Thu Dec 04 2014 6:29AM Report writes:
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