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Camelot Unchained Revealed

Follow my journey in Camelot Unchained.

Author: gylnne

Marks Kickstarter Answers Condensed Version

Posted by gylnne Tuesday April 9 2013 at 12:36PM
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Hi all.

Had a chance to pull out of the chat log some of Marks more interesting statements. Not everyone but quite a few to give you food for thought.


 Lots of ideas. Big ideas are that there are going to be fewer but more useful buffs and that I don't want a character to have to buff up big-time before daring to go in combat.
Unfortunately, because the house is custom made for a realm, it has to be realm-locked. However, it is not server-locked.
All I can say now on the inn plots is that we will have a special section in town for the inns. People who purchase those inns will be able to choose from those lots on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you choose your slot, you will work with our team to trick out your inn with existing and a limited amount (for obvious reasons) of new textures.
Mounts are not a no but they aren't a priority because we will have a speed class. Even when/if we put them in, they will not move as fast as the speed class will but they will be very useful for carrying stuff around.
 Heck yeah there will be a death penalty otherwise we end up playing whack-a-mole all night.  
Yeap. Death will sting. You won't be looted (sorry, not that hard core) but you are not going to want to die.
No talk yet about PBAOE. As to CC, it will be significant but not in a crazy, I got CC you until your next birthday kind of way.
 My dream RPG is one where spell/counterspell is a very viable option. I don't know if we can pull it off but it is something that I have really wanted to do forever (ever since I saw a bad/fun old movie called The Raven (Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Jack Nickelson and Peter Lorre).
Yep. We can also really look at making the tanks more useful than in most games because their abilities can all be geared to RvR. They might benefit the most from the loss of PvE even though that might seem counter-intuitive.
Oh absolutely, I've read some comments (not here) where people have said that tanks have no place in a pure RvR game and I really don't understand their logic.
Cloth wearing characters should be at a major disadvantage up close and personal with tanks but I also think that we need to stay away from the glass cannon bit because that can really get out of hand if we are not careful.
In terms of standing versus moving for casters, I think we all agree that we don't want the mages to be able to jump around like bunny rabbits while casting major spells. We have games that already do it that way, why should we bother. OTOH, I think that clothies should have more to do than just cast spells (if they want) and should have some opportunity to survive if attacked 1 on 1. It's all about balance and choices.
 I like redirecting spells not crazy about forcibly changing a player's target. I also prefer stationary casting to full movement casting but I've got some other ideas for the magic system that could be interesting too.
I agree but pet classes need to take a back seat to performance. Plus, they are the biggest PITAs to code because of the pathing issues.
Bingo. But I do want to at least try to do something different. Our TDDs surprised most people and that's what I wanted them to do. I want our Arthurians to be badass too but we at CSE need to think a bit more out of the box for them. What our artists did was great but it was too safe. This is not the time to be safe.
 Both. Some of the lore is in my head but I prefer to start with what an initial vision/concept and slowly build from there getting feedback from the artists, talking to other people, etc.
I'm not even sure how it will come out. We toss out concept art all the time, it's why it takes so long. For every final drawing, it may take more than a week to get right. Arthurians are being difficult right now as I expected they would be.
The music team consists of one programmer who is also musically inclined and quite talented. My goal is to try to outdo Dark Age of Camelot's music. It won't be easy but....
Yeah. My personal preference is not to have hard interrupts but I think that a managed system of HIs makes for better gameplay overall.
As to pet classes, they are also low on my priority list (as much as I love playing them) because of FPS concerns. Too many pets = slower framerate and that is unacceptable to me. I'm not saying no pet classes but there are behind archers and stealthers in the classes I want to work on after the core 5.
CC is confirmed for the game. How much, what type, etc. is something we'll talk about in an update. As to resists, of course.
Yep. I get asked that a lot and my answer is always the same - that we have ever intention of making buff botting such as parking your buffer inside a wall, very hard to do.
I think insta-casts have been really overdone. I'm not saying there won't be any but the emphasis won't be on having a ton of insta/quick skills.
Right now, PC only. Might we port to Mac/Linux, I'm not sure. A lot depends on the engine we are working on. I expect it will be a stretch goal but I don't want anyone to pledge unless I'm 100% sure.
Thank you. I'm just a gaming guy and I don't do pompous well. I can be opinionated, obnoxious (though I do try to avoid it), blunt but pompous never. I leave that to other people in the industry. Sadly, many people (gamers, executives, VCs) seem to be drawn in by that nonsense instead of a straight-shooting NYer.
 Camo != stealth. I think it's a pretty safe bet that some sort of camo is going to be in for the archers. True stealth (the useful kind) is another matter. I do have a very cool concept but it's still in the earliest stages.
 There will be currency and there will be multiple ways to get it. More on this in an update.
No cross-realm chat in CU. I've seen the logs of what players say to each other, I can just imagine what they would say to the other side. No thanks.
 I would avoid IT unless you are a really dedicated guinea pig. My recommendation to people is to choose another tier and, once we get our forums up, talk, help, etc. and seek to get moved into IT. That's one reason I have so few IT pledge tiers and made them so unattractive compared to other tiers.
I do too actually but it has to be smartly implemented. That's why I like camo + archers who aren't simply mages with bows.
Zero interest in doing a themepark or just the same ole game again. I want/need to make something that will not get 1M subs but instead will be a game loved by its fans. I just hope it's more than 3. :)
 I agree with your thoughts on macros but no matter what I do, people can still macro. OTOH, if you make positionals, reactionaries and other abilities more important than "1 2 3" "1 2 3" "1 2 3 4", we might be able to cut down on their use.
Not a chance that there will be cross-realm communication. I refused to put it in Dark Age (and got yelled at big time on the forums) and it won't be in here.
 Please keep in mind that I consider crafters an integral part of the game and since they will be plabyable only as alts (for artisan), that will really limit the number of people who want to play crafters. The other thing to factor in is that unlike all MMOs I've played because there are no PvE equipment drops, the crafters will always have something to do. Additionally, because making item won't be a instant process, I think that the fears of new crafters coming in with nothing to do is quite unnecessary (unless new RvR players stop coming in as well). However, that all being said, we have to have crafters in this game, unlike almost all other MMOs, so I'll do whatever is necessary to make sure that they are viable as a full-time class.
Just a quick FYI to everyone. By nature, I am a solo player and not a grouper. Please keep that in mind at all times. CU most be designed to allow solo players to succeed as well as groups.
 I agree with you actually. We need to find a way to make stealthers, archers and maybe some other classes viable in an RvR environment if we are going to be really successful. However, I can't commit to them until I'm sure that the mechanic has a good chance of succeeding.
Materials for crafting will be found all over the world and NPCs like animals. Got to get leather, scale. etc. from somewhere. :)
Agreed. If we can't solo successfully, I can't play my own darn game!!!!! :)
Yes. You can take your house with you. Potions will be cross-server of course.
 I think a stealth class can be very good too but I do think, like archers, it is too easy to fall back on standard tropes. I think we have a much better idea. It's a bit looney but it's damn interesting and one that I would want to play.
Yep, we'll be detailing it in another update. That's one reason I've been telling people not to commit to add-ons till we go into more detail. That's also one of the great things about KS, nobody gets charged till the project funds.
FYI, I love archers, play them all the time. I just want to be sure that we can make them a lot of fun to play without them being OP before I commit to our backers that they will be in the game at launch. Trust me, I know just how important it is to have them but I want to take some chances with them during testing.
 As to the hybrid system, it's something I want to experiment with before we commit. I'm so bored of combat systems that end up being "1 2 3" "1 2 3" "1 2 3 4" that I could scream. We need to do better and that involves some experimentation and risk. That's what we are all signing up for and that's also why I've been so clear on getting so many people into our game early to help work out some new ideas/different approaches.
 Thanks. That will be well-received by our artists. They are working crazy hours right now with this Kickstarter and additional work we are doing on MoO. They are champs. As to having Andrew do his videos, I've never been shy to allow/encourage guys/gals from my studios to go on-camera, do interviews, etc. No matter how many good/bad ideas I have, I'll never be the guy who insists that I have to do all the interviews, get all the acclaim, etc. unlike with some other developers. Sometimes it works out well, sometimes, not so well but I'm happy to push my team to get in front of the camera. Thanks for the really kind words. As to how I'm sleeping, not much. 5 hours a night max right now. :)
As to me, I like being independent again and I really like the people I'm working with right now.
This is simply our interpretation of how "a" Viking female may look, nothing more. I'm sorry that you don't like it but that's going to happen with any game. Some people love the model, some don't. Same with the TDD and same as it was for Dark Age of Camelot, WoW, etc. when you use something based on existing IP (real or imagined). Again, I'm sorry you don't like how she looks but as per my other comments, she's just our first stab at it. :)
Two things to keep in mind: 1) This is a female model, the male model might look quite different. 2) You might consider why there are teeth, scale and feathers on the Viking. Keep what you kill and all that. :) Mark
We want to throw a lot of races out there for both our internal consumption and that of our backers. This is part of the joy (at least for me) of designing a game and not working with a license. I want to take chances and not just fall back on the easy conventions. That's why that first TDD was not a sparkly, pointed ear elf and our Viking female doesn't look like she just stepped off the set of a Hollywood movie about Vikings. It's all about iteration, fun and coming up with cool things. That's another one of the benefits of no PvE in CU. Instead of having the art team having to come up with hundreds of NPC models, they can spend their time iterating on fewer models.
 No worries. Like I said, I've said nice things about Uthgard and I wish them nothing but the best. :)
It's a pretty good start. As to running with actual models, well, Electra is a relatively low-poly model but there were 10K of her on the screen. :)
There are always trade-offs. We will happily trade a little bit of the pretty for a lot more of the "OMG, there are so many of them coming at me!" stuff.
Yep. Applies to anyone in the industry. If you can't learn from the things you did wrong and grow from them, you won't succeed in development.
It's a start. As I've said right from the beginning, it would have been so easy for us to cobble together a BS demo but that's not the way we wanted to go.
 As to buying FPs once the game is LIVE, no, because that would make this a cash shop game and I'm not doing that with CU. As to micro-trans/RMT/etc. there are no plans to add them into the game, especially the really obnoxious ones found in FTP/BTP games. Might we add some cosmetic items? That really depends on our players and what they want. My instinct is to say no. Thanks for your support, I hope you can convince your friends to join us.
If you are looking for a game with a slower level progression than most of today's Western MMORPGs, you have come to the right place, that's for sure.
The crafters best defense if they are about to be overwhelmed will be prayer and foot speed. Maybe in that order, maybe not.
 Well, I'm not going to comment on Minotaur relics for obvious reasons but there will certainly be interaction with the area. As to maps, there won't be a GPS, that's for sure.
That is absolutely correct. With this game's focus on RvR-only, I don't think we'll have to worry about players not wanting to player RvR but instead playing the PvE game. A lot of the problems you mention go away by having a RvR-only game, not a game which is trying to serve two masters.
Stealth/stealthers and I have had an interesting relationship. I suspect that will continue going forward. What I have said about stealthers is that there won't be a "hit key 1 to vanish, hit 2 to engage strong opener and hit 3 to vanish" gameplay. We have some interesting ideas here and we're looking forward to sharing them with our backers if we fund.
 If you define risk as losing items, no, it is not going to work that way. However, there are other ways to add risk to the equation without losing items.
All I can say is that no RvR-based MMORPG will ever have an equal population on each server unless the developer applied strict limitations on the game like "No new TDDs right now sorry!" and we are not going to do that. We will do what we can to ensure that all the realms are as balanced (population wise) as possible but at the end of the day, it is up to the players to self-select. We will "encourage" people to play the less popular realms and we will certainly put the design effort into making sure that the smaller realms get plenty of design love to figure out why they are less popular. We will also do things such as real-time bonuses to the under-populated realms to make them more attractive to play but like I said, it's up to the players.
We certainly don't want to have female characters that nobody wants to play but this won't be full of female characters wearing chain-mail bikinis or running around in their lingerie.
We will, of course, have to have some NPCs in the world otherwise it would feel empty, lifeless and barren and we can't have that. However, having NPCs and having NPCs that drop loot, exp, are another thing entirely.
Camelot Unchained may not be the "One MMO to rule them all!" but it won't be a dumbed down, "hold my hand please mommy and daddy, the world is scary" kind of game, not a chance.
Quality, not quantity nor speed are keys to CU's success.
with no PvE loot drops, crafter-based economy, etc. and slower level progression, I think CU will be more about the fun of the journey than simply completing it and just having a nice tee-shirt, :)
We are designing the game knowing that we want to keep the buffbots out, not bring them in. It may cost me some possible subs but that's one of the advantageous of being independent isn't it?