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Camelot Unchained Revealed

Follow my journey in Camelot Unchained.

Author: gylnne

Look What The Community Did in 3 Days!

Posted by gylnne Sunday February 8 2015 at 10:16AM
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I have noticed in life many ideas come and go but some seem to come back around ever so often. Of those that do the great ones reincorporate themselves into our daily routine. When my parents and grandparents were growing up they lived in tight knit communities. These communities were not neighbors with no names or faces they actually knew them at least on a casual level and said hi to them as they went about their day. 

Just out of high school while at my first job I was woke up one morning with the news my parents house was on fire. I rushed out to the small town they lived in to make sure they were okay. They were fine but most damage to the house and their possessions were either fire destroyed  or water damaged. In the town they live in all they had was a volunteer fire department which apparently, according to the county fire marshal, put a fire out that should not have been contained.

What happened after this is what I want you to hear. The whole community came together and helped my folks with anything they needed while they rebuilt their lives.  Competition was not an issue, loving and taking care of people was.

I have never felt the different MMO news sites I visit are in competition with one another. They should not be since every writer has a voice and brings to the table different opinions and talents. Which means the more voices a community has the more it can serve people.

3 days ago the folks over at created a kickstarter campaign to reboot their news site. 3 days later it reached it's goal because we have a wonderful community of people who believe in giving all writers a voice in the MMO world.

It is certainly nice to see this happen in a world gone mad with strife.:)

Check out MassiveOP's stretch goals as it is never to late to support what you like and are passionate about.


Is It Time To Throw Off The Shackles of Bondage and Be Free?

Posted by gylnne Saturday February 7 2015 at 8:16AM
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I have never consider myself much of a writer, not because I cannot learn to be, but at this point in my life I am kind of lazy.

That and the fact at this present time there are way more talented folks here at mmorpg and other gaming news sites that have kept me entertained and "in the know" concerning the latest gaming news for years.

But unfortunately in our world changed seems to be the biggest thing we deal with as games and gaming studios come and go with increasing frequency. And while this may happen in the industry you don't hear to much about the writers who cover these games losing their jobs, oh yes some move on to other sites and continue writing, but for the most part they just keep doing what they love to do.

Last week one of my go to sites for gaming news and articles ran into what I have always called "corporate greed." I call it corporate greed because from all indications the site was making money for the company but I guess that just was not good enough. Even after cutting the staffs payroll by 40% last year or so. And these people loving what they do just took it in stride and continued to publish quality content day after day.

Another reason I called it corporate greed is this site I doubt very much was ever visited by the bean counters who decided to shut it down. So money was the main reason they did so.

For most of us losing a job, especially one we love and something we are passionate about, is never easy. And most of us start pounding the streets looking for something we can at least tolerate to pay our bills. Hoping eventually to land something we can be passionate about again.

Yet the technology age has given us many more options than our parents or grandparents had. Even to the point of throwing off our enslavement to big business and letting the people who love our work fund our passion.

For some of you that don't know AOL shut down last week and the gaming industry lost another group of wonderful writers who for many years, like the writers here at MMORPG, have kept us up to date on our favorite games.

And instead of just throwing up their hands and giving up the massively team decided to utilize the technology we have today and become free of corporate overlords and put their fate into the hands of the fans.

This to me is historical, if I am using that word correctly, because we as consumers or fans of anything can have a part now in determining what we get in return. But thinking about it a bit more this is really not new because as a society we use to live this way before large corporations took over.

Maybe it is time for us to return to this way of thinking, living and caring about other people? I believe so.:)

For any of you that have been entertained, amused or informed about this ever expanding MMO universe here is the new Massively's  Kickstarter campaign. Come on over and join us creating a MMO news site free from corporate chains.