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Digital Thulhu

My digital life across the realms.

Author: guuthulhu

CABAL Online - my first impressions

Posted by guuthulhu Thursday October 23 2008 at 5:56PM
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I had been interested in this game since long before a North American Client. Being a huge fan of RF Online, certain aspects of this game seemed similar. Finally, I downloaded and installed the NA Client and started to play...

I've played 'till level 4 so far and the gameplay is a bit clunky, particularly movement. I get so frustrated trying to move my character around. I also have problems dealing with movement after combat in that I don't move. I have to click the mouse buttons in this random manner before my character will begin moving as normally. Using the keyboard also doesn't work well. Picking up items is also super fun time. Most of the time I'll be watching my character run back and forth over the object until I make her stop. I've found I have to stand directly over the object and use the pick-up skill I put in my hotbar. Frustrating.

*sigh* Aside from that, I like everything else so far. I like the environments, the music is very catchy, the sound effects. I play on the highest settings and everything looks pretty nice. I expected just a tiny bit more polishing, but it's all right. It still looks great.  I just really hate the bugs. I'm hoping they fix that soon. 

gan3f writes:

don't bet on them fixing anything.. from beta to my lvl 123 nothing was really fixed

Thu Oct 23 2008 6:17PM Report
Razephon writes:

I quit the game at lvl 30. The grind was painful.

At least there are plenty of quests though. Sadly many quests are repetitions of previous ones, just different wording.

I was particularly drawn to it due to the animations. However the excessive grinding and  the long time you spend in certain areas is too much.

Thu Oct 23 2008 6:43PM Report
pileopoop writes:

This game has the best music i've ever heard in an mmo.

Thu Oct 23 2008 8:49PM Report
mattic65 writes:

Yeah the music rocks. Unfortunately that's not enough to hold this game afloat.

Fri Oct 24 2008 6:32AM Report
guuthulhu writes:

*sigh*  how disappointing. you'd think the devs would make some sort of effort to fix their game. ah well. i'm going to keep at it until i get bored or can't stand it.

Fri Oct 24 2008 3:43PM Report
gan3f writes:

make sure you grind your skills rather then your lvl. skill lvl means alot more then your lvl

Sat Oct 25 2008 2:01AM Report writes:
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