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Wild Terra

Wild Terra Online - developers blog Project website:

Author: guniball

Coming soon in the Wild Terra: Reworking of the combat system. Skills, abilities and effects

Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

Reworking of the combat system. Abilities

Work is underway to updating the combat system. Some changes have already introduced in the game, the rest of changes will be added piece by piece in the upcoming updates.

You can move using WASD keys or by clicking on the ground. When you click on the target, you will attack it, or begin move toward it (when a shortage of distance to hit). Right-click is used to hit/shot without movement. The battle will be held on the non-target system.

The battle consists of a simple hits and abilities (much more powerful and requires more stamina). By the mechanics of usage, abilities will vary by:

  • used immediately
  • several uses in a row
  • accumulation to enhance the effect
  • passive abilities

After use, will start the cooldown of ability.


Is planned to introduce a several possible effects on the character:

  • disarming
  • pushing from itself and to themselves
  • knockdown
  • stunning
  • slowing, dash, speed-up
  • prohibitions on the negative effects
  • permanent aura (example: Shield defense of several people), one-time used (example: Inspiration), totems (example: Raising the flag).

Progression of combat skills

Experience for offensive skills will be calculated when damaging an living creatures. At that, each enemy has a combat level:
ferret, crow - 1. grouse - 3. hare - 5. fox - 10. deer - 15. boar - 20. wolf - 30. bear - 45.
player - 10 (to be able raise the level up to 15, fighting with each other)

In order not to miss the details of combat abilities and other news, join our Steam community.