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Wild Terra

Wild Terra Online - developers blog Project website:

Author: guniball

Answers to questions about the in-game store and the model of distribution for the game

Posted by guniball Friday April 28 2017 at 2:11AM
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Why do I need to pay for the Wild Terra?

At the time of this articles publication, Wild Terra is in Early Access and is distributed as a buy to play game. We chose the buy to play model for server reasons.

  1. Players willing to buy a game during the early access stages, generally do so with a desire to watch a game develop and be part of that process. They also do so with a general understanding that development is challenging and there will be bugs, problems and changes. A burden they are willing to accept as the games concept and end goals are truly appealing to them. These are the type of players we are excited to have involved. As this enables us to gather feedback, concepts and suggestions from a player base who are excited by precisely the same sort of game we are. Without this vital input the development of the game would be nearly impossible.
    Secondly, a lot of development time in alpha is put into refining and improving existing mechanics without players using these mechanics, reporting bugs and offering feedback; the time required would be exponentially longer.

  2. If we had made Wild Terra free to play, would have been nearly incapable of developing it further. Simply put it would have become an impossible burden on a small team of developers.
    All our resources would have been poured into servers, technical support and ensuring a stable network. In turn adding to and improving the project would have become secondary.

Our main source of income for our project is the sale of early access to the game. This stream of income allows us to continue active development. In this way we are able to constantly and frequently release major updates and continue a steady progression to our major release. As such we are avoiding the risk of being stuck in the cycle of eternal early access.

Why does Wild Terra have the in-game purchases? I've already paid for the game

The main purpose of the in-game store is to offer players the ability to provide additional support to our development efforts. The store offers in game bonuses that do not break the general balance of the game. A form of thank you for donating that does not give anyone an unfair advantage, simply perks.
We do not have sponsors or publishers; all the proceeds from the shop go toward the development of our project. This includes the game servers and hosting of the websites and forums. By using the shop you are supporting the various services that keep Wild Terra operational and help us attract new players.

But is it pay to win?

Simply put NO. Its very important to us that nothing in the online shop disrupts the in game balance. Spending money cannot generate major tangible advantages in the game to players. Most importantly any thing available in the store is available and achievable by playing the game. Except for decorations, costumes and titles, which are purely cosmetic in nature.

The financial support we receive is very important to the project. We plan to continue adding new items and opportunities to the game store. At this stage it’s a major contributor to the cost of development. All new items will adhere to the above-mentioned principles and not break the game balance.

Premium bonus.

At the time of this articles publication, the premium bonus provides one advantage: The acceleration of actions such as collection, crafting and construction. How can this not disturb the games balance? The process of searching for resources and moving around the maps takes far, far longer than the process of collecting a resource. You can search for five minutes for an iron deposit, by which point the acceleration of mining for two seconds will not give you a realistic advantage over other players. The same holds true for crafts and construction. The process of preparing and extracting materials for construction of a wall will take many times longer than erecting the structure. So this bonus makes the game easier but does not deeply impact the balance at any serious level. With our latest update scrolls of premium bonus can even be attained through in game means.
A lot of MMO games have stimpacks or XP boosters or mechanics that make the game easier. However as long as payment does not allow a player to achieve something another player cannot, we are not practicing play to win. Most vitally we are not even offering any real bonuses, simply shortening the grinding aspect of resource gathering and crafting.

Sale of crafts and building recipes.

At the start of the game the first time players is greeted with a large list of buildings and items available to build and craft. This list grows with the players level and is designed in such a way that the player can from the get go, create everything needed for survival and development.

Through game play, players will discover new recipes and drawings, this mechanic was setup to allow a natural and rewarding player progression. The godsends with recipes do not require skills to discover and are unlimited. The player simply needs to travel through the map investing time to discover them.

The system is setup in such a way that the higher tier recipes require more time to search for them. Recipes for buildings and crafts can also be purchased in the store. This adds convenience but does not supply any advantage that cannot be attained through game play. A new player could in fact buy all the recipes but they would still lack the skills required to build and craft the recipes they now own.

It allows players to advance without leaving their home but does not supply a paying player with anything that cannot be achieved by simply playing the game. The scrolls are freely available in game through exploration and killing monsters.

Scrolls of warp

Scrolls of warp give a slight increase to the quality of an item and are not a mandatory requirement. They also risk damaging the item or lowering its quality. In addition to the store scrolls can be obtained as a reward for finding treasure and killing monsters. Skilled artisans are able to produce things of the highest quality without the use of scrolls.


Elixirs increase the battle focus and the craftsman insight. It can be obtained in the same ways as the deformation scrolls. The number of available elixirs is strictly controlled by a recovery period between uses. Only time in game is taken into account. Effects of battle focus and craftsmans insight can be obtained completely free through game play daily in several times the volume of one elixir. So once again we are offering a convenience from the store, nothing that players cannot organically achieve through game play.


At the time of publication store mounts are identical to any tame animal. They are stored in the same way and abide by the same rules and mechanics. Aside from the fact they can be restored after death. Future updates will see us adding the ability for all animals to follow their master. As well as imposing a time restriction on summoning a purchased animal after death, so that instantly re-summoning a store mount is not possible.
In this way there will be a balance between the two types of animals. Aside from the time in finding a new animal the store bought and tamed animals will as such be balance wise identical.

Cloaks and titles

These are purely cosmetic items and have no bearing on the mechanics or balance of the game.

Gold Bars

Converting gold from your account into gold bars allows one to exchange them with other players. When a gold bar is activated, gold will be credited to the account of the owner. In this way we are offering all players access to the any of the items in the store.

In this way everyone has access to the small benefits the store offers.

We hope that we have adequately explained, the current state of affairs, our motivations and what the benefits of the store mean to you and the games balance.

Coming soon in the Wild Terra: Corrupted Lands and New Inhabitans

Posted by guniball Tuesday February 7 2017 at 6:38AM
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alt text
Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

Soon, a new type of zone will appear in the Wild Terra - Corrupted Lands. It would appear on the already existing sparsely populated regions. In these areas will be impossible to construct anything. Corrupted Lands would be surrounded by rocks, ancient walls and cracks in the ground. On these territories you can pass only through several passages. In the center of such a zone would be located a huge colored crystal, from which, players will be able to obtain new resources. There is also will live a new monsters...

In addition to the already added into the game Barghest and Corrupted Rats, these lands will populate by new primitive race Wodwose - it's cultists and creators of bloody rituals, they have previously were humans, but because of their vices, Wodwoses have been cursed. This creatures with large clawed paws, they know how to handle with simple tools and weapons. Wodwose wear masks, rags from the hides and hats made from the heads of dead animals.

2_1486154308388_crystall_3.png 1_1486154308388_crystall_1.png 

0_1486290858785_barghest_3d.png 0_1486290866072_barghest_wire.png

0_1486291726873_corrupted_rat_3d.png 0_1486291735896_corrupted_rat_wire.png

0_1486290964704_wodwose_alchemist.png 0_1486290981786_wodwose_archer.png


Coming soon in the Wild Terra: treasure hunting, new monsters, combat arena, sieges

Posted by guniball Saturday January 14 2017 at 3:16AM
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Coming soon in the Wild Terra: treasure hunting, new monsters, combat arena, sieges


Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

Over the coming months we plan to implement a lot of new features and rework some of the existing ones. This is only part of our plans:

  • Daily quests. Find the treasure.
    Every day, all players will be able to complete the quest Find the treasure. For each player it will be buried individual chest. You will see the arrow pointing in the direction to the treasure. Once the chest will be excavated with a shovel, the player will fight for the reward.

  • New monsters. Folkloric creatures and special locations.
    In the world of Wild Terra will settle folklore monsters (the Grim, huge rats and others.), which will appear in special places. Defeating the new inhabitants will not be easy.

  • New server. Battle arena.
    The new format of the game for PvP fans. Quick battles and nothing more. Participants of the arena immediately receive equipment and go into battle!

  • Changing the mechanics of sieges.
    On each server will be the Siege time - in advance a definite time when will be held the siege. The mechanics of sieges and using of siege weapons will also be changed.

Stay tuned for news and updates!

Purchase access to the game on our website or Steam

Coming soon in the Wild Terra: Reworking of the combat system. Skills, abilities and effects

Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

Reworking of the combat system. Abilities

Work is underway to updating the combat system. Some changes have already introduced in the game, the rest of changes will be added piece by piece in the upcoming updates.

You can move using WASD keys or by clicking on the ground. When you click on the target, you will attack it, or begin move toward it (when a shortage of distance to hit). Right-click is used to hit/shot without movement. The battle will be held on the non-target system.

The battle consists of a simple hits and abilities (much more powerful and requires more stamina). By the mechanics of usage, abilities will vary by:

  • used immediately
  • several uses in a row
  • accumulation to enhance the effect
  • passive abilities

After use, will start the cooldown of ability.


Is planned to introduce a several possible effects on the character:

  • disarming
  • pushing from itself and to themselves
  • knockdown
  • stunning
  • slowing, dash, speed-up
  • prohibitions on the negative effects
  • permanent aura (example: Shield defense of several people), one-time used (example: Inspiration), totems (example: Raising the flag).

Progression of combat skills

Experience for offensive skills will be calculated when damaging an living creatures. At that, each enemy has a combat level:
ferret, crow - 1. grouse - 3. hare - 5. fox - 10. deer - 15. boar - 20. wolf - 30. bear - 45.
player - 10 (to be able raise the level up to 15, fighting with each other)

In order not to miss the details of combat abilities and other news, join our Steam community.


New Server - New Features

Posted by guniball Saturday February 27 2016 at 5:33AM
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It’s not a secret that currently we’re focusing on the server development for Wild Terra, which will add new interesting features to the gameplay for players and new opportunities for us as developers. So, what’s coming up?

Unique world
First, the biggest change is a breakaway from our standard map. Each server will have it’s unique landscapes and points of interest generated randomly. It will allow everyone to find a corner for oneself and arrange it as he/she wants. Rivers, roads, and mines will appear in the game. Mines will be rich with rare resources, and their addition will lead to fights for control over them.

Thereby the world will cease to be static — resource generation rate and size of the map will depend on a number of players on the server. It will allow to solve problems connected with the resource lack after big advertising campaigns. Eventually Wild Terra will be able to enter Steam and increase it’s player base. After all, we’re making an MMO!

Map size increase and lag problem solution
Optimization defects were caused by the wrong architecture of the actual servers, inability to scale the size of the playable world and increase the servers’ capacity. Using the new approach, we’ll manage to improve optimization. In addition, event calculation algorithm has been changed — only active regions, where something happens at the present time, are processed.

Compare the maximum size of the actual game world and the future one with 1000 players on it. This number of players has been taken just as an example and it’s not the limit.

Safe zones and constant war regions
Special type of territories will appear in the game, where no one can attack others and destroy buildings. It’ll be helpful to players who has no time to “live” in the game 24/7 defending their property.

In contrast to the peaceful territories, there will be regions for PvP-oriented players with a constant war going for valuable resources and control over the habitats of rare animals.

Project development with the new server
From the perspective of the developer, the server change solves several issues connected with:

  • player quantity increase within one server;
  • as a result, reduction of the number of servers and our expenses on the hardware;
  • attraction of players of similar types to same places in the game world: safe zones for casual players and constant war regions for hardcore and PvP-oriented ones.

At last, the new server will bring us closer to adding long-promised new features:

  • personal and public caves — dungeons;
  • mines and fights for resources;
  • clans, clans’ castles, and clan territories;
  • mounts and much more features, which are still too early to announce...

Tests of the new server will begin in February-March 2016.

Interface evolution in Wild Terra

Posted by guniball Sunday February 21 2016 at 8:46AM
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Interface’s purpose

Graphical user interface (GUI) is a type of interface that allows players to interact with a game. It should be handy and practical, but, at the same time, stylish and good-looking. How usable an interface is determines friendliness of the game to new players and mass audience. And when it looks nice it becomes hard to cease playing.

Beginning stage of development. First interface

After all basic functions of the game were fully prepared, we started to think about the design and style creation for the interface. For this task we hired a freelancer, who had examples of his work suitable for Wild Terra. A budget of the project wasn’t big and we made a deal for a moderate cost, but with a 50% prepayment. Soon enough we got first versions of the interface and determined the visual style, but after this the freelance suddenly disappeared. The rest of the work was finished by Mikhail — our art-director.


At that stage of development our budget wasn’t enough to order a set of icons, so we decided to use renders of 3D-models as item icons. As action icon we used our own sketches.

Necessity of the current interface update

The project continued to evolve, but the interface remained unchanged. We didn’t like the old icons, and they even started to irritate our eyes. We added new features and widened in-game functions, and along with this, the current interface had to be constantly updated. It wasn’t very handy as well. This continued for about a year, before we decided to change the interface — reconsider visual, technical and practical parts of the interface to create a perfect version. We also kept in mind that in the future we’ll need to add: new windows and new functions to the existing ones.

Work on the new interface and icons

A talented artist Linara joined our team, her main purpose was to rework icons and design new interface — elaborate a unique GUI for Wild Terra. The item images were renewed step by step: each update a new portion of redrawn icons appeared in the game.


When all 3D-model renders were replaced with pictures, we started to redesign interface. We tried several versions with different element placement and scale before choosing the one that suited us most of all. After that, Linara got down to work on windows, buttons, and other elements of UI design.

Here are some examples of how the windows changed:


Oncoming development of the game and interface

Completely reworked interface in Wild Terra well speed up and simplify adding new features and improving the existing ones:

  • active abilities;
  • system of character skill perfection;
  • craft and construction chains refreshing and adding new schemes/recipes;

Development and implementation of these features will take time, but, right now, we hope you’ll like new interface and possibilities of the game!


Importance of planning graphics capabilities. From sprites to 3D on the example of Wild Terra

Posted by guniball Tuesday February 2 2016 at 12:01PM
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Why initially we chose sprites
In our previous project we used similar technologies of character animation. Considering that we had experience in it and ready for use sprite examples, provided by the cross-platform engine, we decided to use the same method of animation, because it is more convenient and comprehensible approach.

Project development and encountered difficulties
The development kept going: new animals and character actions were being added to the game. At that point we started to realise that difficulties increase exponentially because of the sprite animation.

At the present time, all animations of the player’s character (of a mediocre quality and without full equipment), even being compressed, weighs about 30Mb. And this number is even more when you actually play the game. This led to problems with the game’s optimization and called into question our decision about sprites as the most suitable method.

3D instead of sprites
Currently a 3D-model of a character with smooth animations and all textures weighs only 800kb. In comparison with sprites, models use a lot less memory for animations ( just numerical information about characters’ bones movement is needed). Such approach allows to make smooth character’s movements and create diverse animations without extra resource expenses.


However, here we have faced some problems too. For instance, to create shadows using our engine wasn’t so easy, but after some time working on shaders we have solved the problem. Also, we puzzled our brains over export of models and animations to our engine. Overcoming the difficulties fully met the expectations — stable FPS and smooth animations became our reward for the work.

Perspectives for Wild Terra and players
After the end of the transition to 3D, that, by the way, will require some time and will be done step-by-step, new possibilities will appear:

  • Gender selection;


The screenshot is a draft of what you’ll see in the game, it was made especially for the dev. blog. The final version of the gender selection window will be different.

  • Character customisation: hair and skin color, haircuts and so on;

  • Size of animals, animal maturation (wolf pups and adult wolves, for instance);

  • Possibility to mount any large animal;


  • Additional number of animations and their smoothness;

  • New equipment will be implemented much faster;
    Armor equipment was made through placing an armor layer over the body part layer (there are 10 of them right now!), but now we’ll just change the body part on the same one with the needed armor equipped or add armor’s/objects’ model additionally.

First step to the 3D transition is done. When we start our tests of the new server (inner testing has already begun, the public one will be opened in February) you’ll be able to see all new models in action and a character selection too!