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Just a little dream...

This is my personal search of my Ideal MMO. Some may think, I am silly, or make no sense, but this is my adventure, and my perspective, not anyone elses.

Author: grneyedvixen

The Beginning

Posted by grneyedvixen Wednesday April 21 2010 at 9:54PM
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How my story began…
Back in 2003, I was enjoying my “normal life” being an average 20 year old, lot of friends and pretty big dreams.
Well Christmas 2002, my older brother got a Video Game. Now at this time, I liked video games. I played them on the PlayStation, PC and a few other consoles. I have played a few Fighting Games, Racing games (Which I really sucked at) kiddy type games, and was really into SIMs, but mostly liked Final Fantasy games. But I did enjoy them. However, my brother got this game, it was a Star Wars game, didn’t think anything of it, he was super excited I thought “Ok just another reason my brother is more of a SW Fr-Geek” I had no idea what kind of game this was. Sure I have seen him play Ultima Online, but never paid attention.
So one night, I am sitting at my computer, while my brother is sitting at his. I am chatting with some friends on Instant Messenger, while he is playing his “Stupid” Star Wars game. I start to pick on him, teasing him (only because he has picked on me my whole life) just a way for me to get back at him. Then he tells me “Why don’t you log on my game and make your own character?” I thought “Yeah right, it won’t be anything I would enjoy.”
So after a bit of persuading, he gets me on his computer, and he logs me on and selects a server. He then gets me to the Character creation screen. From that very second, I was hooked, doomed, cursed with the love of MMORPG.
My first reaction to creating my character was “Oh My God, This is just like the SIMs, but I have more details I can change!” Brother never played the SIMs, so he was “Ok yeah, whatever.” So I go to town on my character, I am having so much fun, I think I spend at least an hour creating her. I selected her name…. Tenna Diho, selected surveyor and was planted into the world of STAR WARS GALAXIES Online…..
Still at that very moment, I had NO IDEA what MMORPG was, or what Online meant. I thought it was just a game where you played solo (like most games on a PC or Console) but had a chat room to chat to other players. I was probably the biggest NOOB there ever was to a MMORPG.
So I am running around, have my survival knife, a surveyor without a single clue of what to do. My brother gives me some direction, tells me to get missions from a “Mission Terminal” and helps me with the basics of the game. He still at this point knows I have no clue what this game is about. He then tells me how to use waypoints (At this point, I am thinking the game is dumb, there is nothing around) so he gives me a waypoint to go to, and tells me to go there.
As I am running across grasslands, up and over hills and valleys, swimming in oceans, I am close to my end point, about to give up, I go a little further. I make it, I see a huge city. I see other characters running around on speeders, battles you name it, it was happening. Still at this point, I have no idea that these characters running around are actual other people playing, just like me. So I run into the chaos of it all. Thinking oh this is pretty cool, maybe it isn’t so open and boring. My chat box is going crazy, people talking, and selling things. Then someone whispers me. I tell my brother “Someone is talking to me what do I do?” He said “answer them, they are standing in front of you.” I am lost; he then explains what this game really is.
I am so blown away, and excited; I can play a VIDEO game with people from all over the World, chat with them and have so much fun. Yes I know, stupid things really get me excited, so from that moment on, I was hooked. I think my first time playing SWG, I played for about 6 hours, until the wee hours of the morning.
I was soon playing every day. Even after a week, still very new I stood out like a sore thumb. This is so true that my noobness got me to meet one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I was running in the middle of Corillia, from a recent purchase I had just made on the bizarre, of an Ugly green dress and my survival knife in hand. Not many people have talked to me yet. I think they were scare of the million questions they knew I would ask just by looking at me.
While running back out to kill some more monsters, I got a tell “Are you new to the game?” Her name was Trega. I tell her yes, that I have only been playing for about a week, and how I just learned was MMORPGs really are and I am very lost. From that moment, she took me under her wing. The only reason she had found me was her friend Jer (Real life best friend, and in game business partner) saw this poor little red head, running through the city in this ugly green dress and a survival knife.
She offered me some clothes, asking my favorite color,  and told me how to get to her shop. I finally make it, and she starts to talk to me, answering my questions and being an amazing friend from the beginning. The rest will be in another blog. More of my stories of my First MMORPG, and each one I have played and tried.
Noob Moment: I was given my first speeder bike in SWG, My first question was “Do I have to put gas in it?” (This really only a SWGer would find funny I think, I still laugh at myself for this one)