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The Perfect RPG

Quite simply, we all know what we want. This blog focuses on the things I've found I want in an MMORPG.

Author: gomiller43

Forsaken Homeland: A UNIQUE Storyline

Posted by gomiller43 Sunday May 13 2012 at 4:43PM
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that one RPG. But unfortunately, we live in a world where the opinions of other people actually count for something (so I've heard). If we're lucky though, we might share a few of our interests with those people. I like to call those ones my friends.

But not all of them like RPG's. I play D&D with a small group every now and again, but DMing just isn't as fun and liberating as a video game with thousands of Intense Asian Tryhards, Raging Adolescents, extremely friendly latinos that you plainly can't understand and kind of feel bad for blowing off, and the occasional douchebag who likes to roleplay. (That'd be me :D). 

So what I'd like to point out in my first blog is this: What the frock is up with these redundant storylines centered on the invasion of evil monsters? (World of Warcraft, Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, RIFT, etc). Come up with something new, pretty please?

I'll admit Rift made it interesting though. I mean, the whole world going apocalyptic and everyone getting ganked and ressurected by angels really gave the story some personality for me. >In b4 the Rift players tell me how much my description sucked<.

So I dreamt up my own little storyline, just to put something else out there. How about living happily in a world that's all fine and dandy, but, of course, the mages gotta ruin everything. (That one's a pattern too, but you know what, the moral of the story is always that power can be abused, and that's what mages do, okay?)

One day an Alchemist is hanging out, and he makes an amazing discovery: The Origin of Existance. The world was created through a chaos tearing through the fabric of empty space to another sleeping realm from which magic comes. This tear is known as the Meridian; the canter of the universe.

He figures out how to go there to, by trying to pull enough magic through space (instead of through the meridian, where magical energy leaks from the other universe and drifts outward) and tear a second meridian  through the realm. Then, it's just as easy as walking through the hole. They did as they planned to, only without the anticipation that after the expedition team went through, the fabric of space popped like a balloon, destroying the area around the Second Meridian, about an entire world's worth.

So everyone in the old world is dead. Now the only hope for them is to colonize the new world they live in. Only they can't, because the creatures of magic that live within the new world find them to be rather ignorant enough to overwhelm and control, and their potential power gives them a reason to do so.

Humans are now living in a world of demons, always trying to take their souls! But they have a plan. If they escape to the first meridian, they can go back to their own dimension, but in a place untouched by their mistake. The first place of life that surrounds the meridian. Maybe we can call it Eden?

One problem?

The only

way out

is through.