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Author: gom276

The Ultimate Crafting System.

Posted by gom276 Sunday April 13 2008 at 10:14AM
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OK, so I have this great idea for a crafting system and since I am in no way able to get this idea created myself i figure put it out into the public domain and hope to see it implemented somewhere.  As long as they give me at least an inspired by credit.  :0 )  Or heck I just want to play it.

Anyways I have played many many games over the years and tried and mastered many crafting systems.  As a gamer who prefers action to sitting in a room crafting all day.  I came up with a revolutionary new idea for crafting.  Instead of a system where a person has to choose a particular crafting profession.  My system would allow anyone to create any item in the game.  This would free people up from having to get saddled into one profession and missing out on creating the items they want.

The system would be interactive and interesting.  And here is how it breaks down.



Recipes are received as drops from MOB's or received as rewards from NPC's for quests.

Each recipe has a level and essence requirements. (Which I will explain later.)

Recipe's will also have solo, group or raid requirements. (Also explain later.)


Crafting mechanism (crafting station.)

To craft you must rent a crafting room from the local magistrate or crafting guild.

The crafting room is a dimensional gateway and based on the scroll you received the room changes for the scroll ceremony type. (solo, group or raid.)

It can be huge or tiny based on the scroll and will be different each time no matter what. (no two crafting session will be the same.  even if your making the same item.)


Crafting. (this is the best part.)

To begin crafting you take the scroll into the room and read the scroll which opens a doorway to another dimension.  And the scroll then begins to pull demons through the portal which you then have to kill.  Each type and mob that is killed gives its essence to the scroll until the requirements are met. 

The type of MOB's that come out are random and they flow of MOB's will continue until the required essence are gathered at which time the scroll will close the portal.

Based on the scroll type, solo, group or raid will determine the level of difficulty in creating the item.  The more powerful the item the more friends you will need to help you craft it.  The less powerful it is the easier it will be to craft.  And items at epic level will require whole raids to create.

Once the MOB's have been defeated and the essence gathered the scroll then transmute the power into the item using the creatures essence to create it.  And viola new item.


For non-combat crafters,

we could do a timed event requiring them to click on stones in sequence or arranging artifacts or items in a certain place requiring logic and reasoning skills, the faster they can complete them the possibility for the items to get a bonus.  If they don't complete in time then they MOB's start coming through the portal.

  • For solo scrolls it can be done by one person.
  • For group scrolls the event will require a group to complete the event.  (you stand on this switch and you here and so on and so forth.)
  • There would be no option for this for epic items.


This system takes crafting out of the boring grind in a basement and bring it out into the world requiring friends to help create that new chest piece or new weapon.  And allows solo player to create their own goods.  But this system will make crafting feel more inclusive in the game world. 

Some of the best raids I was on was the first time you were going into some dungeon to craft something.  With this system you would have no idea what was gonna come out at you as a raid... so its not some scripted event you can memorize and repeat over and over.   Or that would get boring.  It could also be a money maker for guilds who could charge services to people to help them craft their epic scroll drop.  Or they could sell them to guilds to raid.

This would make raiding more interesting as well.  While raiding some mob a scroll drops and the guild gets a brand new random raid to do again.

Now I have pondered the idea of the potential for the MOB's you kill while crafting to drop goods as well I mean they are mobs and it is possible while crafting one scroll another one drops.  Or enough trash loot drops to cover the rental fee's for the room.  Or you come out with nothing but the item you went in to create.  But at least that would make it interesting.

The flip side to this is.  If you are killed while trying to create the item you fail at crafting it and the scroll is destroyed to prevent the portal from staying open.  So you lose the scroll the item and the room fee's.  So you best be prepared.

The other side of this is you could also potentially have a rare mob come out and if your successful in killing him you item is upgraded due to the unique essence of the MOB.

I think this crafting system would be the most fun and interesting I have ever seen.  My hope in posting this is that some day I get to play this idea.  So feedback is welcome think of this as open source so feel free to add to it and tweak it to meet your needs.