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Different Blogs for Different Games!!

Hi everyone!! My blogs are going to be composed of "Different Blogs for Different Games" i hope you like it.

Author: gobilamoka

Guide Crafting: Cooking

Posted by gobilamoka Monday November 1 2010 at 5:55AM
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Originally written by and produced by MTC and her leaders. Moved to these forums by demand and complaints of signing up for the MTC forums to view them:



Cooking has always been on of my favourite crafting skills in UWO. On my old server i made hundreds of millions selling items such as Seafood Pizza and Garlic Chicken and the best thing about cooking is that there will always be a demand, regardless of where the server is at. Each guild requires a good cook or two, and if you are interested in pursuing this path here is a simple guide.

Recommended birth place

Portuguese and Dutch players will have the easiest times starting out as chefs due to fact that their ports nearby stock up on all the items required for cooking, and being Portuguese or Dutch would allow them to buy extra ingredients at lower price.

With the introduction of the animal trader job, the food merchant is very much made redundant. The animal trader favours all the essential skills required for cooking, so when you are ready, change your job into an Animal Trader

Portuguese Cook

-Required Recipe Books
Easy Recipes (Palma, Bordeaux, Quest Reward --- the city's first Epicurean) 5000D
Livestock secrets - chapter of Pig (Porto) 8000D
Introduction to meat [optional] (Genoa) 10000D
Eastern Mediterranean Dishes (Fagumasta, Venice reward after 1,000,000D in investment)
Livestock secrets - chapter of Sheep [optional] (Amsterdam) 8000D

-Required skills
Accounting (all major merchant jobs)
Food trading (food merchant, animal trader)
Livestock trading (food merchant, animal trader)
Cooking (food merchant, animal trader)
Seasoning trading [optional] (medicine trader)

Level 1 - 3 (Wheat >>> Flour)
Buy Wheat from Porto or Seville (you can buy more wheat from Porto if you are Portuguese, if you are Spanish you can go to Seville, you can buy it from other players). Use the Easy Recipe book to mill the Wheat into Flour and then sell at the market

Level 3 (Pig >>> Pork)
Purchase the Livestock secrets - chapter of Pig from Porto, buy Pigs from Faro market or players and butcher the Pigs into Pork. Sell the Pork to the market in Faro. You can purchase Pigs from travelling players for 200D each and still make a handy profit

Level 4 (Pig >>> Pork >>> Bacon
Using the Livestock secrets - chapter of Pig book, buy Pigs from Faro, butcher into Pork, turn Pork into Bacon, sell at the market.

Level 5 (Pig >>> Pork >>> Ham)
Using the Livestock secrets - chapter of Pig book, buy Pigs from Faro, butcher into Pork, turn Pork into Ham, sell at the market.

Level 5 - 7 (Pig >>> Pork >>> Ham)
Butcher Pigs at Faro, turn Pork into Ham, sell at the market.

Level 7 - 10 (Pig >>> Pork >>> Ham; Sheep >>> Lamb; Lamb + Butter + Salt >>> Roast Lamb)

Path A
Butcher Pigs at Faro into Ham until level 10. (takes roughly a day or two)

Path B
Sail to Genoa to purchase the Introduction to Meat recipe book, sail to Amsterdam for the Livestock secrets - chapter of Sheep book, and make Roast Lamb (more details in the Dutch Cook section)

Level 10 (Wheat >>> Flour; Flour + Fish + Cheese >>> Seafood Pizza)
CONGRATULATIONS, you have made an important milestone, now its time to make some serious money. Either, sail to Fagumasta in the Middle East, opposite Beirut, and invest 1 million Ducats for the Eastern Mediterranean Dishes or if you have a friend from Venice, kindly ask that player to invest 1 million in Venice for the book.

All the ingredients for Seafood Pizza can be purchased at Porto, therefore making Portrugese players the most fearsome chefs in game.
Buy, Wheat, Fish and Cheese at Porto, turn the Wheat into Flour and combine all three ingredients for 1 - 3 Pizzas.
Each Pizza in early game can sell up to 5000D

Number Game in UWO - Updated

Posted by gobilamoka Sunday October 31 2010 at 5:34AM
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Uncharted Waters Online celebrates Halloween with a very tricky event (imo).

In any major city, Search for the baker who baked cookies for children during Halloween. Mostly they are located near the fountain or look for a group of children that are in a circle.

Talk first to the Baker, keep talking to him until he says he wants to know what game the children will be playing.

Then, approach Willem and talk to him after that talk to Johan (Your enemy). After each dialogue of Johan talk to other kids then talk to him again. wait for him to tell you that the baker is already finished on the cookies.

Talk to the baker until he gives you a random number of cookies. It can be 60 pcs, 59 pcs, or 58 pcs.

I guess you already know the rules of Johan's mind game. To refresh, you will need to give cookies to any of the children around the circle. There are 8 kids. They will be getting a minimum of 1 cookie up to 3 cookies depending on what they want. Its automatic so you cannot decide. After that, you will give cookies to Johan he will also decide how many cookies he wants.


Kid A -> Johan -> Kid B -> Johan

You can do repetition in giving cookies to any kid.

The goal is to give or force Johan to take the last piece of cookie that you have in order to obtain the Event reward.

In my experience, Luck is not on my side but I can give you some tips. Here they are:

* Carlen only gets 1 cookie

* Michelle only gets 2 cookies

* Pieter only gets 3 cookies

Note: These 3 kids are your weapon in fighting Johan.

* When Johan force you down to 5 cookies you will lose. Base on my experience.



Today, I already got my 1st Pumpkin head gear!

Here's what I did, your goal is to be the first to get the 49 cookie mark. Meaning you should have 49 cookies  before talking to Johan again. Like so:
I got 59 cookies from the baker. I talked to Michelle who took 2 cookies. Now, I have 57.

Johan will get 3 cookies making it 54. Now, talk to Carlen, she will take 1 cookie to make 53.

Johan will take again 3 to make it 50. Now, this is the part I was talking about to make it to 49 cookies. Talk to Carlen to do so.
From here you have now the advantage. I assume you already notice the total of 4 cookies when Johan is winning. Now, use it to win his game. When Johan takes 3 talk to the kid that will take 1, When he takes 2 talk to the kid that will take 2, and When he takes 1 talk to the kid that will take 3 be careful though do not use the same kid as before. Do this and you will win the reward.
Extra Note:
As I was saying above about the "Do not use the same kid as before". Here they are, use them alternately in order to win.
Johan - Enemy

Sylvia - Trickster
Carl - Trickster

Alberto - 3
Pieter - 3

Michelle - 2
Willem - 2

Anne - 1
Carlen - 1

Why I label Sylvia and Carl as "Trickster"? because you do not need them and they might lead you in losing the game because they are randomly getting cookies from you which will ruin your calculation. 
I am not 100% sure about this one since I'm not sure if the admins will manipulate the system (LoL) but I hope it will help a lot.

The event will end on November 3, 2010. Source

My adventure first documented adventure on Uncharted Waters Online.

Posted by gobilamoka Saturday October 23 2010 at 4:43AM
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Piece of adventure in Uncharted Waters Online!!

Well its been a while since i last documented my travel around the world of Uncharted Waters Online I was quite bussy doing personal business, anyway its my

second day handling my account again and i've decided to create a Journal regarding it.

Here it goes:

Well as i search on my inventory for what i left the last time i've played i saw a Treasure Map and got interested to start the day doing some Treasure

huntings, despite that fact that i really don't know if the reward is worth it or not and i am willing to gamble for an adventure with my sailors.

Here is the image of my actual inventory and the treasure map i am going to search on, me and sailors are at Seville(Spain) as my last port stop.

Of course first thing for our voyage i treated my sailors for a round of drinks and eat until they're stuffed and full,I gave them Baccalhau and Sherry to

make them pumped up and ready for a bit long voyage.

After resting and digesting our food me; the Captain decided to start our voyage in the open sea and locating the said treasure on my map. I went to the Port

official to get ready for set sailing.

Well i think 15 days of stock will do for that adventure.

Now here goes the 1st day of venturing on the Open sea.......

Well as i sail on the waters i am kinda bored and got hyped to challenge some outlaws or pirates out there, i stumbled on a Failed marine who went outrage and challenged it for a battle.

Battling the crap out of the Failed Marine

At last after fourdays of exchanging cannon fires and navigating i finally defeated the pirate.

2 More days and i am off to the said Town where the treasure is located, according to the map piece i am able to find a treasure on the Church of Porto.

I went inside the church and taking a look around and sight seeing.

Double clicked on the map and then i got 3Bronze Statues, 7k Ducats and Adventurer fame, i got dissappointed with the reward i went to the Porto's tavern and have a drink besides a merchant, since i do not know what to do with this bronze statues i just asked the merchant where to sell it for profit.

Btw the merchant is NPC its magic how he did answer my question... lol

This is the end of my journey so far, i'll be creating more detailed ones, i just doing it on a rush.

Thank you very Much for Dropping by.

My all time favorite arcade games, we'll since its been years since i last played arcade games from the old days i've decided to create my own list, by the way the arcade games i listed are the adventure games i love the most and had a great time with.

First is Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles

Let's start at TMNT arcade released as Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, it is a side-scrolling beat-'em-up released by Konami as a coin-operated video game in 1989. It is based on the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series which began airing in the fall of 1987.

Well i personaly  loved this game and i've used many darn coins to finish this game with my a friend, we actually play on 2 players and it really is hard beating the asses of those colorful ninjas as well as the bosses it does really gives a real enjoyment in every coin inserted for continues and its worth it.

Next in the list List Alien VS. Predator

Publisher: Capcom
Year of Release: 1994
Media Type: Arcade Game
Controller: Joystick/Arcadestick
Category: Sci-Fi, Action

Choose either a marine or a Predator as you fight your way through the various stages, wiping out the Aliens as you go. The game is a very up-to-date version of Final Fight with wonderful graphics. The game has four selectable player characters: Predator Hunter, Lt. Linn Kurosawa, Predator Warrior and Major Dutch Schaefer.

This game was, in fact, the first and last arcade-only AVP title in the bunch. Gameplay was similar to brawlers like Final Fight or Streets of Rage. The game allowed players to control one of four characters, two Marines and two Predators, as they fought to save a fictional West Coast city from Alien annihilation.

For its time, and the genre, Alien vs. Predator featured great graphics and a rockin' score. Unquestionably, by the time players had saved the world from destruction, many quarters had been lost, but they did have a dead Alien queen to show for it.

Next is X-Men arcade

The player chooses one of six X-Men: Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, or Dazzler. Their objective is to stop the villain Magneto from wreaking havoc on human civilization. They must fight through an army of hundreds of Sentinels and supervillains such as Pyro, Blob, Wendigo, Nimrod, The White Queen, Juggernaut, and Mystique. Later, Magneto kidnaps Professor X and Kitty Pryde, prompting the heroes to go on a rescue mission. The heroes fight their way to Island M and ultimately to Magneto's base on Asteroid M where the final battle with the Master of Magnetism takes place.

Next is Metal Slug

Metal Slug is a run and gun video game for the Neo-Geo console/arcade platform developed by Nazca Corporation and published by SNK. It was originally released in 1996  for the MVS arcade platform. The game is widely known for its sense of humor, fluid hand-drawn animation, and fast paced two-player action. It is the first title in the Metal Slug series. Currently the Metal Slug world record is held by a twelve year old boy named Alpha Gecko.

And lastly Dungeons and Dragons Tower of Doom and Shadow over mystara.

Tower of DOOM

Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom is the first of two arcade games created by Capcom and based on the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. The game was also released on the Sega Saturn, packaged with its sequel, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara, under the title Dungeons & Dragons Collection, although the Saturn version limited the gameplay to only 2 players. The game is set in the Mystara campaign setting.


Shadow Over Mystara

Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara, also simplified to Shadow of Mystara or known as Dungeons & Dragons 2, is an arcade game developed and published by Capcom in 1996 as a sequel to Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom. It was also released on the Sega Saturn, packaged with Tower of Doom, under the title Dungeons & Dragons Collection.

The game is set in the Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting of Mystara. It was one of the last 2-D arcade side-scrollers created by Capcom; only Battle Circuit (1997) came after Shadow over Mystara.

If you want to see the video of the games listed above you can VISIT HERE.

Guide: Columbus Gold Quest Event from Uncharted Waters Online.

Posted by gobilamoka Tuesday October 19 2010 at 12:05AM
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Uncharted Waters Online celebrates Columbus Day by the means of having an event. The event will let you experience the sea route of Christopher Columbus starting from Spain across the Caribbean sea to learn the whereabouts of the Golden Treasure that he had lost when battling his way back to his homeland.

Here's a detailed info of the journey.

First, you will need to go to Seville (Main City of Spain) and proceed to the Palace and talk to Marquis Fernando which will give you [3]Latin America East Coast Temporary Permit which you need to enter the towns in the Latin America Area.

Once you got all the items head to the port and go to Las Palmas, a village from the south of Seville. Enter then talk to Ramon which is located just below the port guide of that town. Ramon will give you [5]Food and Water Stocks. Once you use 1 of it, it will give you 100 Food and Water for your journey.

Now off to a long journey you will be heading to Havana, stock up Food and Water 1st. and proceed west of the Las Palmas. Just head straight and let me remind you. The area is hostile waters which is in other games is a PVP area. You can be attacked by other countries ships and most of all get ambushed by pirates. That is why it is preferrable to create a fleet or party with your friends or players that are doing the quest for more safer journey across the sea.

Once you reach Havana, use [1]Latin America East Coast Temporary Permit to enter and talk to Baba and he will tell you to talk to Abel which is on San Juan. Keep talking to him until he gives you 20 Papaya(Food for vigour). Remember that you only have [3] permits so do not waste it.

Once you are finished in Havana head to San Juan and use again a permit to enter then talk to Abel. Keep talking to him until he says that you need to seek pirates that are in the island of Azores.

After you are done in San Juan, You will now need to travel North East of your location to locate the Island of Azores. Once there you will need to defeat pirates in order to obtain information regarding Columbus' Treasure. If you are victorious go back to Seville and talk to Marquis Fernando for your reward.

Hope this guide can help you with your journey. The event will end on October 31, 2010.

Painstation it really is Painful.

Posted by gobilamoka Tuesday September 28 2010 at 3:42AM
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PainStation was created by two German designers.It’s almost a normal Pong game. But when you lose you don’t just feel the dissapointment, you also feel pain.Your left hand is positioned on the Pain Execution Unit. And missing the ball results in different types of pain.You may feel heat, punches or electroshocks of varying duration depending where the ball hits.The game ends when one of the players decides that he had enough pain.

The Painstation consists of a specially made case which gives two players the opportunity of playing a specially adapted and expanded variant of the classic video game, Pong, against each other. The electronic controls are connected by digital transducers to several components providing sensory feedback to players.

During the game, the players place their left hands on the PEU (Pain Execution Unit) which serves as a sensor and feedback instrument. Possible feedback effects are heat impulses, an electric shock and an integrated miniature wire whip. The feedback generated is dependent on the playing process and can increase in its intensity. The respective opponent can try to alter his or her playing style to purposely change the intensity of the feedback.

The following bonus items can be activated by hits in the current version of the software in 2006:

  • Increase Ball Speed (3 levels)
  • Double Pain Execution Time
  • Quadruple Pain Execution Time
  • Almost Unblockable Ricochet
  • Cut Height of Bar By 50 %
  • Deadly Row
  • Electric Boogaloo
  • Burn In Bright
  • Death Penalty
  • Cheese!
  • Ease the Pain!
  • Cluster Bomb

If a player removes his/her hand from the PEU device, they automatically lose the game.

PainStation (12 pics)

PainStation (12 pics)

PainStation (12 pics)

PainStation (12 pics)

PainStation (12 pics)

PainStation (12 pics)

PainStation (12 pics)

PainStation (12 pics)

PainStation (12 pics)

PainStation (12 pics)

PainStation (12 pics)

PainStation (12 pics)

Uncharted Waters Online review.

Posted by gobilamoka Monday September 27 2010 at 2:19AM
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Hello again!

I am now creating my review for the upcoming new MMO (Uncharted Waters Online) available on global server though some countries already are operating their own servers but the problem is its not in English, anyway here goes my blog my own opinion regarding the in game details of Uncharted Waters Online.

Uncharted Waters Online has been a vintage game for a long long time started in Super Nintendo then into a MMO. UWO (For short) is not your actual typical hack and slash MMO but rather a different and unique experience when it comes to gameplay. You set out in a world back in 15th century era where exploration, discoveries, and wealth what motivates the people in those age.

Uncharted Waters SNESUncharted WatersUncharted Waters

The graphics are a bit out dated since the game is already been released locally in Taiwan, korea, japan, etc. but only now it has been released in English and it is available to every player globally. But IMMO the real beauty of its graphics lies on the varieties of places to go. From the great palace of England to the mysterious stone heads of eastern island (Chile). These historic places that only lets you experience in books or images in the internet can now be visited in the virtual world of UWO. Towns are also different depending on the architectural culture of its time.

The variety of outfits, weapons, and ships are all based on the fashion of the 15th century era from western to eastern making it more realistic. Character creation is somewhat limited but you can still have your own unique avatar.

The most appreciated of all is the open sea and the sky because of its vastness and it really makes you wonder how big is the world is.

Uncharted Open SeasOpen seasOpen seas

Open seas

IMMHO the BG sound is a sleeping pill for me but not annoying, as you travel alone in the open sea and hearing this calm music in your ears made my eyes drowsy.

Each country has its own lead character and story to show. You will be doing quest for them and you will be a part of it. Short cut scenes, large character face images, and the conversation reminds of RPGames in consoles. There are other quests as well (I mentioned this in my earlier blog entries) that involves renowned historic figures such as Da Vinci, Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, and others. Following the main story will let you unlock some of the areas that are important in the game.

Newbie System: (Any system that involves new players)
 The helper in town and the Maritime Academy is huge help for me to understand the game better. But the downside is that it is too long to finish each level of academy however it still worth it.

There is a land battle where your character set out on foot in the land and encounters enemy during his/her travel. I have little experience in Land Battle but skill animations are good and strategy plays a big part like in the ship battles. Ship Battles are somewhat normal and it is not exaggerated like other MMOs. The animations are simple and fit perfectly to the game overall outlook. For a change, your fingers will not be stressed and all tangled up by just clicking or pressing different skills, items, etc… Relatively easy but winning battles can sometimes be hard retreating a battle is a smart move and not a cowardly act in this game.

The grinding part of this game is gaining fame points (Fame points are like experience to level your job class) and the travelling. During the CBT that I recently experienced, lots of players (maybe veterans) have advanced quickly in only a span of 2 weeks. So I think player’s progression is easy as long as you understand how the game works. Another grinding part for me is reading all the information and understanding how it ticks (LOL).

Game Play:
Basic movements like walking in town is easy because of their auto move by just clicking a location in the mini map but this is only available when you are in a town not in the sea. Sailing is easy but navigating and gaining access to different ports is hard. Navigating is hard because obviously your world map IS THE WHOLE WORLD! That is only the half of it, you still have the land to explore to!

Again, reading the quest is a must or you will get lost there are no “addons” like quest helper in WoW in this game. I even downloaded google earth just to know where to go to haha. There are also conditions that your outfit should be good to talk to a noble npc just to get a quest.

Crafting and profession is vast and there are tons of items, equipments, materials, parts, etc to acquire from (including work of arts). But thankfully there is the bank to store this and your own home. Speaking of bank, storage system is different. Storing money and leave it for a long time will gain interest and will be added to your total amount.

Another favorite part is having your own space in the game, either a dorm room, farm, to an island. In short there are many things to do in the game.

 Lots of things to do in the game.
 Recommended for those players that wants a change of pace besides action games.
 Graphics are simply and unique on its own.
 Newbie System.

BGM is so relaxing that you can go to sleep.
Due to the games vastness, players can get lost.
Lots of reading may tend new players to quit the game early.
Finding certain area in the sea is hard.
Finding items needed for your profession or crafting is quite difficult.

I hope I covered some of the points of Uncharted Waters and please be informed that the game has just finished its Closed Beta Testing. Definitely there will still be changes when OBT or Commercial release of UWO is made available.

If you are interested to see know how my journey in the game you can read more here...

Thank you for dropping by on my blog,



Tekken Tag 2 Tournamen - TTT2

Posted by gobilamoka Saturday September 25 2010 at 3:39AM
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Tekken Tag 2 Tournament.

Well well well.... at last Mr. Katsuhiro Harada annonounced my dream Tekken Tag 2 Tournament will be on our hands next year this summer at last i've waiting for this for many years and i am done playing the Tekken Tag 1 as all my opponents already are gone and shifted to other arcade games, fact is the 2011 date is going to be exclusive for japan only but it will not take long before this awesome game make it globally and once again new awesome arcade game is going to entertain us, here are so.

Here are great infos regarding the Tekken Tag 2 Tournament. Read more......

Well here are some lists of difference of Uncharted Waters Online to other MMO's out there.

Posted by gobilamoka Monday September 20 2010 at 3:30AM
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Here is a short list of difference of Uncharted water online to other MMO's out there its 8 actually but posting it right here is too long so i decided to make it in half so.   :D

#1 Town Portal

Most of recent MMORPGs stand their “infinite map size” as their one of greatest features. However, developers already acknowledge that this huge map is not preferable to users, play-wise, so this resulted in many Town Portal skills, items, or etc.

Uncharted Waters Online, however, offers players to encounter more realistic view and down-to-earth experience. There is no instant transport from Europe to India; rather UWO requires players a determination to fight against life-threatening journey. Players will be rewarded by each step they make and each sail they set.



#2 Autobots

One of the highly controversy features of MMORPGs is ‘Autobots.’ Games are made for fun and they should be dynamic. However, MMORPG requires some continuous duties similar to our routinized and tedious life, and this might lead players to feel less entertaining about the game. One solution to get away this repetitive monster-hunting is to use Autobots. However, Autobots has a bad reputation because it is known to break an in-game economic system, but some game companies intentionally overlook this, covertly promote this, or even publically sell this as their paid item. Uncharted Waters Online respects a sophisticated economic system, and there is no way to run Autobots. Economic system of UWO is sorely built by players’ activities, at least until now.



#3 Health Point (HP)

Upper left corner of most of MMORPGs is occupied with HP and MP bars. Players only have the control over their single avatar that representing your-self.

However, UWO players operate more dynamic controls over their Ships, Sailors, and Vigour that is similar to the combination of MP and HP. During the sail, a player will act as a captain who has a full control navigating the ocean. This might be confusing at the beginning, but this makes players to adopt a tactical strategy and carry out attention-grabbing game play.



#4 Character Stats

Level up; Gained bonus stats 5 points to allocate; Automatically allocated stats to STR, DEF, DXT, AGL, or etc. These already make you imagine very typical scenes in MMORPGs.


NO STATS in UWO! UWO only have 3 kinds of levels; Adventure, Trade, and Battle. Beside level system, there are lots of skills you can learn and master. Combination of you levels and skills differentiate your character from others. Players often say that playing UWO is all about managing skills. Among hundreds of skills, players need to choose right skills to develop their character, which ultimately express your-self. When Uncharted Waters Online CBT opens, check out the various skills first and see how diversified strategic game-play is waiting ahead of you.


For complete details regarding the the list you can read more here...
Thank you very much for reading my entry..

Diablo II LOD Urge!!

Posted by gobilamoka Thursday September 16 2010 at 4:32AM
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Diablo II LoD

Well i just had a sudden urge to play Diablo II LOD again, i just missed the old days click click click click.... i missed the bossses and the feeling of being lucky waiting for rare equipment drops, actually i just started to play the game again 3days back i decided to create a Zealot Paladin i just arrived at Act III and i was level 27, i am having troubles with regards to the shamans because my weak fire resistance lol.... i am collecting diamonds to be inserted to the 3 slotted aerin shield i got, preparing myself for Act IV necromancers lol...

Here is the build of my paladin:
Sacrifice level 5
Zeal level 10
Holy shield 4
Not listed skills are only used to unlock them, so didn't bother to put it here, any more suggestions?

I was just wondering how many CAG members experienced the same thing having an urge to play this game again, i can't wait to make my zelot stronger actually me and my cafe mates are playing already and will kill each other soon hehehe....

So how about you guys? are you playing this game already? are you planning to play the game?

Oh BTW! Poor me i haven't tried playing Battlenet what a shame, is that still active? give me a guide plos. ^^

This is the end of my Diablo II LOD adventure thank you for reading, i'll be writing again for the updates of my zealot soon ^^.