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Mon Macutay (GM Tristan), Marketing Manager for Level Up Philippines, on online games, MMORPGs, Gamer Babes, Level Up and Infotech. News, reviews and more!

Author: gmtristan

Female Fantasy Armors: Do They Really Protect?

Posted by gmtristan Saturday May 24 2008 at 1:16PM
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Ever wondered why female warriors are scantily clad?

Even if the armor they wear provides the same type of protection as their male counterparts? Yeah, right! Babes don’t just look good in full-plate. Although you get the “curves”, there ain’t much flesh.

And it’s all in the flesh, boys. And yes, they do offer the same protection. I mean, you can repel arrows, pole-arms, spears and swords with the amount of plate and mail that these babes have, right?

And you can do it looking as sexy as you can be! Rawwrrr!


SloppyApe writes:

The fact that a female can strap armor on and go into battle is unrealistic in the first place puts, this whole idea/discussion to rest. Why not make them look like they are in bikinis? The whole idea of them wearing armor is flawed anyway. A woman that can go to battle will definitely not look like a super model.

Sat May 24 2008 1:57PM Report
Hellmarauder writes:

Yes and no.  No such "armor" doesn't protect at all.  But it does offer wearers full agility to dodge hit after hit.  So yes, even the lightest armor such as this has its merits.  Bigger and heavier armors don't always offer the best defense.

A more valid question though, is does this "clothes" offer any protection against natural elements such as freezing weather.

Sat May 24 2008 2:29PM Report
HumbleHobo writes: I think developers can save a lot of time and effort by doing the following: Make all armor on females turn invisible. You won't have to make 3D model variations of the armors, and you could explain it in the lore somehow. That's what we want, right? Why not just go to the next step, and make all female avatars permanently naked? Sat May 24 2008 3:03PM Report
docminus writes:

HumbleHobo - I like that idea. Think of AoC - would fit perfect into the lore. And male attackers would get so distracted, that it would be easy to pick them off. :D

Sat May 24 2008 3:39PM Report
SajT writes:

"The fact that a female can strap armor on and go into battle is unrealistic in the first place puts, this whole idea/discussion to rest."

Wow you're a stupid one aren't you? For starters, don't bring realism into a fantasy game where it suits you. Secondly there's absolutely no reason to why a woman should be unable to wear armour, this is proven by the fact that many have throughout our history (Jeanne d'Arc says hello) . The main reason women typically never wore the' classical' medieval armor is because they weren't allowed to, it was no more accepted than knights doing crossdressing.

In any case, the point of 'skimpy' armor for female characters isn't realism, it's sex appeal. Personally I don't get turned on by seeing the pixelated cleavage of my toons but I don't know about you guys, some people obviously do and hence the demand for it. It might also be a designer thing, seeing how nearly all designer teams are exclusively male.


 To me this type of female armors just screams bad taste and I can't help but associate it with productions like Xena - The Warrior Princess. I hope to see less of them in the future...

Sat May 24 2008 6:00PM Report
Ulrik writes:

SajT hits it on the head here. This blog completely over looks what game developers are trying to achieve here. Sex sells... be it on the movies, TV or in our beloved computer games. Fact that the main audience of MMO's or other game genres are young males who will be hitting puberty on a major scale, means tapping this reservoir of users is a must.

I do feel developers in general try to highlight some areas of females in armour to be more covered up... but it’s not the case. Lineage II I believe is one of the worst Sex appeal games, White panties, bouncing breasts and high pitched sounds from all female character does let the imagination run wild.

To gmtristan you’re other pictures you did show a picture of a Witch Elf from the warhammer universe. If you read up they are meant to be so provocative in the way they dress, its how they fight :P


Sat May 24 2008 8:47PM Report
MLecl0001 writes:

Yes it is about sex appeal.  However you dont need to get "turned on" to enjoy looking at the female form.  For the same reason that taped messages and such are usually done with a female voice.  It has been proven in studies that people respond better to a female voice, both male and female.


I as a male appreciate the female form, whether on TV, in Movies, pictures, video games, or real life.  I do not need to get turned on by the images to just enjoy the eye candy.  Guys who say they dont enjoy seeing females are either gay, or just trying to not appear chauvinistic.  I say to hell with it, just be honest and admit it, there is nothing wrong with it.


However if you spend your days drooling at the images in a video game or cartoon or anime, then I think you need to get out and meet some real life chicks.

Sun May 25 2008 12:11AM Report
neschria writes:

It protects the same way +INT armor makes you smarter when you wear it. (*smirk*)

If I had the same... gravity-defying... attributes IRL that my L2 dark elf has, I'd go shopping for chainmail bikinis TODAY. Alas, IRL, I look like someone's MOM. (And I am someone's mom, so that works... I guess.) Realism is totally overrated.

Sun May 25 2008 10:45AM Report
UnDeadKiss writes:

lmao.  You are all forgetting one main fact here.  Most of these games originated in the orient.  Either from Japan or Korea.  The idea, not the all the games themselves, so don't start the flame war.  In these countries Manga is more poular than real actors on the screen.  Hence the popular use of the female form.  Altho most charcters look like crap on the screen, with maybe the exception of Sword of the new world ( not a promo) I thought with all the hype, WOW would have really beautiful avatars.  But they are just as average as most other games.  The fun for most guys is this, you end up staring at your avatar for days and days and nausium.  Why stare at a guys ass on the screen when you can watch your more pleasing character, a female.  Makes sence?

What I'd really like to see for $15 dollars a month, is a no holds barred game.  Basically taking a runescape approach to how you can do anything your heart desires.  Add really great detailed graphics ( I mean great grphics, not WOW cheesyness) and then go even further by letting people get they're money's worth.  Prostitution, killing people in they're sleep while in an inn,  and if ya wanna run around butt ass naked then by all means!!  Hell I'd pay $30 a month just so I didn't  have to kill 10 of these and 20 of those.  So yeah if sex sells? You'll buy it, everytime.  And?  You'll eat it with a spoon.

Blessed be all




Sun May 25 2008 12:23PM Report
laleb writes:

 T1ts or GTFO 

Tue Nov 04 2008 1:27PM Report
JustTalking writes:

laleb- T1ts or GTFO

That pretty much sum it up i suppose :)

Sat Dec 20 2008 1:29PM Report writes:
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