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Mon Macutay (GM Tristan), Marketing Manager for Level Up Philippines, on online games, MMORPGs, Gamer Babes, Level Up and Infotech. News, reviews and more!

Author: gmtristan

D&D Creator Gary Gygax is Dead (OMG)

Posted by gmtristan Tuesday March 4 2008 at 11:21PM
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Today, the gaming community mourns the loss of one of the true legends and pillars of the industry.

E. Gary Gygax, co-creator of the Dungeons and Dragons pen-and-paper Role Playing Game, the thing that started the RPG revolution (both traditional and online) has passed away March 4, 2008. Mr. Gygax passed away peacefully at his home. He was 69 years old.



PSoponyai writes:


Wed Mar 05 2008 3:25AM Report
Litchfield writes:

RIP lord Gygax /salute

Wed Mar 05 2008 3:41AM Report
Jetrpg writes:

Never did get any. Thats what D&D did for him.

Wed Mar 05 2008 5:43AM Report
Oltzu writes:


Wed Mar 05 2008 6:36AM Report
Devildog1 writes:

Wow that's a true loss to the industry! :'(

Wed Mar 05 2008 8:15AM Report
m00r3 writes:

RIP Gary.
I really respected you.You truly were a mind that is rare to find.True and pure fantasy.May your ashes be caried away from the wind of change and fantasy so everybody will remember you.

Wed Mar 05 2008 9:28AM Report
grg003 writes:

Set the world on fire with an idea.  Rest in peace.

Wed Mar 05 2008 12:33PM Report
nokomus writes:


Pass from this world unto where you shall be herald as a hero

Wed Mar 05 2008 1:03PM Report
paulcremma writes:

Remember if you played, UO,EQ,NW,WOW,Diablo,Baldur or any other are in debt with this Man!! thxs for all this years of great fun..thxs sire for your great, be rol veras gracias por darnos tanto a todos..eres un crack y nunca moriras, en nuestras partidas estaras!! o en cualquier RPG

Wed Mar 05 2008 1:12PM Report
Meltdown writes:

A true loss. This next campaign is dedicated to you Gygax!!!

Wed Mar 05 2008 2:00PM Report
Phry writes:

he introduced me to worlds of imagination, where heroes were real and adventure around every corner - from fantastical cities to eerie dungeon, the world will have that little bit less magic in it, now that he is gone.

Wed Mar 05 2008 2:39PM Report
Jimmy_Scythe writes:

I didn't do it...



Wed Mar 05 2008 2:54PM Report
redcap036 writes:
I can not find anymore beautiful words than have been said by my friends and the community, Mr Gyrgax you will be missed and thank you for all the kingdoms I've saved and all the monsters I have slain.
I'm sure Gray would appreciate this one liner,


"Anyone try a resurrection scroll?"


Wed Mar 05 2008 10:09PM Report
Eiboonz writes:

R.I.P. Gary

I hope you are now between Pelor and Moradin,resting...

Thu Mar 06 2008 3:45AM Report
Gishgeron writes:



So sad, he should have rolled monk.  They get much nicer saving throws. 

Sucks to see a pioneer go...especially in a time where RPGS have so very few.

Thu Mar 06 2008 10:41AM Report
gmtristan writes:

Thanks for your comments. I'm sure Gary will be in peace knowing that what he did spawned not just a revolution but a way of life.


Fri Mar 07 2008 10:21AM Report writes:
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