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Mon Macutay (GM Tristan), Marketing Manager for Level Up Philippines, on online games, MMORPGs, Gamer Babes, Level Up and Infotech. News, reviews and more!

Author: gmtristan

10 Tips for Faster Power Leveling

Posted by gmtristan Friday February 29 2008 at 11:34AM
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One of the “constants” about online games and MMORPG is the grind. It’s a design factor which limits the players from becomming “too-powerful-too-fast”. Some games have more grind than most and some have inherrent systems where you could level up faster. This is either through quests or crafting, like in the case of Perfect World.

A lot of people complain that Power-Leveling or “PL” to some is hard work. I can’t say that I disagree. PL is really hard, otherwise, everyone in his brother would reach the level cap in a matter of days.

But there are some ways and systems which I’ll share with you in order for you to PL wisely and effectively. Like everything else, it’s both an art and a science. PL is number-crunching. You’ll have to learn some advanced methods if you want to keep up with the “superstars” of the community.

The 10 Tips after one more click, chief!


Meltdown writes:

Some good points, but most of it boils down to "knowing your game". I have recently undertaken leveling 1-60 as fast as possible in WoW. Using my level 70 mage and some help from some friends I have gone 1-50 in 1 days played.

I thought it was tons of fun. I get lots of flack from people saying "thats not how the game is supposed to be played" or "How is that fun?". But it is fun, loads of fun. It's not even about getting the character to 60 anymore, it's about being efficient, being smart, and KNOWING your game.

Fri Feb 29 2008 12:07PM Report
Hexxeity writes:

I'm one of those "How is that fun?" types.

I get paid to be efficient and smart at my JOB.  I'm not going to pay Blizzard for the privilege of doing it in my spare time as well.

Fri Feb 29 2008 2:21PM Report
Pepsipwnzgod writes:

it took me 10 days and 16 hours to hit 70, for you to hit 50 in 1 day makes me feel like i totally wasted my time -.- i even avoided pvp and the auction house while leveling just to hit 70 faster.. and for me to be pwnt that easily makes me sad..

Sat Mar 01 2008 5:39PM Report
jacobred0 writes:

i luv to play wow but i dont like to pay alot to play i think they sould have more discounts if u play for a certian amount of time

Thu Mar 06 2008 3:53PM Report writes:
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