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Mon Macutay (GM Tristan), Marketing Manager for Level Up Philippines, on online games, MMORPGs, Gamer Babes, Level Up and Infotech. News, reviews and more!

Author: gmtristan

What's the Longest You Ever Played Non-stop?

Posted by gmtristan Friday February 8 2008 at 3:04PM
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You’ve probably heard about the infamous news about a gamer in China dying of exhaustion, right? Of course, the poor guy gamed non-stop for 3 days.

When I say “longest”, this refers to the longest length of time one has ever played an MMORPG. I doubt if there’s a Gamer’s World Record for this. But I have heard local stories and urban legends here (from the Philippines). To start off, gaming non-stop for extended periods of time is NOT HEALTHY - look dude, someone died, okies?

Second, I know gamers are competitive but there IS life outside gaming. Top of my mind, get a friggin’ girlfriend *winks*.

The definition of “long” is different depending on who you ask.


So how long is “long”?


daylight01 writes:

Well I suffer from a sleep dis-order,Honest,1 day from I think around 2am till the next day till 3am I played a mmo,I am not sure of the the times but do remember it was 25hours(T.V wasnt very good that day)but even after that I still had breakfast and maybe a couple of hours sleep.I am married and like to think I lead a pretty social life(or at least I try too)but when you cant sleep you just cant sleep.

Even with this dis-order I havent ever stayed awake for 3 days let alone played a game for that long,So not sure if the story was true but I could well believe his body would give up on him after that session.

Fri Feb 08 2008 3:26PM Report
Davod writes:

Well the longest I have been awake on a lan is exacly 70 hours, then I collapsed more or less on the desk. However the dangerous part is not being awake, it's not eating something during that time that some gamers do or being awake for extended periods using drugs.

The longest I have gamed without even lifting my ass from the chair for 5 seconds! Is 14 hours :)     God bless Total-war games :D

Fri Feb 08 2008 3:32PM Report
daylight01 writes:

Yep the biggest problem is eating,As someone that knows the more my body seems to get tired but the more I dont sleep the less likely I am to eat,It is almost like your body refuses it and that is when the real problems can start.I have gone 2 days without food because of the lack of sleep but that is when I am trying desperate to sleep or at least relaxing and not playing a video game.

I also heard that guy that did die from playing WoW for 3 days solid just drank lots of coffee and I would imagine that added to it.

Fri Feb 08 2008 3:40PM Report
Anofalye writes:

Longest for EQ: 15-20 hours or so


Longest for CoV: 10-15 hours or so


Longest for offline game: 10 hours or so


I usually play 3-6 hours in a row, then take a break...then another 3-6 hours in a row...then a break/done for the day...and so on.


Longest for any game (not video games): 55 hours or so, I fall asleep for a straight 24 hours non-stop after was more than a decade ago, I recall waking up and mixing the 18h for 6h...that was funny!

Fri Feb 08 2008 3:54PM Report
streea writes:

Longest straight was 12 hours with no more than a bio break or two and a quick microwavable. 8 hours can be pretty common though if I get sucked into a game (Warcraft 3, The Sims and Civilization have all done this to me: "Oh it's 10pm, I have a bit of time" and then after what feels like only an hour or two later, it's "wow is that the sun coming up?") Granted I haven't done these since I moved in with my fiance ^^;;

Fri Feb 08 2008 4:08PM Report
Gishgeron writes:

12 hours for me, and its was in an EQ game.


I didn't even spend it playing, I spent the vast majority of it spamming LFG.  It was a slow day, tons of tanks and no healers.  After that, I vowed to NEVER play a forced grouping game ever again.  I'll not have my time decided by other people EVER.  I love grouping, and loved the interaction.  Hated the waits and the NEED to have one for everything.


Otherwise I won't game for more than maybe 5+ hours before I just can't stand it anymore.  Honestly...those days are gone for me.  My mind just cannot handle it anymore and I literally feel nauseous if I try to.  I like my gaming joy to come in quick bursts that allow me to do one of the MANY other things I'm involved in.  Like music, which holds a much larger piece of my heart than gaming ever will.

Fri Feb 08 2008 4:43PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

46hours, tried to make the two day mark but passed out 2hours before and woke up nearly 24hours later, this was with barely any food and fueled with tons of energy drinks, I remember at one time I think it was the 32hour mark I started shaking, but I soon managed to not know I was doing it or ignored it I dunno which.

Many Final Fantasy games on release have me at this time, ive done long period of more than 24hrs for tons of games that just sucked you right in and you forget what the hell time and day it is.

The 46hrs for an MMO was SWG within the first week of launch ah the good times that we had...

But that was then, now its lucky if i get 3-4hrs in a game a day, talk about a complete 180.

Fri Feb 08 2008 4:56PM Report
Sornin writes:

Maybe 8 hours for me is the maximum in my decade of online games, and it was probably back in EverQuest. I typically do not play longer than 3 hours at once, with 2 being my average, and over 5 hours is extremely rare. I cannot sit still on my ass much longer, nor can my mind stay occupied for any longer just playing video games.

I like to go out, I like to get some exercise, and I have daily living things to do, like cooking, eating, laundry, groceries, etc. I also have other hobbies, like reading and pets. Oh, and since I graduated this past year, a job.

It truly scares me that some people can play so long and so consistently. Some people brag about playing 40+ hours per week, and even 60+ hours, but to me that is indicative of health, mental, or social problems.

At the very least, it is indicative of someone whose mind does not need much stimulation to stay interested, and that is perhaps the most worrisome thing of all.

Fri Feb 08 2008 6:12PM Report
Munkyman1 writes:

Well, between 2 jobs, fulltime school, and my lucky to get an hour every 2 days or so.  They are all getting really boring anyways, may be time to quit all together. To those with the 14h+ i wont say get a gf but damn  that has to hurt the next....time u woke up.

Fri Feb 08 2008 6:42PM Report
xS0u1zx writes:

Like I posted on the read more link.  the longest I've ever played games for was 72 hours slept 1-2 hours played another 72 hours and slept for like a day.  so 144 hours of gaming.  Anyway it was about 5-6 years ago when I was 17.  If it wasn't for people bringing me food and water I so woulda died and yes I took bathroom breaks.  However there wasn't a shower involved so I stank pretty bad.

Fri Feb 08 2008 7:53PM Report
Narug writes:

In 04 when I played AC2 I can remember playing at least 2 days. 

Non-stop as in no bathroom breaks no, as in no food or drink no but I had those close to the computer.  Not non-stop to the absolute tee but I did nothing else except play and the basic body functions though.

When a game sucks you in you can get sucked in.  Don't think I've felt that for any game since.

Fri Feb 08 2008 8:29PM Report
Reborn17 writes:

14 hours when I first started getting some levels in EQ back in late 01 on Vallon Zek (pvp). Its when I first realized I needed some help if I was playing a game that did little more than frustrate me for that long. A frustration that started to boil over into the real world, so much so, that I ended up taking stress leave from work for a few months which came with mandatory counseling sessions paid for by the company. Sessions that discovered among other things, this virtual addiction was attempting to fill needs of achievement that were not being met in the real world. Unfortunately,since the achievements were fake and froth with setbacks like losing levels and pks they left me only more unsatisfied and frustrated than I was before, which is why I quit.

Fri Feb 08 2008 8:31PM Report
LØST writes:

19 hours with a friend playing wow and then we went to a lan party (night) for 12 hours and played in a tournament that morning for 5 hours so what is that 26 hours -drive time and comp we didn't play the entire time. i crashed at the lans couch and woke up that night at around 8pm.

Fri Feb 08 2008 10:26PM Report
Shawk writes:

12 Hours on Daoc..

But I have went 23 Hours playing Guitar, its just as unhealthy.

Sat Feb 09 2008 3:06AM Report
PSoponyai writes:

Half a day or so.

Sat Feb 09 2008 3:47AM Report
kingtommyboy writes:

The longest I have ever played an mmorpg (world of warcraft) without taking a break was 18 hours. But I had some sandwishes and a bottle of water by my side :-),

Sat Feb 09 2008 4:50AM Report
Kayless writes:

5 hours on a raid in DAoC a few years back.

You all need to go out and get some fresh air ffs... :P

Sat Feb 09 2008 6:06AM Report
bluealien1 writes:

Probably around 20 hours in a chair, it's been awhile though.

Sat Feb 09 2008 6:45AM Report
mystery2122 writes:

longest probally  about 16 hours but had like a 30min break in all for food/drink n bathroom

Sat Feb 09 2008 7:17AM Report
Arcken writes:

Camping the Ghoulbane in Lower Guk in the original EQ, I spent 27 hours down there, at the time it was a great weapon for paladins, a status symobl of sorts. Sadly I didnt even get it that day...

Sat Feb 09 2008 9:14AM Report
Terranah writes:

About 16 hours playing swg.


My wife was out of state and it was my 3 day weekend off of work.  It was a lot of fun at the time.

Sat Feb 09 2008 1:31PM Report
eccoton writes:

Pre-nge SWG once played 32 hours

Sat Feb 09 2008 5:43PM Report
brianmk writes:

about 8 hous playing final fantasy XI

Sat Feb 09 2008 7:34PM Report
Demonicpres writes:

44 hours for me.  Beat FFX in one shot.  Then fell asleep for a day after eating a decent amount.

Sat Feb 09 2008 9:57PM Report
hellspit writes:

142 hours longest - was when Diablo came out  - no sleep - took toilet  / shower / food  breaks

Sun Feb 10 2008 2:21AM Report
hellspit writes:

That was like 11 (almost 12 years ) ago -when i was 16-17 years old. Doubt i can manage 48 hours without sleep now.

Sun Feb 10 2008 2:58AM Report
indigo11 writes:

Longest was about 20 hours, although i might add, I did that 7 days a week for about 6 months.     :D

Sun Feb 10 2008 5:31AM Report
ShotgunJoe writes:

9 Hour solid pvp seige on a player city in SWG during the CU era. The battle started around 8pm on a friday night and brought both factions full resources to bear in this fight, there was many egos involved that refused to back down. It was finally over around 6 am the next morning.

Sun Feb 10 2008 10:12AM Report
Wondereric writes:

Maybe 12 hours.  but I at least got up to eat, drink and other stuff. 

Sun Feb 10 2008 12:31PM Report
Evilsam writes:

37 hours was the longest at one shot,with only bio breaks and 2-3 min's  to grab a drink

 Have went 18-24 many,many times,at my age that's quite a bit..60 now.

Mon Feb 11 2008 3:14AM Report
lotharlocnar writes:

I need the software companies to come out with the game "while you sleep" system. Like this- Tired of having to go to bed because your sleepy but really need to level before tomorrow? Get the new "Game while you  sleep system" It automatically adjusts for REM and beta wave workarounds, You will be the gekiest one of all your friends!!!  Batteries and neural patches included with your order.-----Now wouldn't that be the bomb???----------------------------------------

Sat Mar 01 2008 11:21AM Report writes:
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