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Just One Moar (formerly: How To Lose Your Life To An MMORPG)

Part diary, part commentary, part news reviews and editorials covering the world of MMORPGs Among many MMORPG:I feature Runes of Magic and World of Warcraft

Author: giantsquid

Give Players What They Want: Single-Player MMOs

Posted by giantsquid Sunday June 28 2009 at 7:48PM
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I’m working on a larger editorial about what players want or expect from an MMORPG.

In a nutshell people want a one-player game with many options.

A majority of the F2P MMORPGs that I’ve played try, in some fashion or another, to force you into group play. This method has resulted in a niche market. Most people don’t want this, which seems to be slightly ironic or at least contradictory to the old argument about people wanting to go solo in a mult-player game.

A guild mate of mine once told me:

“In the end, MMORPGs are very selfish games.”

I have constantly pondered this line, from time to time. I have come to agree with this statement. People want to do what they want to do, when they want to do it. You can’t have group play with everyone sharing that mentality, at least not in the strictest sense.

People don’t raid because they have fun in group play. Take out any prizes or high level gear drops and replace it with a chest that, when opened, says:

“Congratulations, you’ve learned how to enjoy the experience of playing with others, have fun with that good feeling, bye.”

That doesn’t mean that everyone shares this mentality either, but do you think there’d be enough people to warrant the amount of different group raids currently in most big MMORPGs?

Most people want a single-player game that provides options to jump in and out of different elements. In fact, most people don’t like to feel limited in any way. The more options the better(assuming they’re all well designed options).

    -Jeremy Stratton

How To Lose Your Life To An MMORPG

Runngun1 writes:

I think you want Diablo

Sun Jun 28 2009 8:15PM Report
giantsquid writes:

Oh, I think you misunderstand.  This is just an editorial in progress.  It has nothing to do with how I feel or what I want/look for when I play.  I have everything I could want.  I actually hate Diablo.  My fave game is Runes of Magic, but I also like World of Warcraft(and that's the hint for you to uncover in this post).

Maybe it was too hidden.  World of Warcraft was built as a 1-player game with options.  It's basically pointing out how many niche games are trying to mix things up when they should give players what they want(which is proven by WoW being the most popular MMO)-that doesn't mean poeple will feel differently :)

Thanks for the game suggestion anyway.

Sun Jun 28 2009 10:20PM Report
Hyanmen writes:

 While this might be true, there should be a group based game around still for those who like that kind of gameplay.

Mon Jun 29 2009 2:36AM Report
Vagrant_Zero writes:

 Hyan, Final Fantasy XI says hi.


As for El Squido couldn't agree more. Linear railroad progression coupled with the appearance of choice (ie, every Bioware game ever made) is appealing.


Complete open sandbox, while it has it's market...not so much.


Mon Jun 29 2009 7:11AM Report
Mequellios writes:

 I love grouping, but sometimes I just want to play alone. MMOs are more than just a group and kill, game. They are an entire world. If the time comes when I just feel like doing something on my own for a while, I want to be able to do that without losing a huge benefit, compared to teaming. But this should never come at the sacrifice of cutting grouping attributes.

Mon Jun 29 2009 11:24AM Report
Hyanmen writes:

 Hehe vagrant, guess what I'm playing currently? =D

It's getting old though, need moar next gen.

Mon Jun 29 2009 11:53AM Report
Fr0z1nDuDe writes:


diablo isn't a mmo... sigh... another one of YOU...

Mon Jun 29 2009 1:16PM Report
chriswsm writes:

A find balance that give options of the two would be nice.  I left DDO for the reason that I had to play at odd times.  More SP stuff would have kept me there longer.

Tue Jun 30 2009 10:03AM Report
scuubeedoo writes:

99% of the market are single-player MMOs already...

Mon Jan 11 2010 9:45PM Report writes:
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