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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

Eudemons Online:Paladin Legend Part-IX

Posted by gboy1983 Wednesday September 17 2008 at 9:24PM
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The figure which emerged has a very strong aura, dark but very strong and without saying anything. It went ahead and tore the still-alive dragon into pieces with its claws, with this it changed shape, with a pitch dark beam it turned into Karuko's sword. The sword looks different, it was stronger now, even the look of it scared these brave ones, Timber couldn't figure this phenomenon out, he thought that maybe the DarkDragonKing's aura had messed up with the aura of the sword...And the sword, still in mid-air, returned to Karuko's hand...and as Karuko glared at this new and powerful sword he saw a deep reddish "f" mark on it. On looking closer he recognized the mark - it was the 'f-soul'...

The f-soul was a great power that was embedded into the sword when Timberwolf sacrificed his life. Karuko struck the dragon by a devastating blow that destroyed the dragon forever, and stopped all the Wyverns from spawning. After striking the dragon Karuko fell to the ground in sadness, his brother was now dead. All the paladin and Myra could do was watching and trying not to cry. This was the end of Timberwolf and the beginning of the f-soul...

The battle was over for now and the heroes were safe for the moment, the realization of what just happened hit everyone hard. Karuko looked over where Timber's sword lays and thrusted into the ground with tears in his eyes as he heard Myra sink to her knees behind him as she sobbed quietly for a friend that she had trusted with even her darkest secrets was now gone. Even the paladin's heart was heavy even though he had not known him long. Karuko turned slowly to help the paladin comfort the poor mage even though he felt like breaking down in tears himself.

"Why is everyone in such a gloomy mood?" A impossibly familiar cheerful voice surrounded the heroes. At the sound of his voice the heroes froze where the stood.

"It's not possible," Myra quietly whispered as her eyes fell on the one who should have been gone forever.

There stood Timber with his arms crossed gazing at the three with a slight smile across his face and be side him stood a mysterious woman....

"Yes it is truly I, the Goddess of the Moon. And Timber has finally proved himself worthy of his true power by sacrificing himself so that you all may be alive. So I return to him to this realm where he still has much work to do before he joins his ancestors in heaven," The woman with the gentle face and clothes of pure white said before she slowly faded away.

It was then that they noticed the change in Timber once again, his hair was as white as freshly fallen snow and his eyes as dark as the lowest depths of the ocean. His miracle light had also changed from the midnight black with silver full moons to a pure white accented with the black symbols of the goddess. As he drew his sword from the ice it too transformed taking on a blue hue and becoming the WolvenBlade of the Twilight.

He gazed at them slowly seeing the tears in their eyes.

"Did u guys miss me?..."
"Timber!!!!" Shouted Karuko "I thought you were..." "Don't worry Karuko, I'm here... for you" replied Timberwolf.
With the sound of the new blade and outfit howling they went off...

Before they left Ewok said "Karuko, the f-soul is something ancient and only wielders of honest and trustworthy hearts may wield that blade of yours, but it is still not at its full strength, and for the coming battles we will need it to be. Please trust me on this and give me the sword..." Karuko stands there thinking as to what Ewok is talking about or what he wants with the sword. After some thinking Karuko handed Ewok the blade. "The f-soul is a signification of one of four ancient spirits, each one with there own unique weapon named after them, the first ancient was the Great Mistress Oblivia, then came the Overlord Ultima, third the Eternal Oblivion and the last was forgotten in history.... The f-soul is a mark of Ultima." everyone stood there taking in everything Ewok had just said. "The reason I asked to hold the blade was so I could release the full power of it" "That's crazy, you'll kill yourself if you try!!!" yelled the Paladin then Ewok's eyes started to glow.... and writing of an ancient dialect came up the blade. "By the power of the ancients, COME FORTH the blade hidden deep for centuries, the blade of ULTIMA!!!!" says Ewok as a light engulfed the blade. The writing became readable as some floated into the air reading those "who stand shall never fall, those who fall shall never die, those who die shall never stand." Then as the words faded the blade became longer and started to change shape. With a yell of what seemed to be rage the light became dark and started to fade, the sword black with veins of lava running through it, a Gem in just above the handle that seemed to be generating these veins. It had a Dark appearance but shined slightly, the edges of the blade have become sharp and ridged. The sword had completely changed... Ewok collapsed to the ground and he tried to place the sword carefully on the ground. The Paladin rushed to help Ewok and Karuko looked at this new blade and he picked it up feeling a great surge of power run through his veins. "The blade feels light, although it looks heavy..." he says as he slashes it into the air, and a roar of thunder cries as he does so." Be careful with that blade it is extremely powerful and only surpassed by Oblivia." Ewok says as he rises.....