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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

Eudemons Online: Paladin Legend Part VI

Posted by gboy1983 Tuesday September 2 2008 at 3:35AM
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Standing in front of them, wearing modest Summer Hunter garb and holding his glowing staff was The Shepherd. "I welcome you fellow beings of good, I have been expecting you"

The paladin and the two warrior brothers fell to their knees before the great mage who was the oldest and the wisest in the land having been there since the land had been created. As Myra stood there and stared with eyes wide open at the mage that in times of her youth she had known as father. And that was when the Shepherd started his tale...

As The Shepherd spun his tale of the horrors and evil beings in the realm of Yartland, he filled in the assembled group on all of the various lands they would be experiencing in their travels. They knew of busy Cronus, peaceful Elven city and the danger filled Misty Marsh, he told them of Gobi Desert, home to dangerous human bandits who thought nothing of killing travelers, the long journey down the canyon to Dark Marsh, an area ten times worse than Misty Marsh, the frigid expanse of Icyland, the deceptively peaceful Island and the very dangerous Volcano and LostLand.

Now he was sure he had provided the group with more information to strengthen them more than just physically, but mentally as well.

Some of his legion volunteered to join them as they set off to hunt down the Dark forces and once again bring the Light of peace and prosperity to all the people of Yartland.

"Our first destination is the hidden library in the NailoTemple, for that holds the key to stopping the apocalyptic being." With that the band of travelers headed on their way, with Timber and Karuko leading the group hacking any monster that got in their way, Myra walking gracefully next to the paladin behind the two warriors blasting any unlucky monster that got past the brothers. The paladin casting cure on the warrior brothers and the Avengers who trailed along behind destroying any monsters that approached from behind, as he keep gazing out to the horizon in search of a glimpse of the NailoTemple......

The weird looking creatures ran away and hid themselves.
When they reached the NailoTemple they realized they didn't know how to get inside.
Suddenly they where ambushed by a being in Golden armor carrying a giant sword that he swung around with ease. Soon everyone was captured and chained to the pillars of the temple.
"Who are you?"
Karuko replies "We are a legion of fighters here seeking answers from the hidden library."
"Oh so the old Hawk told you about the library. Well then we better get inside before the monsters track through your scent."
Myra asks "who are you and what are you doing at the temple?"
"Yes I am one of the seven Guardians. The only one who remains?"
Timberwolf says "what do you mean by the only one who remains?"
"Enough about that lets just get inside. I can hear them already, the blood curdling screams of those beasts."
Suddenly the stairs that led up slid downward and opened a passage. Inside through a large dark tunnel the legion of fighters entered a large cavern underground.
"You can rest up here I have plenty of food to feed all of us for years. I have perfected a spell that can grow and mature a plant in minutes."
The Shepard asks "Now that we are safe will you tell us about you?"
"Fine I will. I am an Incarnation of the Seventh Endogata guardian from the order of Endogata. I am only here because I knew you wouldn't be able to get inside without my help. I have been here for 30 years getting answers for all the questions I have."
Myra replies "How old are you, I mean you look no older than 15 and who are the guardians of the order of Endogata?"
"All I will say is my Name is DragonBain and that we should be going to look for information about how to defeat Apocalyptic and what you need to know about Oblivia."

The legion of heroes and DragonBain slowly wondered down the hall until they came across a strange door. Even with DragonBain's great strength and the mages most powerful spells the door would not budge. As everyone stood there wondering wut to do, Timberwolf studied the door carefully. Upon it was the symbol of the full moon surrounded by ancient symbols that only he could read. Eyes full of understanding he slowly withdrew a pendant from beneath his armor; it was in the shape of the full moon and glowed with silver light. "Hireki mai shinsei kensei" he softly whispered into the darkness surrounding them. Through a crack in the stone over head the light of the full moon shone onto Timberwolf and before everyone he started to change. His hair grew black as the night as his eyes changed from their normal soft blue hue to a silver as cold as steel and the moonlight swirled around him and materialized into a miracle light adorned with the symbol of the full moon, his sword changed from its form of the Demonsong Sword into the fabled WerewolfHowlBlade of the CursedMoonWolfTribe, taking on a silver glow of that of the moon.

"Long have I awaited for the arrival of a warrior descended from the wolf tribe that suffered from the curse of the full moon, speak thy name and be granted passage" the voice came from the door itself. As everyone looked on Timberwolf slowly walked up to the door and in a smooth warm voice spoke, "Mokuzai Ookami."

As the door swung open the heroes entered but each had one question come to mind, who is Timberwolf and what does that transformation mean?......

As time goes on and Timbers mysterious past is revealed will answers come to the heroes or just more questions.....

Meanwhile back at Cronus Ewok and the other guards are fighting like never before... "This beast is strong but something doesn't feel right...." says Ewok as they are fighting. "What do you mean Ewok Valkyrie?" says one of the guards, "I mean that this beast is no apocalyptic, but merely a test of our strength, from a long dead spirit.... I am guessing it is the spirit of the one who sent the meteorite with the information??" replied Ewok. As they battle long and hard the fight seems to never end, "Stand back every one...." says Ewok as he leaps up into the dark night. A pure light surrounds Ewok as he floats there, "Entiy Mangoi KILOF!!" he cries and a sudden beam of light shoots down from the heavens, "Begon spirit of the fallen forever..." he whispers into the night.... Ewok slowly descends back on to the ground and sees one of the seven parts of the sword, also a note that says ??Once you have obtained the Seven Pieces of the Oblivia Sword, Seek the Yeti's hidden in the IcyMountains....