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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

Eudemons Online: Paladin Legend Part V

Posted by gboy1983 Sunday August 31 2008 at 10:47PM
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"It truly has been too long brother" replied Karuko, He then turns to the Paladin and says "This is my older brother Timberwolf, but what is your name Paladin?" the Paladin Replies "This is no time to be asking my name" as he points towards the monsters. Karuko looks and sees the Monsters preparing for a large attack on the three of them. "I believe we may be in for some trouble" says Timberwolf...

They sat down in the shape of a circle because the Valkyri told them to, they were thinking wtf are we doing but they did it anyway and trusted her. She told them to close there eyes, and as the monsters got closer she started saying words, she spoke in a holy language "Zeuaf Haolet Fogaret" then she spoke English "Melinda, Allyssa, Cupid" they holy language again: "Alost aerosa maioagrater" then English: "Melinda Allyssa, Cupid bless us with protection, bless us with power, combine your will to our will, may we warp to Cronus" she continued the monsters were almost right next to them now! They striked! And what looked like was a portal in the ground under them. Suddenly the paladins fell in screaming! The Valkyri said under her breath "noobs" and followed them in just before being attacked also. 3 of the monsters got into the portal too... but as they arrived at the Cronus fountain, they monsters were destroyed. A Warden approached them, examined them, then knelt in front of the paladin, then said "My lord, who is accompanying you? Never mind that the king and queen want to see you at once! I advise you to see them immediately"...

"I will go see them, but only if these two can come along" replied the Paladin, "Very well then, lets go we have no time to waste" said the warden as he stood up. When the Paladin reached the King he asked "King Crue, what is the problem?", "Whilst you were gone a vicious beast attacked, the guards were only able to send it away, but I fear it will be returning soon"...

"What beast sir?" asked the Paladin. "This is the first sighting in history of this monster, we have no clue of its weaknesses, strengths and attributes of this beast" replied King Crue "But anyway who is these companions of yours?" *The paladin points to Karuko* "This is Kuroko" says the paladin *The Paladin looks around for the Valkyri* "Where is she?" he whispers to Karuko. A familiar voice echo's the building "Oh me, sorry I wasn't sure you would want me to be here. It might overwhelmed the King considering I'm the only Male Valkyri" "Oh its you, show yourself I am sure that he wont be surprised there's no reason" says the Paladin. The hidden Valkyri says "Well alright but-" The paladin interrupts "-No Buts just do it I'm sure he love to see you". The Valkyri appears right next to the Paladin. The king gasps and the guards in the room kneel to him where they are standing. "It's you! Ewok! You have returned!" The king said, all surprised. "You're Ewok?" Asks Karuko "I am, sorry I haven't kept in touch King..." Replies Ewok. "Why is the king so surprised? You must be special! But why?
The king ignoring these lame questions said, "Ewok, but at least your back". You may be the only one that will be able to stop that beast. Ewok says to the king, "Hey Crue, you have any idea where this creature came from? No, it just came from the MistyMarsh portal, says the king. Just then the captain of the guard ran in saying that the beast is on its way. "Brace yourself..."

'Look at the damage of this city!" said Karuko, "There's nothing that can possibly get in the way of this ferocious beast!" "This may be the apocalyptic one that everyone has been waiting for!" Replied the Paladin, "We must flee while we still have the chance" As they ran of with the king, Ewok stayed and yelled "There's no way you'll survive this, but I know that I can. I must stay and protect what is left of the city. You must hurry to MistyMarsh with the guards. Then battle your way through to NailoTemple you must hurry in the hidden library you must find the answers, to not only defeating the being. But now resurrecting Oblivion! Hurry you must go!", "Oblivion?" shouted the Paladin. Suddenly the doors blew open and the guards ran inside blocking the door from the beast. One of them ran to them and shouted "Please we must move a lot faster if we are to survive. A few of us will stay behind while you and the others find the way to defeat the Apocalyptic" "But wait the Oblivion?" said Karuko. "There's No Time Run!" shouted Ewok. With a terrifying loud screech Karuko and the Paladin ran for the underground exit to the mine. There they would have to journey through the MadBulls, GreenGiants, Bullywugs, Gnomes and Dragonkins to get to the portal once destroyed. The Paladin remembered and renounced to the party that 'There is no turning back'. As they arrived at the portal...

They discovered that Timberwolf was already there fighting off monsters as he attempted a ritual that would restore the portal back to its formal power. As the paladin and warrior get closer the see a mob of Dragonkins jump Timberwolf, and even though his skill with his super Demonsong Sword may be great they realize they will never reach him in time. Just as they fear that this may be the end of Timberwolf, suddenly WindBeads cut through mob and out steps Myra. She was a great mage who was Timber and Karuko's mentor back when they first became old enough to learn to fight. Timber looks up thru his blood splattered hair, "This is turning out to be a real reunion for old friends, huh?"

"We must travel through the dangers in Misty Marsh to reach Heart Lake, to find and join with us a fair and wise Mage named The Shepherd if he will help us he may bring with him a legion of warriors and lesser mages that go by the name of The Avengers, they stand for right and honesty and will be a great help to us in ridding the land of thieves, killers and other evil doers" The paladin told his fellow travelers. They looked into his eyes and saw the rightness of his words.

As they passed through the Green Demons, and hordes of EyeBalls they left in their passing a marsh that was now stinking and slippery with the blood of the evil beings they had just slain. Up through the rocky passes they climbed, leaving more bodies and gore in their wake, finally reaching the spot of ground that glowed with power. Stepping upon its magic sent the group to one of the most peaceful, beautiful and monster free areas in all of Yartland: The Heart Lake.