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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

Eudemons Online: Paladin Legend Part VI

Posted by gboy1983 Friday August 29 2008 at 3:02AM
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It was at night, while he was asleep, he had a dream he dreamt: YOU who is the chosen one awake and start training too have your wings up and fly!
In the dream he trained for weeks and finally flew there. When he reach, he was about to go but a beast/human-like monster came and stopped him.

The monster attacked with force but just as it was about to get him, he woke up with a fright!
He called upon his best paladin apprentice in the middle of the night and commanded him to go to the meteor site.

The paladin stared into the portal in front of the site... then suddenly it flamed! Releasing sparks and particles all around it, then the flame turned blue and the portal rose again! With the feeling of being victorious the paladin entered the portal and what he saw wasn??t pleasant, the GreenDevils, Ogres and Eyeballs had multiplied immensely!!! There was no sign of a path anywhere, it seemed the monsters that were stampeding and managed to destroy the paths. With no way for the guards to get back to this place Cronus and the monsters blocking the gates to the ElvenCity, they died of starvation...

The Paladin was Infuriated with his rage but he knew if he were to try and destroy the many monsters here he would surely die. He turned around to go back and get help but he saw that the portal had become inactive...."There is no turning back," he said to himself, finding that he is now trapped here he turns and to see the monsters, and wonders what he should do, then at that moment a mysterious figure approached from the monsters, and rushes forth using Phoenix Berserk to kill the monsters he can to get to this mysterious figure. He soon sees that it is a Strong Warrior wearing Star Ruby Armor and welding a rare Holy Poem Blade, He rushes towards him. The Paladin reaches the warrior and helps him out, they both run back to where the Inactive Portal is to rest as it is still safe around there acting as a point which the Monsters can not see them. The Paladin Asks him "what is your name?" the Warrior replies "My name is, Karuko"....

They were suddenly interrupted as a Greendevil jumped at the 2 heroes. Just as suddenly, thunder came down out of the sky obliterating the monster. Startled the two heroes looked around and finally spotted a beautiful Valkyrie watching them closely. "Even when u think your safe never let your guard down, how many times have I told u that Karuko?" the warrior stiffened at the sound of this familiar voice that he could not quite remember. The owner of the voice stepped out of the shadows and Karuko's eyes filled with surprise and tears as they fell on the face of his older brother, Timberwolf, who had mysteriously vanished 30 years and everyone thought was dead. "Hello, lil brother, miss me?

To be continued...