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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

Eudemons Online Wand,Eudemon and Murderer

Posted by gboy1983 Tuesday August 26 2008 at 3:59AM
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On a sunny day in summer a few years back I was given two companions to fight the evil creatures which now cover the earth. I managed to pass by the busy city of Cronus and outside I saw fearsome monsters. After destroying many of these so called "MadBulls" I gained a large amount of strength that I felt surge threw me and explode.

I passed through horde after horde of monsters gaining large amounts of gold, getting stronger with every kill, eventually I came to a place that was not like Cronus. It was dark and swampy with a dreadful mist, which was known as misty marsh. It was a magical land and the monsters here where far more fearsome. After ridding the lands of many more demonic creatures I found something, a pink egg glittering, I picked it up and kept it in my warm pouch to keep it from harm and continued on my way. I walked into a hidden city named ElvenCity. I traded with the armorer and blacksmith who forged me new equipment for I outgrew my last set. I gathered supplies and set foot on a new adventure, I was heading towards GobiDesert. As I reached the border between sand and swamp a guard warned me:

" This land is filled with many dangerous creatures and even murderers."

I ignored the guard's words and set foot. On the ground I saw, just laying there, a wand had a glowing aura around it. I held it in my hand and it busted into light, in my hand was a super wand.

But I was not the only one who saw the light. all the murderers in the area saw the rare flash and wanted to steal my new found weapon. They rushed at me, warriors and mages. I could not fend off them. My companions were beaten down by blades and I was falling, but suddenly, a creature jumped from my bag, a four legged demon with a very large head and it used a skill I have never seen, it saved me from a fatal blow using a glowing orange thunderbolt which made the earth rumble. Then the demon did as I wished, it could understand me and I it. Yet this strange feeling came onto me, was it... joy? Was I honestly enjoying slaughtering these men? It then came to me that I myself was no better than the murderers in front of me...

I started to kill all the other adventurers around me, wand now glowing with a lust for blood, tainted by the evil of its wielder. My pet also enjoyed killing...too much so. Eventually I found another egg oddly this one was purple, I took it in and waited, hatching the same pig like creature except this one could merge within me, and it did not use the same skill...

There I stood, my name glowing black, on top of the dunes in GobiDesert. A murderer, wanted criminal, lost in the evil of this world.