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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

The LostLand, The Foggy Battlefield!

Posted by gboy1983 Wednesday August 13 2008 at 5:08AM
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The LostLand, The foggy Battle Field!

Part 1.

Feet pounded against the docks, Warriors and Mages alike preparing gears and their pets. Under the cover of darkness, we ran towards the waiting ship, As massive as it was, it was just big enough to fit all of us.

We sailed, To the forgotten lands far away from our small homes, I looked back at the little island town i had grown to love, Watching it slowly disappear with the shining moon above knowing, this could be my last look at my home.

Foggy, Was the only way to describe this place, Foggy and dead, no sign of any human activity. We walked slowly, always on guard watching each others backs, we searched for hours, and found nothing. We set up camp on order of our superiors. Normally I would never listen to these people, Always a carefree person, But this was the time of war, no fooling around now.

"This place is deader than Dark's comedy club" One man said. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Aarg!.." We all turned our heads, and our eyes widened, A slash mark, all the way down from a mans head, to his pelvis, We watched in horror as the mass slid in two. Even more shocked by what was behind him, A SilentKnight.

Part 2.

After we saw that, Panick settled in, As we all tried to ready ourselves, More came seemingly out of nowhere, Slashing at more of us. Our fires suddenly went out after a harsh gust of wind. All was silent, Until a loud thud came from the middle of our camp.

"It's a Berserker!" I shouted charging for a Thunder. I released my power, Summoning a massive strike of thunder, Scorching the area and the berserker.

After that, we all charged, We hacked, slashed, thundered, and windbeaded for hours. I stopped, and looked around me. The destruction was far spread, Our camp long destroyed.

"There's too many, we should..."A man started to yell, cut nearly in two by a vicious berserker.

I looked around again, we were winning, "Of course," I though, "We have the upper hand in power." Releasing a torrent of windbeads.

We killed many, But there was too many, It seemed for every one we killed, three took it's place.

Dawn would be in a few hours, We had to act fast, Watching in horror as around ten of our army was over powered and fell to the bloody blades of SilentKnights.

I closed my eyes and sighed, we needed a miracle, I though.

Suddenly, I felt a power surge to my right, I saw a man, who I have never seen before, And with... Wings? I was amazed, At the wings and the skill level he showed, Many more of these men and woman came flooding in, Allies thankfully, The completely destroyed everything in site. Not our army of course.

Soon the battle was won, Our miracle had come! we were thankful to have such luck. We cheered, We had finally done it, tore apart the threat to island for ages! We were so happy. I felt a sharp pain, Looking dozen I noticed the rough edge of a silentknights sword, I coughed blood and fell to my knees, vision blurring I fell into a peaceful slumber, thinking only of my Island home thankful that I got one last look...


A/N: Just a little something I had on my mind and divided to write it, Hope you like it I do not have much experience in writing. Well, I wasn't basing this on the game so much, More realistic, And Yes, I know an army of people wouldn't die from The monsters of LostLand, But however this is a fic and it can be however I want it xD.

Engputer writes:




Wed Aug 13 2008 12:15PM Report
Klover02 writes:

Cool story

Wed Aug 13 2008 2:09PM Report
Klover02 writes:

Cool story...articulated well (and I am a teacher..he-he)


Wed Aug 13 2008 2:10PM Report writes:
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