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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

Eudemons Online: 5 Important Tips in TQ Games

Posted by gboy1983 Thursday November 6 2008 at 12:22AM
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Hello girls and boys and welcome to my new article. If the title made you wonder what am I talking about, then here is the explanation: every game has its own comunity, with its own players and characters, but there are some basic things that you have to be know when you are TQ Games. Some of those tips I am going to tell you about are making the games we play a better place, which we will enjoy more than we would do if people would be rude or they won't even talk with us, right? Also they do not apply just for TQ games, but also for most of the games available out there...
So let's see which are those tips, OK?

1st Tip - Don't expect for others to be kind, polite and nice every time. Sometimes they also have problems and they may be not as nice as they would usually... That's why it's important us to be polite with others. Treat the others as you want to be treated by others.

2nd Tip - If you have more of something you don't need, let's say some gold, then give them to one of your apprentices. This will help you build your own reputation among other players, and also this will make the community of CT/ZO/EO/CO a better place.

3rd Tip - Playing with your friends will make your time in a game more enjoyable. Why wouldn't you spend sometime travelling with some of your friends or introducing CT to them, or even Boss hunt with them and share or complete some quests together?

4th Tip - Ksing it's the worst bad quality you can ever achieve in CT/ZO/EO/CO! Of course calling names is also a bad quality, but come on, most of us are calling names for nothing and rarely we find someone who actually cares about the things we are saying. However, never but never insult someone if he/she doesn't deserves it.

And finally the 5th tip - There is a difference between being a newbie and a noob. Newbie represents a player that has just started playing the game, but a noob is an annoying person which insulted you or made you get angry. So be careful which of those 2 words you are using! There is a difference!
Of course there are many other things that had to be known, but let's just say those are the common things we have to know when we start playing, for example Crazy Tao.

Eudemons Online:Paladin Legend Part-IX

Posted by gboy1983 Wednesday September 17 2008 at 9:24PM
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The figure which emerged has a very strong aura, dark but very strong and without saying anything. It went ahead and tore the still-alive dragon into pieces with its claws, with this it changed shape, with a pitch dark beam it turned into Karuko's sword. The sword looks different, it was stronger now, even the look of it scared these brave ones, Timber couldn't figure this phenomenon out, he thought that maybe the DarkDragonKing's aura had messed up with the aura of the sword...And the sword, still in mid-air, returned to Karuko's hand...and as Karuko glared at this new and powerful sword he saw a deep reddish "f" mark on it. On looking closer he recognized the mark - it was the 'f-soul'...

The f-soul was a great power that was embedded into the sword when Timberwolf sacrificed his life. Karuko struck the dragon by a devastating blow that destroyed the dragon forever, and stopped all the Wyverns from spawning. After striking the dragon Karuko fell to the ground in sadness, his brother was now dead. All the paladin and Myra could do was watching and trying not to cry. This was the end of Timberwolf and the beginning of the f-soul...

The battle was over for now and the heroes were safe for the moment, the realization of what just happened hit everyone hard. Karuko looked over where Timber's sword lays and thrusted into the ground with tears in his eyes as he heard Myra sink to her knees behind him as she sobbed quietly for a friend that she had trusted with even her darkest secrets was now gone. Even the paladin's heart was heavy even though he had not known him long. Karuko turned slowly to help the paladin comfort the poor mage even though he felt like breaking down in tears himself.

"Why is everyone in such a gloomy mood?" A impossibly familiar cheerful voice surrounded the heroes. At the sound of his voice the heroes froze where the stood.

"It's not possible," Myra quietly whispered as her eyes fell on the one who should have been gone forever.

There stood Timber with his arms crossed gazing at the three with a slight smile across his face and be side him stood a mysterious woman....

"Yes it is truly I, the Goddess of the Moon. And Timber has finally proved himself worthy of his true power by sacrificing himself so that you all may be alive. So I return to him to this realm where he still has much work to do before he joins his ancestors in heaven," The woman with the gentle face and clothes of pure white said before she slowly faded away.

It was then that they noticed the change in Timber once again, his hair was as white as freshly fallen snow and his eyes as dark as the lowest depths of the ocean. His miracle light had also changed from the midnight black with silver full moons to a pure white accented with the black symbols of the goddess. As he drew his sword from the ice it too transformed taking on a blue hue and becoming the WolvenBlade of the Twilight.

He gazed at them slowly seeing the tears in their eyes.

"Did u guys miss me?..."
"Timber!!!!" Shouted Karuko "I thought you were..." "Don't worry Karuko, I'm here... for you" replied Timberwolf.
With the sound of the new blade and outfit howling they went off...

Before they left Ewok said "Karuko, the f-soul is something ancient and only wielders of honest and trustworthy hearts may wield that blade of yours, but it is still not at its full strength, and for the coming battles we will need it to be. Please trust me on this and give me the sword..." Karuko stands there thinking as to what Ewok is talking about or what he wants with the sword. After some thinking Karuko handed Ewok the blade. "The f-soul is a signification of one of four ancient spirits, each one with there own unique weapon named after them, the first ancient was the Great Mistress Oblivia, then came the Overlord Ultima, third the Eternal Oblivion and the last was forgotten in history.... The f-soul is a mark of Ultima." everyone stood there taking in everything Ewok had just said. "The reason I asked to hold the blade was so I could release the full power of it" "That's crazy, you'll kill yourself if you try!!!" yelled the Paladin then Ewok's eyes started to glow.... and writing of an ancient dialect came up the blade. "By the power of the ancients, COME FORTH the blade hidden deep for centuries, the blade of ULTIMA!!!!" says Ewok as a light engulfed the blade. The writing became readable as some floated into the air reading those "who stand shall never fall, those who fall shall never die, those who die shall never stand." Then as the words faded the blade became longer and started to change shape. With a yell of what seemed to be rage the light became dark and started to fade, the sword black with veins of lava running through it, a Gem in just above the handle that seemed to be generating these veins. It had a Dark appearance but shined slightly, the edges of the blade have become sharp and ridged. The sword had completely changed... Ewok collapsed to the ground and he tried to place the sword carefully on the ground. The Paladin rushed to help Ewok and Karuko looked at this new blade and he picked it up feeling a great surge of power run through his veins. "The blade feels light, although it looks heavy..." he says as he slashes it into the air, and a roar of thunder cries as he does so." Be careful with that blade it is extremely powerful and only surpassed by Oblivia." Ewok says as he rises.....


Eudemons Online: Paladin Legend Part VIII

Posted by gboy1983 Friday September 5 2008 at 4:01AM
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What's that glowing thing in Rihanu's hand? , said Karuko. Timberwolf shouts, that's the hilt to the oblivion sword. He then snatches it from her hand. Time to use the random teleport, says Karuko...they use it and they end up right in front of....

Ewok, "I was just looking for you guys" he says as he hands them the piece of the Oblivia sword he obtained from the beast in Cronus. "I suppose this means we now have 3 pieces by the look of things", "Timber, what is that book in your hand??", "This is all we could find in the library" replies Timberwolf, "May I have a look?" says Ewok, "Yea but we couldn't find anything, so I don't know if you will", "Don't know till we try now do we?" Ewok replied as Timberwolf handed him the book. He goes straight to where the text of the Oblivia Sword should be and sees the symbol of Timberwolf's tribe. Suddenly Ewok's eyes start glowing with the same color as that of red as the symbol, "Sedeth Ojarmway Dreknegh" he enchants as the symbol slowly fades away to nothing, and there are only Blank pages. He hands the Book back to Timberwolf and asks him to try reading it now, "But there is nothing there" Timberwolf replies. Soon he sees the Text Describing the pieces of the sword and where they were placed in this world, he looks at the 6th piece and reads aloud "The 6th piece is embedded in a powerful soul..." "What does it mean by that?" asks Karuko.

"I can answer that one..." says Ewok, "The 6th piece is one that could not be simply hidden away like the others, for that was what provided the great strength and power of the Oblivia Sword. You see at a Young age I learned of all this. I also learned that the only reason for my Eternal life and Great power and strength, also my Uniqueness was because the 6th part of the sword was embedded into my soul"...

Timber gazes deeply at his one friend that has been with him since that day he was alone out at HeartLake all those years ago. His cold silver eyes grew large as a question rose in his mind. "How will we remove the 6th piece without harming u Ewok?" He asked as fear for his long time friend grew great...

Ewok said ??Unfortunately the only way to rip the shard from my soul is to travel to enchanted hill by placing this magical rune in the center of a portal hidden deep within the ice Labryinth there you will meet the soul shepherd in ancient tongue he is known by the name of Dragonstea Din Tei he will be able to separate the shard from my soul ....

"But before we can get to the Labryinth we must get permission from King Crue" said Ewok. They team traveled back to Cronus for the permission, when they arrived at the castle the king looked as if his world was falling. He had just got message from his most trusted Silver Crusade. His message was about the Labryinth. Just then the King arrived and said, "About time you have returned, there is an emergency at the Icyland Labryinth" announced the king. "Funny that's what we were here for too" said Ewok, "We must all go immediately the fate of Icyland depends on it. I must accompany you. I'm sure whatever is causing this is going to need my help with, you'll also need me to open the gates for you now that there is no more queen..." replied the king. So they set off for Icyland with the help of the Teleporter Pamela...

They arrived at Icyland but some thing caught their eye, it was slouched against a wall with a huge bloodstain going down it. Thud, they look behind them - Karuko says, its...its...its..the...the...the...DarkDragonKing!!! WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE. "That's the first time I have seen you scared Karuko, what's the matter it's just a giant black dragon" Said the paladin. "Okay this must be one of the guardian bosses we have to defeat" Karuko said. They battled their way through the monster but the side victorious was...

Timberwolf said, "Don't be afraid Karuko, now listen to me carefully, every Guardian Boss has a weakness...this one cannot see but it can easily sense even the slightest of emotions - both fear and happiness. So don't be afraid, be confident "

Karuko gathered some courage and said to him self "I can win!!" - Just then the DarkDragonKing sensed his emotions, faced him and charged!
"Crap.._I_" said Karuko...

Just as the dragon was about to strike Karuko, Timberwolf, the Paladin and Myra came charging from behind onto the Dragon, combining the effect of their skills and weapon effect, they attacked!
...they where not expecting this, there uber powerful attack inflicted no damage on the Dragon...just then, taking advantage of the distracted Dragon, Karuko came charging, jumped and did a melee attack on the Dragon...

"Awee man!" said Karuko...his sword got stuck between the scales on the Dragon's body...

"That hyper kid...he'll just never learn -.-" said Timberwolf, "Leave the sword Karuko!"
"No, I can't leave this sword " said Kaurko.
"We'll try n get it back just come down !!" said Timber
"NO !! I wont let go of my sword, you made it for me !!" said Karuko

And Timber remembered how excited Karuko was when he made him that sword as a birthday gift or rather as a protection tool because he knew he wont be around Karuko for the rest of his life...Karuko needed to protect himself from this evil world,if ever he wasn't around...and he also remember the promise Karuko had made of never loosing the sword...and winning even the greatest of battles with it..

"We'll have to work some strategy out here...I know Karuko's not going to let go of that sword..." said Timber...Myra n the Paladin nodded...

There is just one way as that sword will return and help us all; Timberwolf explains...that way is to sacrifice my very own soul. As when I made that sword I used the light from my torn soul and mixed with a soul of the gods. In this creation came dark beings in which the spells of the apocalyptic being came into effect as my father knew when he summoned it. My brother that sword has your ancestor's soul's in. just then the sword explodes inside the Darkdragonking's body and immerses itself in a dark shadow as it formed the shape of a dark paladin. The figure walks over...

To be continued...


Eudemons Online: Paladin Legend Part VII

Posted by gboy1983 Wednesday September 3 2008 at 10:49PM
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Meanwhile, back in NailoTemple - Karuko, Timberwolf and the paladin enter the abyssal darkness that was on the other side of the door. Timberwolf looks up only to see a full moon - and suddenly he is surrounded by a white light. A burst of light comes straight from his body showing the group the way through. They finally get to the door and it easily opens without a thought - Karuko and the paladin run in, curious about what's inside...then there is a loud bang and they look around them, they are in the library all right but they are in a fiery cage. Timberwolf opens up a conversation, its time to tell you - who I really am...

"Karuko, you know me as older brother. This is only partially true, since we share no blood ties. I was found alone at the edge of Heart Lake by the Shepherd and his daughter long ago and brought to your parents to be took care of. But even back then the moon called to me..." Timberwolf looks up towards the full moon with a yearning expression on his face, "I was different I could tell, for I was the only one who could hear the sweet song of the full moon. So when I became old enough I set off to find the truth of my past.

Deep in Volcano, I found what appeared to be a lowly hermit who spoke to me of the moon and of its song. When I asked him of what it meant he transformed the same as you all saw me and he told me of my ancestors.

A tribe of warriors that was renown for their strength and viciousness of the wolves that they used as their crest, they were the defenders of Yartland.

This is not the first time the Apocalyptic for it was the greatest warrior of the tribe who sealed him away using the power of the legendary Oblivia Sword, I soon learned that this infamous warrior was my father who died giving up his soul to seal the Apocalyptic being away.

Having decided that the Oblivia Sword was too great of a power for this world the tribe of warriors broke it into 7 pieces and scattered them so that they may be guarded. But in doing so they angered the Goddess of The Moon from which the power of the Oblivia Sword is derived, cursing them sealing their power so that only by truly proving their heart pure could the power be unlocked with the goddess's symbol."

Timber looks at the paladin and warrior within the flaming cage and to Myra and the Shepherd who still stood by the door. "We have wasted enough time here talking we must find the other six pieces to the Oblivia Sword for the WerewolfHowlBlade is the seventh that binds the other six together."

With a slash of the blade that cut thru the air with the sound of a wolf howling at the moon, Timber cleanly sliced thru the bars of the cage as the force of the wind behind the blow extinguished the flames.

"We must get going..."

Timber wolf led the way out side of the room to meet with the guardian DragonBain to look for any books in the library that might help them find the remaining 5 shards left (one was found in Cronus by Ewok so 5 left ) of the legendary oblivion blade. After searching for many hours through the ancient halls of the dusty library they found the book of twilight a book written by the ancestors of Timberwolf. The book held information of timber wolfs descendants their ways of life, stories/ folk lore everything, including the legend of the oblivion blade but as timber wolf and the gang read through the book they realized the final page describing the shards whereabouts was missing there was a mysterious marking left on the piece of page that was still left the marking of Timberwofl's tribe...
With 2 of the sword pieces having been found the group set off for the great sandy expanse of the Gobi.

"With luck and the Paladins power we may gain access to that ruined temple. When I was younger I went there on a quest, and slew the 9 bosses, and then the one who arose from their collected souls, when he died too I descended down a level to confront the TombKeeper, a horrible worm like creature that seemingly took forever to kill, as he expired he whispered something about a hidden room where an item of great power would be found. So my fellow travelers let us depart to Gobi, and slay any that stand against us."

Once they arrived at GobiDesert, they quickly got their hands on some potions for a small amount of gold then they sprinted off in search for temple. They battled the BigFangs and Golems. But as they passed through the Lizards a Mysterious figure approached them, Timberwolf identified the figure. It was the powerful yet mysterious Elven mage Rihanu. "Timberwolf, is that you after so many years?" Yes, since you departed from my father, replied Timberwolf." you know that's not true...Your father and I were incredibly close friends. Timberwolf then says, of course you were good friends you ended up having me then father said you left him.

To be continued...


Eudemons Online: Paladin Legend Part VI

Posted by gboy1983 Tuesday September 2 2008 at 3:35AM
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Standing in front of them, wearing modest Summer Hunter garb and holding his glowing staff was The Shepherd. "I welcome you fellow beings of good, I have been expecting you"

The paladin and the two warrior brothers fell to their knees before the great mage who was the oldest and the wisest in the land having been there since the land had been created. As Myra stood there and stared with eyes wide open at the mage that in times of her youth she had known as father. And that was when the Shepherd started his tale...

As The Shepherd spun his tale of the horrors and evil beings in the realm of Yartland, he filled in the assembled group on all of the various lands they would be experiencing in their travels. They knew of busy Cronus, peaceful Elven city and the danger filled Misty Marsh, he told them of Gobi Desert, home to dangerous human bandits who thought nothing of killing travelers, the long journey down the canyon to Dark Marsh, an area ten times worse than Misty Marsh, the frigid expanse of Icyland, the deceptively peaceful Island and the very dangerous Volcano and LostLand.

Now he was sure he had provided the group with more information to strengthen them more than just physically, but mentally as well.

Some of his legion volunteered to join them as they set off to hunt down the Dark forces and once again bring the Light of peace and prosperity to all the people of Yartland.

"Our first destination is the hidden library in the NailoTemple, for that holds the key to stopping the apocalyptic being." With that the band of travelers headed on their way, with Timber and Karuko leading the group hacking any monster that got in their way, Myra walking gracefully next to the paladin behind the two warriors blasting any unlucky monster that got past the brothers. The paladin casting cure on the warrior brothers and the Avengers who trailed along behind destroying any monsters that approached from behind, as he keep gazing out to the horizon in search of a glimpse of the NailoTemple......

The weird looking creatures ran away and hid themselves.
When they reached the NailoTemple they realized they didn't know how to get inside.
Suddenly they where ambushed by a being in Golden armor carrying a giant sword that he swung around with ease. Soon everyone was captured and chained to the pillars of the temple.
"Who are you?"
Karuko replies "We are a legion of fighters here seeking answers from the hidden library."
"Oh so the old Hawk told you about the library. Well then we better get inside before the monsters track through your scent."
Myra asks "who are you and what are you doing at the temple?"
"Yes I am one of the seven Guardians. The only one who remains?"
Timberwolf says "what do you mean by the only one who remains?"
"Enough about that lets just get inside. I can hear them already, the blood curdling screams of those beasts."
Suddenly the stairs that led up slid downward and opened a passage. Inside through a large dark tunnel the legion of fighters entered a large cavern underground.
"You can rest up here I have plenty of food to feed all of us for years. I have perfected a spell that can grow and mature a plant in minutes."
The Shepard asks "Now that we are safe will you tell us about you?"
"Fine I will. I am an Incarnation of the Seventh Endogata guardian from the order of Endogata. I am only here because I knew you wouldn't be able to get inside without my help. I have been here for 30 years getting answers for all the questions I have."
Myra replies "How old are you, I mean you look no older than 15 and who are the guardians of the order of Endogata?"
"All I will say is my Name is DragonBain and that we should be going to look for information about how to defeat Apocalyptic and what you need to know about Oblivia."

The legion of heroes and DragonBain slowly wondered down the hall until they came across a strange door. Even with DragonBain's great strength and the mages most powerful spells the door would not budge. As everyone stood there wondering wut to do, Timberwolf studied the door carefully. Upon it was the symbol of the full moon surrounded by ancient symbols that only he could read. Eyes full of understanding he slowly withdrew a pendant from beneath his armor; it was in the shape of the full moon and glowed with silver light. "Hireki mai shinsei kensei" he softly whispered into the darkness surrounding them. Through a crack in the stone over head the light of the full moon shone onto Timberwolf and before everyone he started to change. His hair grew black as the night as his eyes changed from their normal soft blue hue to a silver as cold as steel and the moonlight swirled around him and materialized into a miracle light adorned with the symbol of the full moon, his sword changed from its form of the Demonsong Sword into the fabled WerewolfHowlBlade of the CursedMoonWolfTribe, taking on a silver glow of that of the moon.

"Long have I awaited for the arrival of a warrior descended from the wolf tribe that suffered from the curse of the full moon, speak thy name and be granted passage" the voice came from the door itself. As everyone looked on Timberwolf slowly walked up to the door and in a smooth warm voice spoke, "Mokuzai Ookami."

As the door swung open the heroes entered but each had one question come to mind, who is Timberwolf and what does that transformation mean?......

As time goes on and Timbers mysterious past is revealed will answers come to the heroes or just more questions.....

Meanwhile back at Cronus Ewok and the other guards are fighting like never before... "This beast is strong but something doesn't feel right...." says Ewok as they are fighting. "What do you mean Ewok Valkyrie?" says one of the guards, "I mean that this beast is no apocalyptic, but merely a test of our strength, from a long dead spirit.... I am guessing it is the spirit of the one who sent the meteorite with the information??" replied Ewok. As they battle long and hard the fight seems to never end, "Stand back every one...." says Ewok as he leaps up into the dark night. A pure light surrounds Ewok as he floats there, "Entiy Mangoi KILOF!!" he cries and a sudden beam of light shoots down from the heavens, "Begon spirit of the fallen forever..." he whispers into the night.... Ewok slowly descends back on to the ground and sees one of the seven parts of the sword, also a note that says ??Once you have obtained the Seven Pieces of the Oblivia Sword, Seek the Yeti's hidden in the IcyMountains....


Eudemons Online: Paladin Legend Part V

Posted by gboy1983 Sunday August 31 2008 at 10:47PM
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"It truly has been too long brother" replied Karuko, He then turns to the Paladin and says "This is my older brother Timberwolf, but what is your name Paladin?" the Paladin Replies "This is no time to be asking my name" as he points towards the monsters. Karuko looks and sees the Monsters preparing for a large attack on the three of them. "I believe we may be in for some trouble" says Timberwolf...

They sat down in the shape of a circle because the Valkyri told them to, they were thinking wtf are we doing but they did it anyway and trusted her. She told them to close there eyes, and as the monsters got closer she started saying words, she spoke in a holy language "Zeuaf Haolet Fogaret" then she spoke English "Melinda, Allyssa, Cupid" they holy language again: "Alost aerosa maioagrater" then English: "Melinda Allyssa, Cupid bless us with protection, bless us with power, combine your will to our will, may we warp to Cronus" she continued the monsters were almost right next to them now! They striked! And what looked like was a portal in the ground under them. Suddenly the paladins fell in screaming! The Valkyri said under her breath "noobs" and followed them in just before being attacked also. 3 of the monsters got into the portal too... but as they arrived at the Cronus fountain, they monsters were destroyed. A Warden approached them, examined them, then knelt in front of the paladin, then said "My lord, who is accompanying you? Never mind that the king and queen want to see you at once! I advise you to see them immediately"...

"I will go see them, but only if these two can come along" replied the Paladin, "Very well then, lets go we have no time to waste" said the warden as he stood up. When the Paladin reached the King he asked "King Crue, what is the problem?", "Whilst you were gone a vicious beast attacked, the guards were only able to send it away, but I fear it will be returning soon"...

"What beast sir?" asked the Paladin. "This is the first sighting in history of this monster, we have no clue of its weaknesses, strengths and attributes of this beast" replied King Crue "But anyway who is these companions of yours?" *The paladin points to Karuko* "This is Kuroko" says the paladin *The Paladin looks around for the Valkyri* "Where is she?" he whispers to Karuko. A familiar voice echo's the building "Oh me, sorry I wasn't sure you would want me to be here. It might overwhelmed the King considering I'm the only Male Valkyri" "Oh its you, show yourself I am sure that he wont be surprised there's no reason" says the Paladin. The hidden Valkyri says "Well alright but-" The paladin interrupts "-No Buts just do it I'm sure he love to see you". The Valkyri appears right next to the Paladin. The king gasps and the guards in the room kneel to him where they are standing. "It's you! Ewok! You have returned!" The king said, all surprised. "You're Ewok?" Asks Karuko "I am, sorry I haven't kept in touch King..." Replies Ewok. "Why is the king so surprised? You must be special! But why?
The king ignoring these lame questions said, "Ewok, but at least your back". You may be the only one that will be able to stop that beast. Ewok says to the king, "Hey Crue, you have any idea where this creature came from? No, it just came from the MistyMarsh portal, says the king. Just then the captain of the guard ran in saying that the beast is on its way. "Brace yourself..."

'Look at the damage of this city!" said Karuko, "There's nothing that can possibly get in the way of this ferocious beast!" "This may be the apocalyptic one that everyone has been waiting for!" Replied the Paladin, "We must flee while we still have the chance" As they ran of with the king, Ewok stayed and yelled "There's no way you'll survive this, but I know that I can. I must stay and protect what is left of the city. You must hurry to MistyMarsh with the guards. Then battle your way through to NailoTemple you must hurry in the hidden library you must find the answers, to not only defeating the being. But now resurrecting Oblivion! Hurry you must go!", "Oblivion?" shouted the Paladin. Suddenly the doors blew open and the guards ran inside blocking the door from the beast. One of them ran to them and shouted "Please we must move a lot faster if we are to survive. A few of us will stay behind while you and the others find the way to defeat the Apocalyptic" "But wait the Oblivion?" said Karuko. "There's No Time Run!" shouted Ewok. With a terrifying loud screech Karuko and the Paladin ran for the underground exit to the mine. There they would have to journey through the MadBulls, GreenGiants, Bullywugs, Gnomes and Dragonkins to get to the portal once destroyed. The Paladin remembered and renounced to the party that 'There is no turning back'. As they arrived at the portal...

They discovered that Timberwolf was already there fighting off monsters as he attempted a ritual that would restore the portal back to its formal power. As the paladin and warrior get closer the see a mob of Dragonkins jump Timberwolf, and even though his skill with his super Demonsong Sword may be great they realize they will never reach him in time. Just as they fear that this may be the end of Timberwolf, suddenly WindBeads cut through mob and out steps Myra. She was a great mage who was Timber and Karuko's mentor back when they first became old enough to learn to fight. Timber looks up thru his blood splattered hair, "This is turning out to be a real reunion for old friends, huh?"

"We must travel through the dangers in Misty Marsh to reach Heart Lake, to find and join with us a fair and wise Mage named The Shepherd if he will help us he may bring with him a legion of warriors and lesser mages that go by the name of The Avengers, they stand for right and honesty and will be a great help to us in ridding the land of thieves, killers and other evil doers" The paladin told his fellow travelers. They looked into his eyes and saw the rightness of his words.

As they passed through the Green Demons, and hordes of EyeBalls they left in their passing a marsh that was now stinking and slippery with the blood of the evil beings they had just slain. Up through the rocky passes they climbed, leaving more bodies and gore in their wake, finally reaching the spot of ground that glowed with power. Stepping upon its magic sent the group to one of the most peaceful, beautiful and monster free areas in all of Yartland: The Heart Lake.

Eudemons Online: Paladin Legend Part VI

Posted by gboy1983 Friday August 29 2008 at 3:02AM
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It was at night, while he was asleep, he had a dream he dreamt: YOU who is the chosen one awake and start training too have your wings up and fly!
In the dream he trained for weeks and finally flew there. When he reach, he was about to go but a beast/human-like monster came and stopped him.

The monster attacked with force but just as it was about to get him, he woke up with a fright!
He called upon his best paladin apprentice in the middle of the night and commanded him to go to the meteor site.

The paladin stared into the portal in front of the site... then suddenly it flamed! Releasing sparks and particles all around it, then the flame turned blue and the portal rose again! With the feeling of being victorious the paladin entered the portal and what he saw wasn??t pleasant, the GreenDevils, Ogres and Eyeballs had multiplied immensely!!! There was no sign of a path anywhere, it seemed the monsters that were stampeding and managed to destroy the paths. With no way for the guards to get back to this place Cronus and the monsters blocking the gates to the ElvenCity, they died of starvation...

The Paladin was Infuriated with his rage but he knew if he were to try and destroy the many monsters here he would surely die. He turned around to go back and get help but he saw that the portal had become inactive...."There is no turning back," he said to himself, finding that he is now trapped here he turns and to see the monsters, and wonders what he should do, then at that moment a mysterious figure approached from the monsters, and rushes forth using Phoenix Berserk to kill the monsters he can to get to this mysterious figure. He soon sees that it is a Strong Warrior wearing Star Ruby Armor and welding a rare Holy Poem Blade, He rushes towards him. The Paladin reaches the warrior and helps him out, they both run back to where the Inactive Portal is to rest as it is still safe around there acting as a point which the Monsters can not see them. The Paladin Asks him "what is your name?" the Warrior replies "My name is, Karuko"....

They were suddenly interrupted as a Greendevil jumped at the 2 heroes. Just as suddenly, thunder came down out of the sky obliterating the monster. Startled the two heroes looked around and finally spotted a beautiful Valkyrie watching them closely. "Even when u think your safe never let your guard down, how many times have I told u that Karuko?" the warrior stiffened at the sound of this familiar voice that he could not quite remember. The owner of the voice stepped out of the shadows and Karuko's eyes filled with surprise and tears as they fell on the face of his older brother, Timberwolf, who had mysteriously vanished 30 years and everyone thought was dead. "Hello, lil brother, miss me?

To be continued...


Eudemons Online: Paladin Legend Part III

Posted by gboy1983 Thursday August 28 2008 at 1:20AM
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It has been 100 years since that fateful day, and the long line of descendants of that great warrior and of the great paladin have been just discovering their ancestry and they came to find out the greatness of their forefathers before them.

The paladin was still alive and well not at his best strength but sharing his great knowledge as a scholar to new and young paladins. With the average GreenDevil or Madbull wondering into the city now and then, the old paladin kept them hostage and casted spells over them. The spell was called Alpha that made the monsters immortal; to live forever. This allowed him to help test out the new paladin skills out on monsters with ought the risk of the new paladins getting hurt. The king of the GreenDevil's known as GreenDevillvl18 felt all the pain that was being inflicted on the monsters being held hostage, he felt the urge to help them but was too afraid of the old Guardian paladin. With the great power of the paladin, he still knew the hiding place of the monster and start teaching young paladins, to continue guarding the King and Queen....

Very few of the people could make sense of the Paladins story, but considering that he was gaining strength with each passing day, they all wished him well and sent baskets of dried fruits and other succulent food stuffs from all over Yartland. He put his mind to learning more spells and honing his melee skills to become an even more fearsome force in the seemingly never ending battle against the darkness. Recent events had told him that the evil infecting Yartland had only been temporarily banished.

They were all signs of a possibility that the arrival of and Apocalyptic being was being awoken, but there was no word of how or when this being would arrive. But luckily he still had hope that this was false after all it had only been 2 of the 3 signs that it was awakening, he was still certain to look out for them and get prepared for whatever is to come. The other signs that he had to look out for were unknown so the Paladin decided to start patrolling the grounds of Cronus, he noticed a small flame in the sky, that looked as though it was headed towards the portal to Misty Marsh, he quickly gathered his 2 strongest Apprentices and ran over to the Portal with them to warn the guards and other people there training, they reached the portal and got every out of there, and just in time as well, as the meteorite struck the portal completely destroying access to Misty or from Misty, but on the meteorite it said "The Apocalyptic comes to your world to seek destruction. He has destroyed many before him but you may have the way to destroy him, His name is Klimnest and he is a more powerful than the Devil himself, you need to seek the 7 pieces of the Legendary swor...." the rest is worn and unreadable......

He was sure now! The Apocalyptic, Klimnest, had awakened! What about the legendary items though? He went back to his paladin academy to the library section to research Klimnest. He had no findings at all in that library. But he knew what to do, he had to travel to NailoTemple in MistyMarsh there deep in the dungeon would be the hidden library that would reveal all information that was needed to know about anything in Yartland and beyond! But how was he to get to NailoTemple if the portal to MistyMarsh is destroyed...?

To be continued...


Eudemons Online: The Tale of Two Legions

Posted by gboy1983 Wednesday August 27 2008 at 2:14AM
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Man against man, woman against woman, kind and against kind. Legions, made to have a group of people to help you through the sometime tough world of Eudemon Online.

Legion have enemies list to put the legions that are against you and your legion mates on. And some time someone to fight every once and a while other then random PKers and the million of creatures that inhabit the world, but what happen when your legion has too many enemies and a leader that can do nothing about it? I am Draven and I am undercover in a legion that is in over their heads.

I will not name the server and will refer to the legion as "WAR". WAR is a legion that started off with very few members and had but one enemy. WAR was started because a legion that will be referred to as "VOX" was lead by an evil and cruel man "Saint". So when things got too bad the leader of WAR "Roxy" started her own legion. Roxy started by recruiting her friends from VOX with promises of high ranks and better treatment. When Saint found out about what Roxy was doing he made WAR his enemy.

A year later they are still at battle. Roxy ran her legion fairly and strictly with rules like no random PKing and no boss stealing. Roxy in the real world is starting college and has been off Eudemon. Her rules that kept her legion safe and prosperous have many times been broken. Members have been random PKing and boss stealing cause other legion members to add WAR to their enemy list. Though WAR is a level 10 legion many of their members are below 100 pot..

Eudemons Online Wand,Eudemon and Murderer

Posted by gboy1983 Tuesday August 26 2008 at 3:59AM
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On a sunny day in summer a few years back I was given two companions to fight the evil creatures which now cover the earth. I managed to pass by the busy city of Cronus and outside I saw fearsome monsters. After destroying many of these so called "MadBulls" I gained a large amount of strength that I felt surge threw me and explode.

I passed through horde after horde of monsters gaining large amounts of gold, getting stronger with every kill, eventually I came to a place that was not like Cronus. It was dark and swampy with a dreadful mist, which was known as misty marsh. It was a magical land and the monsters here where far more fearsome. After ridding the lands of many more demonic creatures I found something, a pink egg glittering, I picked it up and kept it in my warm pouch to keep it from harm and continued on my way. I walked into a hidden city named ElvenCity. I traded with the armorer and blacksmith who forged me new equipment for I outgrew my last set. I gathered supplies and set foot on a new adventure, I was heading towards GobiDesert. As I reached the border between sand and swamp a guard warned me:

" This land is filled with many dangerous creatures and even murderers."

I ignored the guard's words and set foot. On the ground I saw, just laying there, a wand had a glowing aura around it. I held it in my hand and it busted into light, in my hand was a super wand.

But I was not the only one who saw the light. all the murderers in the area saw the rare flash and wanted to steal my new found weapon. They rushed at me, warriors and mages. I could not fend off them. My companions were beaten down by blades and I was falling, but suddenly, a creature jumped from my bag, a four legged demon with a very large head and it used a skill I have never seen, it saved me from a fatal blow using a glowing orange thunderbolt which made the earth rumble. Then the demon did as I wished, it could understand me and I it. Yet this strange feeling came onto me, was it... joy? Was I honestly enjoying slaughtering these men? It then came to me that I myself was no better than the murderers in front of me...

I started to kill all the other adventurers around me, wand now glowing with a lust for blood, tainted by the evil of its wielder. My pet also enjoyed killing...too much so. Eventually I found another egg oddly this one was purple, I took it in and waited, hatching the same pig like creature except this one could merge within me, and it did not use the same skill...

There I stood, my name glowing black, on top of the dunes in GobiDesert. A murderer, wanted criminal, lost in the evil of this world.