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PvE and PvP

PvE players (like me)want to have fun with our character. I am not interested in shoot-em-up "Im better than you" games for 13 yr old videogame artists. Want to add a couple games to my WOW sub. But all are like a government..PvP get the best perks!

Author: garry

PvE and PvP

Posted by garry Saturday August 2 2008 at 6:16PM
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I am a 62 yr old gamer (since 1976). Former game designer for TSR and Pacesetter games. Hired because I was a designer who would rather play a game than run it as a GM. I simply know what is fun in a game from experience.

As a PvE player i want to have a character that gets to do things and get stuff for the fun and relaxation. Found to my surprise that the button pushing finger artists of videogames want to fight others and beat them "i'm better than you!". Not NPC opponents but other guys, right off the playground. Bullies in the gaming world must have a blast with PvP (unless they lose) cause I see their statements on chat regularly.

I don't have a single objection to the PvP experts having their fun at each others expense. That is what   gaming is all about, having fun in your own way. But where I am having problems is that the game designers and their companies seem to have the highest regard for those PvP'ers. They get the greatest rewards, perks and stuff. Catering to their ego's is a high priority for most of the MMO games I see.

I am a long time player of WOW along with several of my gaming friends. We have enjoyed the game a lot and still play almost daily. However I have been checking out the various games in order to add one or two to my WoW sub for variety. Unfortunately all of them I have seen so far have bent over backwards to placate and support the PvP players, in most cases guaranteeing that the best play and perks and "stuff" will be theirs and not available to us lowly PvE players. Makes you feel like we are getting the leftovers and only allowed in to help pay subs for the glorious PVP!

Sorry if that sounds a little over the top but it is extremely frustrating (yes, even in WOW). It doesn't help when I read some of the flaming comments someone like myself gets (and will probably get here) when we speak up. The companies that produce MMO's are not stupid, there must be a reason they cater so much to the PvP player. Perhaps there are more of them but frankly, I doubt it. Don't know the statistics on this or the problem of end play for the companies.

I do not suggest reducing or downplaying the PvP content. There should be as much PvP content in any game as possible. I hope all PvP players have a great time and fun, cause that's why we play.  Also I am aware of the constraints necessary from the basic computer architecture as well as the cost effectiveness of adding content. The fact is that you can't please everybody but it is frustrating to be on the losing end of that argument.

Companies can object and tell us how they have plenty of wonderful PvE content but I simply ask them to check out their own advertising and updates/expansions. Then give an honest appraisal of where they are targeting their content. I've checked out game after game here on MMORPG and have yet to find one of the 5 or 6 games I am considering adding to my comp that doesn't hawk the same wares. Our PVP is great, we don't force you into groups but...., abilities and equipment you can achieve thru our PvP is not available to...well, you have all read the statements.

Solution? Not one readily available. Companies go where they think the money is, period. If PvP is the wave then thats the final answer. Only say that  if PvP is that important in your game then I probably won't bother to buy it or sub. At this point I have tried and finally dumped 6 MMO games. I like WOW a lot although it does the same as the others, PvP gets the first and best.

If someone sends me an email and offers me the job of game advisor for PvE I will deliver a number of ideas for improving and helping those players with computer friendly (and easy) suggestions. (Yeah I know...fat chance). Companies have already decided on their course of action . Easy combat like WoW is evidently anathema (although about 11 million paying subscribers might say different). Realistinc, FPS like, video combat seems the wave of the future. I have dealt with realistic things all my life, usually tiresome, frustrating and mostly resembling work. I don't want to work, I want to play and have fun.

Not normally a blog writer but I was checking through the games here on MMORPG for possible new ones to get and got a little frustrated, so I thought I would throw this out. Kinda hope I can get some feedback from PvP players (without the flaming and expletives please...those I just shrug off and ignore). I admit i was stereotyping PvP players as 13 yr old x-box finger artists and I honestly apologize. Please understand that frustration is a 'realistic' fact and I can't say I like it either.

thanks for reading.......................garry


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