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MMO Madness

Please keep in mind at all times that even though my opinions may seem one sided at times. Im writing about what i observe in the world of MMORPG gaming.

Author: gamerman98

No LEGO universe this year

Posted by gamerman98 Tuesday February 17 2009 at 1:11PM
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As reported from the LEGO MMO game will not be coming out in 2009.


Here is the link for the full story


Click here

WAR broke my MMO boredom

Posted by gamerman98 Friday September 19 2008 at 5:18PM
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And what i mean by the title is that i was terribly bored of MMOs until i played WAR....i love it, its awesome and im thankful to be allowed to be a part of a fresh new experience.


NOTE: Also I want to mention that this post is strictly about WAR since we dont have much freedom of speech and the rules to blogging on this site are completely ass backwards to what having a blog really means.  Ive fully expressed my feelings on this situation at my personal blog site...but wouldnt want to post it up...i might get a warning for advertising or something lol. Plus that post alone would probably P off a few ppl around here so lets just not get into that shall we. more important matters/

So Warhammer Online is launched and really making a name for itself. I really don't know why everyone still has to compare it to WoW since i pretty much dont even see anything WoW related in the game...even the graphics. They are NOT cartoony, the scale of alot of buildings is very awesome, and overall the questing is much more fun for me in WAR. I am very excited to reach the tier 4 of RvR because I really cant wait to seige the enemies city....its just going to be sweet.


Thats my opinion on how i feel of WAR...i know others dont like it, but i do and thats all that matters to me.

I hate repeating myself

Posted by gamerman98 Sunday August 31 2008 at 12:45AM
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Now being someone who heavily believes in the freedom of speech, when it comes to a certain game on these forums alot of people feel threatened by the things I have to say. I do not really care about their reactions or feeling towards my personal opinions, and if they hate them then tough sh**. The game im talking about is Darkfall Online.

Now at this point I could see about 20 people saying that i know nothing of the game so I shouldn't even try to write about it....but they are all dead wrong. I WAS a sort of fan back when it was announced, I joined the official forums (under a different name so no you wont find me), but i saw the light when all they did was make false announcements and string the fans along with their words. Now more than a few years later and nothing has really changed. Sure they just released a long boring video that contained a ton of scripted scenes, a 10 second showing of the lacking UI that they have, and a very outdated engine with even worse particle effects. I watched the hi res version of the video to see it in its true form....and before i hit play i begged it to prove me make me even apologize for the words I have said in the past. But no....I was still right and the game didnt really change at all.

Now in the aftermath people are still crazy and fellow anti-supporters have given up and started to apologize. Seriously no offence but either they are weak, or just...yeah they are weak. So what if Tasos said a video was to appear in August 2008 and by some odd coincidence it came only days from September 1st. Thats 1 out of many things promised that was actually delievered.

As for the fans on this site that support this game. You can flame me, PM me (ya you know it Originalegg), call me names, throw vowels and syllibles at me...or even scarier....make total complete sentences with proper grammar *GASP!!!!* But you will never....NEVER...change my mind or make me apologize. No matter what i will continue to voice my opinion on DF and I will always carry the belief that it is not what the fans hope it to be. Please mark these words, because they will never change.

a reply to a comment..and commenting on latest news

Posted by gamerman98 Saturday August 25 2007 at 9:02PM
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First off before i start my main part about this blog post i would like to make some sort of follow up to my last blog post.  First off I would like to explain further and help others that read that post gain more understanding as to why i wrote what i did about the forum thread i was involved in, and clear more about my self description as a gamer. The thread I "fought" in so to speak, was more of defending myself as a individual then just doing what most guys do by saying, "your a n00b i can Pwnzor u in a minute" Ya i did say i could probably beat that guy if he played me, but that was mere confidence like any gamer has. Sure i win some and i lose some..there is no perfect gamer, and i respect that because it comes with the territory of gaming. There is no gaming "God" alive that has a 13253245 - 0 record. I believe in myself to be good...not the best, but better than average. Sure like everyone else that plays games alot I would like to be known as "one" of many that are considered great or close to the best, but thats just a dream. I could be playing in Pro gaming leagues, but my values and love for life more than fame would remind me that to every man/woman, there is ALWAYS someone better, so one could not truly become the best. I dont strive to have the best carrer, tons of money, im one man in a huge world who was given the priviledge to live on this earth like everyone else and gaming is one of my big ways to enjoy it. I respect everyone out there who plays games and tries hard each day at getting better and better at it. I also respect everyone i meet online whether it be in game or in a forum. Just because they dont have the same views about things in gaming like i do doesnt mean that i think they suck or i dislike them. I look at forums on any site as a place to speak freely and sometimes debate, and when im done talking in a thread i walk away and keep going on with my life because there is no reason to hold a grudge against someone..even if they called you bad things or made attempts at attacking you personally. At the end of the day its all words and i realize that with the fact im over here at my comp and the other guy is all the way somewhere in the world and that gives them all the power to say what they want without a physical confrontation. If they lived here i would still not be bothered..its their opinion and i respect that.

Now i wanted to clear up something about what i said about my name "Gamerman98" and how it was placed on me.  Back when Doom 2 was slowly becoming a thing of the past (it never will, but i mean in terms of gaming evolution) and games like Quake and Unreal were coming out (which was AFTER 1998 when unreal was released), a few of my friends decided that they wanted to have a all night LAN party one Friday night and asked me if i would be able to come. So i went and there was about 15 ppl in that basement (it was a HUGE basement too) and they were all playing Unreal and i never played that game yet ( the weekend after the LAN party was when i was going to go pick up my copy of it) so it was my first time playing, like most of the guys that were there that night. Well to make a long story short we played on teams first then my friend Mike wanted to play me 1v1 (he had this "im the king of all games" attitude because he was the only guy in town at the time that beat both DOOM games on nightmare from start to finish..whoo hooo i said lol) so i agreed thinking it would be fun since we used to DM 1v1 on Doom all the time back when it came out and were bored of the co-op play. To make the story short again I pretty much embarrased him badly (not on purpose too might i add, I was only paying attention to how i was playing and didnt notice that he took it seriously because the other guys were laughing at him) and after we all went back to team play and one of the guys called me a Gamer man (because 1: he knew my love for games, and 2: because he thought i played awsome in that match against Mike) I never really thought nothing of the name until 2004 when i started Playing Unreal Tournament 2004 and when i went to give myself a Online name i just picked Gamerman98 (98 being my favorite number) nowadays i usually go by GmaN98 but still use the full name depending on the game. Now i dont hold it up high and be like "Im Gamerman98 and im the best and ill kill you all the time!!" Its just a name and now back home GmaN is like a nick name ppl call me (gamer friends mainly). So its not some ego booster or anything...i just wanted to use this blog as a way to explain myself as a gamer and a human being outside of the games.

Now on with the main reason for this post (I apologize for you having to read all of this)


I just wanted to say that after reading all the latest news about the new games currently being developed, i dont really have a certain game im aiming for but i do like what i see in all of them. They each have unique qualities that im very interested in seeing the finished product. Like WAR's RvR or AoC's Seige battles and in my personal opinion its a good idea that AoC is rated M. It WONT..and believe me it WONT keep the so called "WoW kiddies" from playing it, it will though (and i hope) give players a more in depth approach to roleplaying. Like from what i saw with the Siege battles. You have all these guilds making settlements and trying to claim the land over the others, its a perfect place for roleplaying where each guild can use that to create their own history for their guild so that new players can go to their website and read the lore for that guild and see the trials and tribulations that the Guild and it's members went through on that time of need. That tool of roleplaying could be used to enhance a guild so more mature serious RP players or PvP players can get the chance to play with a group of people that have the same common goal. It would be a step away from the guilds that alot of people dont like to be a part of and WoW players know what i mean because i had the unfortuante chance to be in a couple in my WoW days. The same chance can be applied to WAR too, but it would be harder to maintain. I wish the best for all the games that are being developed right now and i cant wait to see whats next and i cant wait for them to be released. But this is all for this blog Ill have another one good to go later next week. Happy gaming everyone!!!!



My awsome adventure today on the forums

Posted by gamerman98 Tuesday August 21 2007 at 4:21PM
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Well earlier this morning i decided to go show my honest opinion of a game that i dont really care about named Tabula Rasa. Its just not for me, but when expressing those views i was adressed back by a guy who couldnt type english too well, a guy with the name of a cartoon character from the early 90s, and a so called older than all of us guy whos claimed to have played games back in the early days of my youth...which i doubt it because there was not much to play back then and i played them all. Now what was funny to me is that people on this site act like just because they looked at your profile they know u...well if you want to know me heres what to know.

Im not just called Gamerman98 (GmaN98 for short when i online game) because i like games. It was a title i earned from my peers for all of the awsome gaming ive been doing since i was old enough to hold a atari joystick ( 3 and a half years old, so my parents say) i currently own 8 systems and almost all the games for each and im working on my 9th at the moment. I do have a life and a day job...the usual 9 to 5 that pays well, im currently engaged to a awsome woman who also loves gaming herself and we play alot..yet we spend alot of time going out for walks, going out for fancy dinners, and the occasional movie if theres a good one on. I have played in a few online leagues for FPS games (which is why i love them so much) my favorite one to date was the CAL (Cyber Athlete Amateur league) league i was in last summer for Unreal Tournament 2004. Now im not posting this up for bragging rights...if i wanted those id just jump online and pwn some ppl on one of my fave games in like CTF or something. Im posting this up because im confident in myself to know that i have really good Gaming skills and id love to meet others that have that same confidence and not just be full of themselves like the ppl i argued with in that thread today. i mean i came on this site to learn more about the MMORPG genre and its games, and also to meet fellow gamers, not waste my time arguing over nothing with nobodys that know nothing and think they are gods, those arent gamers, those are know...think of this site as high school..those ppl are the elementary school students that think they can hang out with the big boys. But im gonna go game...


P.S. i dont just play games...i collect them as well...which is the other half of enjoying gaming as a whole.

The endless battle over the "Fantasy" genre in games (RPGs, MMOs)

Posted by gamerman98 Thursday August 9 2007 at 5:54PM
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I constantly find it amusing that games nowadays feel the need to be number 1 at the Fantasy genre in gaming. I mean we have great games out there for the offline players such as Oblivion and Online games such as World Of Warcraft. Everyone thinks that there is one way to do it, yet developers find multiple ways to create around what we all know in terms of Knights and Dragons. Im not going to get into specifics but as much as I love all the games that make their own realm amongst the genre, i am yet to see one that actually follows it by its own Origins. I would love to see a pure midevil game where it would be kingdom vs kingdom without the Orcs or elves. Just humans vs humans. Sure not much there but it would make a good PvP game where guilds can defend their own like they do in Shadowbane or Dark Age of Camelot. I hope to see more great fantasy games come out for MMOs in the future.

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