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MMO Addict. Finding the right MMO.

Blog of an MMO addict trying to find the right MMO. From Linux gaming to reviews.

Author: gaiusmarius

What's playing on my PC?

Posted by gaiusmarius Monday May 18 2009 at 5:29AM
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Well hello,
Over the last, month, I had left my guild in which I was close to becoming an officer, I had joined in pre-ulduar after leaving my guild of a long time since pre-wrath, it just didn't work out in the end.
But I left the newest guild due to the members not liking my methods of raid leading, but I'll summon it up into a few points:

  • If you talk in vent when you aren't meant to, I'm going to tell you off.
  • If you be a *insert bad word* in my raids, I will be that to you as well.
  • Don't stuff around during boss fights, only talk when you are meant to, if you aren't a healer, tank or other important role, you just do your job, and do it properly.
  • I try to do things ASAP so we can have fun, I make my raids fun for everyone, so don't be bad.

I had a few complications with 2 members, one being *the 8th best priest* on the server, yet, a very bad individual, he was later gkicked after an officer left due to the *8th best priest* saying bad things about him - so instead of the priest talking to the officer about the bad things he did what I consider, immature.
The other one was someone who turns up to raids in a bad state, and used donations to gain leverage, I had sorted any bad tensions with him, and I assumed the first individual had sorted it.

After the priest was gkicked there were some unhappiness, he was a good priest but if the officer has his name run through mud, what was done was done, he cannot expect to get away with it, he was a previous raid leader, his title was taken off him due to abusing his powers, his last warning and then he got gkicked.

So all through that and crap sorted aside, I was demoted as the priest used his gear to gain leverage and got me demoted.

Moral of the above story - I'd take better people, rather than better geared, to a raid. As a raid leader, I would like things to be efficiently done.

So that made me think how much of a bad community WoW is as a whole, so I decided to quit WoW for the time being, as I don't feel like forking out $50 to transfer to a more mature community (I hear the RP servers are more mature) well, I just can't fork out $50 for it.

So I decided to pick up Eve during the WoW phases in Ulduar, which as I hear has been nerfed to the point of PUGable.

So for now, I am playing Eve, it isn't as hardcore friendly as one would think, but it's good none-the-less.

AlexanderVendi writes:

Good for u !

Eve is 10 times better then wow , u just need patience :)

Mon May 18 2009 11:32AM Report
Annwyn writes:

I will have to say that I also dislike your "raid leadership". To me it looks like tyranny. Especially the  [players are not "allowed" to talk in vent when they "aren't meant to". ]

In my opinion, raids are supposed to be fun and to have fun during raid, everyone must know what they have to do but are not restricted in vent or other activities.

Same thing goes for FPS scrims, we usually just talk about anything while we attack the opponents. We just know how each of our team mates plays and how to support them so we can take it easy on vent without the "I didn't ask you to talk because we're in a scrim".

Mon May 18 2009 1:27PM Report
sanders01 writes:

 hardcore raider it seems. I rather like the laid back casual raiding aspect, were wipeing isn't such a big deal.

Mon May 18 2009 6:49PM Report
mrcalhou writes:

I wouldn't have stuck around long enough to be kicked. The moment you became a bitch, I would have have been out of there. Games are meant to be fun. If I want to sit around quiet all the time, I'd stay in class.

Mon May 18 2009 6:51PM Report
DeathTripp writes:

^ agreed ^

Mon May 18 2009 8:13PM Report
gaiusmarius writes:

You can talk in trash, but boss fights are organised and you can't have a "weather" chat when killing a boss. It was hardcore raiding at it's best, and we got most of the Ulduar content down with me leading it, this is pre-nerf of course.

Mon May 18 2009 10:00PM Report writes:
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