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Author: gaiusmarius

Cryptic studios playing dirty

Posted by gaiusmarius Thursday March 19 2009 at 7:00AM
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According to this report on the forums, City of Heroes players have been receiving in-game messages from Cryptic Studio's inviting them to beta test Cryptic's Champions Online Game.

[quote]Let's not pretend for one second that the MMO industry is a friendly place, full of friendship, flowers and bunnies. When a multi-million dollar product and dozens of jobs are on the line, competition will be fierce and taking market share (read: players) from your competition is going to be a basic business practice.

However, there are lines you don't cross because 1) even competition should follow some rules of professional conduct, and 2) it opens the door for everyone to do the same thing to you. Representatives of Cryptic Studios crossed this professional line in the sand recently by going into City of Heroes / Villains (CoH/V) - their old product, which they sold to NCsoft - and, using PMs sent through the forums and allegedly through in-game message systems, attempted to lure players into the Champions Online (ChampO) beta test - their new product.{...}[/quote]

There is an official comment on this from NC Soft over at the official City of Heros forums :

[quote]Those of us here at the City of Heroes® franchise wanted to take a moment to comment on solicitations our players may receive from outside sources -- either in-game or through our message board system. We would like to acknowledge that we know these kinds of communications occur. It is unfortunate that people do this...but we also recognize and accept the fact that ultimately, we do not have control over the messages our customers with valid accounts send one another. Although we cannot stop someone from initially communicating with you - whether it be RMT (real money transaction) related, another game company trying to lure you to their competing product, or general spamming...we are in a position to investigate the situation (and potentially take action) once a solicitation has occurred, for it is a direct violation of our Rules of Conduct and EULA (End User License Agreement).[/quote]


I was never interested in any of the games mentioned, but I am now even less interested in Cryptic's Champions Online.

Vexe writes:

I am definately excited for champions.

I am a little disappointed in cryptic studios, but not THAT much. I don't really care (as a customer) too much about what Cryptic studios does, as long as it's not illegal.

Hell, I'll probably hop of CoH soon and see if I can get one of those invitiations.

Thu Mar 19 2009 7:47AM Report
Hhussk writes:

I understand why cryptic went to CoX...obviously, that's the player base they will be targetting.

Personally, it's not going to matter in the end. If Champions Online is fundamentally better than CoX...then CoX will disappear. That's just the way it is.

Thu Mar 19 2009 1:40PM Report
Kiskara writes:

It's really underhanded that they'd pull such a stunt. But its not (as far as I can see) illegal, per se.


I'm of the opinion that if a game is good, it doesn't need to resort to shady tactics to get a solid base.

Thu Mar 19 2009 11:40PM Report writes:
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