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A rarely if ever updated blog from someone who hates blogs only slightly less than he hates people.

Author: gaeanprayer

Enough is enough

Posted by gaeanprayer Sunday June 12 2011 at 11:46AM
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I don't even care if people see this, or like it for this matter. But the constant ranting of the forums and the obvious degradation of any (albeit already limited) decent posting has my eye twitching. By 'decent', I don't mean well-worded, though that's always nice. I mean 'decent', from a moral standpoint. For those who make it to the end of the post - first off, Bravo! - you may find it's not just your parade I'm raining on.


People FOR PK and Open PVP Games

They're not for everyone, but believe it or not, I support them, even though you'll never catch me participating. What I am amused by however, is the internet 'thuging'. Get this out of your heads; the ability to kick someone's ass in a video game does not make you harder, better, stronger, or smarter than anyone else. What is also doesn't instantly make you, is an ass! I know, it's a completely foreign concept. PKing people doesn't make you evil! *gasp as the world explodes* So why do frequent PKers troll forums and make it seem like everyone who raises a sword toward another person is the cliche, condescending and obnoxious troll? I suppose because they feel superior. Maybe it's making up for something they lack in real life. Maybe they're just annoyed of constantly being villainized by the rest of the community. Could be any number of things, but I seriously encourage people to start taking the high road.

I remember the days of Ultima. I was a low level caster, terribly frustrated that I couldn't even gather materials without being attacked (I was playing when the game first came out, mind you) and you know what happened when I complained? Believe it or not, no one yelled at me. No one called me a carebear, or a coward, or anything. What happened was ONE person came to stand at my side while I gathered. He protected me and got his dose of PvP while I took my time getting stronger. We became friends, and eventually I was strong enough to fight back. Someone attacked me, I fought back, my friends came, their friends came, huuuuuge epic battles ensued, and everyone was having fun. I don't remember a single insult being thrown around, except at like one person from our side who was otherwise, fun!

I never went looking for PvP, just like I don't now. These days however, it's for different reasons. It's the mentality I want to avoid. PvP is not what it used to be. It used to be competitive. These days, it boils down to only two things; attack someone who is clearly weaker than you, or be victimized. There doesn't seem to be an in-between anymore. Which is, by the way, part of the reason why I don't understand how 'PKers' can honestly come to a forum feeling superior when 90% of them have never killed anyone that has offered them a challenge. It's so sad, it's almost worth a chuckle.

What these people don't understand is the image they give to their community and the alienation they force upon it. Calling people carebears, cowards, et al, is not going to endear people to you. It is a huge part of why games aimed at you end up ghost towns with little or no support and let's be honest, more than half the time that 'support' is subpar. These games are not successful enough to warrant A-quality support, because they're not popular enough; not because they draw PvPers, but because they draw ~bullies~. There is a difference. So the next time someone is complaining that they can't gather/craft/quest in peace, instead of biting their heads off, why not offer to accompany them? You get to pvp, they get to quest, and you make a friend that will watch you, learn from you, and eventually emulate you. See? PvP fun for everyone.


People AGAINST PvP (and those that join PvP games anyway)

Because you piss me off just as much. PvE/Controlled PvP games dominate the market. You can't spit without the ensuing loogey splattering the face of an MMO with either worthless PvP or a complete lack of it all together. So PvEers join a PvP intensive game and then complain that there's PvP? *groan* FFS, use your heads. Research the game you are about to invest your money/time in and make an intelligent decision about what you're getting into. You know how you hate when PvP mentality invades your PvE games? The reverse is just as valid, they don't like you in their game either.

Actually, scratch that. They love you in their games. You're like a baby gazelle and they're any number of wildlife looking at you like food lacking the horns to fight back. And yet, countless people still go to these games that advertise PvP (Xyson, Eve, Aion, etc) and then come to a forum and bag on the game for it! How stupid could you possibly be? I realized one day that often, those PvPers that come raging about PvEers in forums are often doing it not because the people are complaining they're dying, but because those people are bad-mouthing a game based on a feature that was advertised as part of the game in the first place. Bad-mouthing a game that, clearly, these PvPers love and are thus defensive about because yes, what we say really does matter and yes, people are listening.

I realize there's this entitlement mentality that has dominated, not just the playerbase, but people in general. I don't know where it came from, but people need to wake up. You don't deserve to have every game bow to your every whim. You don't deserve to have really anything except air to breathe, food to eat and a roof over your head (and many don't even have that). Everything else is icing on the cake. That includes video games. We already have a huge selection of video games to choose from, and while even I catch myself feeling games are somewhat shallow and lacking these days, that still doesn't give me or anyone the right to try and mold an existing game in our image. Especially one that is made to fill the needs of a niche audience which overall, is far more neglected than those who just want to quest and craft in peace.

"But the game is pretty!"

Lots of games are pretty. Pick one and get over it.

"But I don't want to play those games, I want to play THIS one!"

Too bad. Take a step back and appreciate that your life is so good that this has even made it into your list of things to worry about.

"But I have friends that play here!"

Good, then get those friends to PvP with you, or make new friends to PvP with.

Here's another thought; if you can't beat them, join them! It occurs to me a lot of PvEers feel sort of guilty about killing other people. Perhaps we just have a nicer mentality and it feel innately wrong to hunt and kill another person. But...that's what the game is there for! No one feels guilty about sniping someone in the face in an FPS game, they just do it! So give it a whirl! You'll die, you'll fail, you'll lose more than you gain (at first) but you might be surprised how much fun you have once you stop caring so much. They're just pixels, you're not really losing anything despite how it might initially feel.

And here's something they don't tell you; most people lose more than they win. It may not seem like it because you're only experiencing your own failures, but most TRUE PvPers fail as much or more often than they win, and by 'true' I mean people who don't just hunt lowbies. It's how they learn. They fail, they try a new strategy, they see what works. Check out the PvP discussions on Guild Wars 2 if you don't believe me. Guardians dominated, people kept failing against them, till someone thought to try a new Thief build. That thief build was then used to rush past the cavalcade, take out the Guardians, and make it possible for everyone else to get past those shields.

But they had to fail MANY times before they figured that out. And now the Guardians die, many many times, until ~they~ figure out a way to counteract the Thieves. It's a learning experience, stop taking it so personal! If you can't do that, then just avoid the game and let PvPers have their fun.



Alright, that's enough. Holy crap, I didn't think I was going to write that much. I don't intend to do this very often, if ever again, I just really needed to get that off my chest.


I feel better now <3


willvas writes:

not a bad blog...

agree with a lot of it.  you missed the middle of the road player though.  The one who enjoys both.  ther then that its not bad.  I think you will get a lot of PVP players trying to bury this.  Because you pretty much nailed it on the head by how a LOT are acting on the forums.  ETOUGH guys.

Sun Jun 12 2011 8:09PM Report
kjempff writes:

I guess there are just two kind of people, those who would kill the baby gazelle and those who would let it live.

Mon Jun 13 2011 11:40PM Report
gaeanprayer writes:


I dunno why but that made me laugh. Probably because it's true. Don't forget after killing it, you gotta skin it, take it's stuff, teabag it and call it a noob.

Tue Jun 14 2011 11:47AM Report
kittyvonkita writes:

"Take a step back and appreciate that your life is so good that this has even made it into your list of things to worry about."

Eye opener to many. Great blog post!

Wed Jun 15 2011 6:12PM Report
Consti2tion writes:

great post. I'm with you 100%. In fact i must share your post with others.

Wed Jun 15 2011 11:01PM Report
kjempff writes:

I was one of those idiots who got Aion at launch thinking I could just play the pve part of the game. I should have researched better, but I took the chance. And even now I am tempted to be an idiot again, thinking I can play EVE and avoid pvp mostly ... I really should get my head examined.

Sat Jun 18 2011 12:52PM Report
MurlockDance writes:

Very good blog!

Sun Jun 19 2011 2:51AM Report writes:
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