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Battle of the Immortals Developer Blog

An MMO with action RPG at heart, players will find themselves steeped in cultures ranging from Norse mythology to the Qin Dynasty while exploring tombs and dungeon for the highly-coveted Soul Gear.

Author: frankieraye

Contributors: Kantorek,therealjayve,pwecrabclaw,

Shadow Manor Walkthrough

Posted by frankieraye Friday October 29 2010 at 8:48PM
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The Shadow Manor is a new dungeon set to release alongside of the massive 1.8 update due for BoI in November.  This dungeon is dangerous and complicated, so check out this walkthrough and get prepared!

To enter the Shadow Manor, form a party and visit Karloff in Atlantis Square.  Karloff is located in the northern building on this map.  The party leader must then select which mode they want to enter, either normal or elite.

The Shadow Manor is a new dungeon set to release alongside of the massive 1.8 update due for BoI in November.  This dungeon is dangerous and complicated, so check out this walkthrough and get prepared!

To enter the Shadow Manor, form a party and visit Karloff in Atlantis Square.  Karloff is located in the northern building on this map.  The party leader must then select which mode they want to enter, either normal or elite.

After entering the instance, you'll find yourself in a dark, gloomy outdoors environment.  Move forward with your group, and kill the wandering monsters standing in your way.  You'll quickly find that the front door to the Shadow Manor is locked, though!

Abandon the front door, and continue on in the same direction you were going previously, clearing out the monsters along the way.  You'll soon find a level that will grant you access to the underground tunnels beneath the manor.

Once in the tunnels, figh your way towards the Dungeon.  Once inside the Dungeon, you'll find a chained up Werewolf.  To continue on, you'll have to free him, so have the party leader approach and interact with the Werewolf.  You'll have several waves of guards to fight that are trying to stop you, so be prepared!  Several traps in the area will also ignite, and you really don't want to get caught in them.

Fighting off the waves of enemies will allow the Werewolf to free himself.  As it turns out, the Werewolf was a transformed Priest!  This priest offers to help you in your mission, so protect him as he moves towards his lab further down the hallway.

Once the Priest makes it to his lab, he'll provide the party with a few potions that give powerful buffs that will make life alot easier.  From here, you can move on to the main room of the house.  This room is guarded by White Castle  Guards, which are an extremely dangerous enemy!  Upon death, these enemies explode and deal a huge amount of damage to nearby players.

In the main room, you'll see that in order to access the final boss, you need two key items.  These items are in different locations of the Manor, with the first being accessed by heading towards the Dining Hall.  Once in the Dining hall, clear it out of enemies.

 As the final Puppet Maid drops, a drunkard will come barreling into the room - completely destroying the doors leading to the first key!  Kill the drunkard, and move into the room he came out of.

Once inside the room, you'll find that there's a box you have to push over to the nearby wall.  Interact with the box until it's in position, then climb up onto the ledge above.  Congratulations, you've found the first key!

Jump back down, and head back the way you came.  Go North, and into the Observatory.  Inside, you'll find a tree.  Talk to the tree to aquire the key to open the door to the Gallery.

 With key in hand, head to the Reception room.  Your first boss fight awaits!

This boss has a wide variety of devastating attacks, but a quick player can get out of the way in time to avoid damage.  Watch out for environmental effects such as explosions and lightning, and you should make it out alive.  But seriously, stay out of the explosions.

After slaying the Dark Harbinger, continue on towards the Library.  Inside the library is a book, which you must speak with to activate.  This will spawn a huge demonic book, but that's not the hard part of this room.  Once the book dies, a vast number of symbols will appear on the ground.  Synchronize the three special symbols for long enough, and a secret door will open that contains another key you need to gain access to the final part of the puzzle.

Take the key you just picked up, and head to the Gallery.  Once inside, you'll see a set of menacing looking statues.  To get the final key to access the end boss, you must activate each of the statues in turn.  Prepare yourself for a slugfest, this fight will take awhile!

 With the final key in your posession, you can now take on the boss of the instance - Lord Okula!  Open the final lock, and make sure everyone is ready for a difficult battle.

Okula will immediatly attack once you're close enough, so get ready to stay mobile!  This whole fight is about avoiding his deathblows, which come in the form of huge glowing rings on the ground.  Stay in a ring for too long, and you'll be killed instantly!

Okula will periodically transform into a huge bat, and spawn four portals nearby.  These portals will begin endlessly pouring demonic bats onto the battlefield, so pour all of the AoE firepower you have onto the horde to keep it at bay.  Okula will eventually transform back into his regular state.

Avoid Okulas deathblows, the environmental hazzards, and his sweeping AoE attacks, and Okula will eventually drop.  Loot your rewards, and then prepare to loot the treasury!  You may have noticed by now that you've been gaining Golden Keys throughout the dungeon.  Well now it's time to use them!


Rewards from these chests range from experience granting items, to bags of coins worth 60,000 or more!  You can even get the rare Anubis' Judgment treasure item!  After you've finished looting the chests, you are officially done with the Shadow Manor!

Look forward to this exciting new dungeon in the November BoI version 1.8 update!


Zodiac Gauntlet – Libra

Posted by frankieraye Friday October 29 2010 at 8:37PM
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Your biggest challenge in the history of Battle of the Immortals awaits!  Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the Libra zodiac gauntlet!

And by biggest, we of course mean that both literally and figuratively.  See exhibit A:

This fight will require both teamwork, as well as a healthy amount of running around (for your lives, maybe?).  The key to this battle will reside in both the fire and ice elements, so pay attention to your surroundings and also to what the Libra says during the fight!

This battle will be available after server maintenance ends on 10/12/2010.

1.8 Update Preview – New Skills

Posted by frankieraye Friday October 29 2010 at 8:36PM
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The fast-approaching 1.8 update contains a great deal of new content within it.  This article will cast the spotlight on one such section of new stuff, specifically the all-new class skills!

Each class in the game will receive three new skills.  One of these three skills is universally shared amongst all classes, while the other two are class specific.  Two skills are available at level 100, while the final skill unlocks at level 115.

Without further ado, here are the new skills broken down by class (all skills shown are at level 1, and are upgradeable):

Universal Skill - All classes will get this

Champion Skills

Heretic Skills

Magus Skills

Slayer Skills

Berzerker Skills

As always, we will be releasing more and more information about new content as we get closer to the release date.  Stay tuned to both the main BoI website, as well as the boards and Facebook page to get all of the up to date information the second it's posted!

Update Preview – Part II

Posted by frankieraye Friday October 29 2010 at 8:33PM
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Continuing in our series of previews for the upcoming Battle of the Immortals expansion, we have for everyone today a more comprehensive list of upcoming features and changes that will be implemented once this update goes live.

Soul Gear upgrade system

• All Soul Gear starting at 45 will be upgradeable to the next tier – with all upgrades and gems intact.  This will apply for 45 to 60, 60 to 75, 75 to 90, and 90 to 100 upgrade tiers.

Decreased difficulty of obtaining stardusts
• Both starwords and stardusts will be easier to obtain

Decreased costs

• Embedding gems will be made cheaper
• Exhaustion of soul jade combining will be lowered, allowing more soul jades to be combined per day

New vendor system
• All vendor stalls in a particular map will be accessible through one menu.

New guild functions

• Free double experience crystal for each guild member daily
• New “Guild Popularity” system, where guild members can increase their guilds popularity rating based off their in-game activities
• Rewards for guild members in leadership roles – reward is based on a questionnaire about their quality of leadership by the regular guild members
• New guild quests

As you can see, a wide array of gameplay aspects are undergoing a number of interesting changes.  The guild system is definitely home to many of these improvements, and we’re looking forward to increased functionality and player involvement in their respective guilds.

Keep an eye out for more updates, as we’ll be publishing them regularly as we ramp up to a release date.

Update Preview – Mount Olympus

Posted by frankieraye Friday October 29 2010 at 8:28PM
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Battle of the Immortals has a massive expansion in its future.  We’re going to start releasing more and more details about this expansion during the coming weeks, and for now, we have new information about a brand new map called Mount Olympus!

Mount Olympus is a new high level map featuring new ways to achieve Deity points, as well as fight new bosses that will be the highest level encounters available in the game after release.  Expect a series of new challenges and adventures in this new map, as you and your friends fight their way to the Palace of the Immortals.


Additionally, here's a quick look at some of the monsters you can expect to face in these new maps.  We've had a great deal of player feedback regarding mobs not dropping coins. We understand that this is something that many people would like to see, and we are happy to say that mobs in this zone will drop coins in addition to their regular loot drops.



More information about this expansion will be released soon, but until then, look forward to articles with details about everything ranging from new sets of skills as well as enhancing player recognition with rewards for those in high tiers of rank in the in-game ranking system!