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Game Mama

Blog Mission - To Boldly, nvm, that's been, Blog Mission - To Bravely Blog About Whatever Is On My 51 Year Old Gaming Mom Mind For The Day! :D

Author: Flaime

Defining FUN

Posted by Flaime Sunday July 11 2010 at 12:17AM
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I've seen some very well written and interesting blog and forum posts here at on the fun factor of today's games being missing.


But I wonder...just what, exactly, is it that we view as fun?


Some clamor for more PvP, others for more PvE, still others for larger worlds...but is that really what is missing?


Maybe we should stop for a minute and consider that what we are REALLY looking for is what we found in all those old console games most of us have played in our lives.


Lunar 2 Eternal Blue is one of those old games, one that is considered a classic by most who have played it.  It truly was a journey of discovery, with the story line evolving as you worked your way through each challenge...and who can forget that awesome ship?


Final Fantasy games were incredible, filled with drama, humor, and of course the ever epic and totally adored Chocobo, long may he live!


Super Mario Brothers could drive you flat nuts, trying to leap over the chasm, and instead falling to your death...yet it was exciting when you discovered hidden areas, and were finally able to beat a boss after trying X amount of times.


Maybe, just maybe, what so many of us are longing for are these seemingly lost aspects of the console games we cut our teeth on and came to love. 


Give us a REAL story that actually evolves with us, revealled as we journey through an amazing world filled with mystery and danger.  Give us areas that we can unlock through accidental discovery or by conquering a challenging boss.  Give us some humor along the way, so it's not all a depressing tale of woe. 


It's not all about epic gear or epic mounts or an epic grind that makes you ready to shove an epic sword through a dev's posterior.  We PLAY games, which means we are looking for FUN!  Play = that really so hard to understand?


Just my thoughts for the day... :D

From WoW To Vanguard

Posted by Flaime Thursday July 8 2010 at 5:15AM
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Sometimes, I do miss WoW.  It was my very first mmorpg. It's all my son's fault, of course, he is the one who talked me into trying it out when Burning Crusade came out.


It didn't take long to find myself hooked on it.


It also didn't take me long to figure out that I did not like PvP...must be a mom thing, as the young guys playing the game seemed to thrive on it.  But I absolutely loved the PvE aspect of the game, and happily spent hours exploring as much of this new world as I between death by mobs and corpse runs!


I enjoyed several years of gaming there, but several things happened that finally pushed me out of the game.  Then came months of searching out other games to take the place of WoW, only to find that, in spite of the incredibly long list of mmorpg's, games with quality and depth are actually few and far between.


I'm a PvE'er, I don't like PvP, for many reasons.  Thus, my choices are automatically limited, as many of the current games have a strong PvP focus.  Blame it on my negative WoW PvP experiences, but for me, many, not all, but many of those into PvP also spent a lot of time griefing other players in game and in trade chat. 


I tried Runes of, it was okay, but something was missing.  Perfect World was another one I checked out....but I have yet to be able to get past the ten mile long legs and size 40 double D , um, shall we say upper body structure?, that the toons had! hehe! 


Checked out several others, too, and still there was something missing.


Then late one night, I came across a link to Vanguard.


It was love at first login!


Even with the settings turned down for my laptop, the world was absolutely beautiful.  The detail was incredible, and I was able to customize my character in more detail than I'd seen in these other games.  The quests were interesting, and I found myself being drawn deeper into this complex, detailed, and challenging game.


Crafting is not just grinding materials.  Faction reps and the areas you are in actually have an impact on what you are able to create, and there is a very active crafting presence in game in the Craft channel, with some wonderful players who are extremely helpful towards each other.


Diplomacy was a totally new concept to me, and frustrating at first, until I finally "got" it.  Now, it is fast becoming something I can spend an entire evening working on, finding myself wondering when midnight rolls around where the time went.


And through it all are all the incredible people I've met in game.  There is a maturity in this game that I have not seen elsewhere, with gamers who have been faithful to Vanguard from the very beginning, and who actually enjoy helping newbs like me to understand how things work.


Yes, at times, I do miss WoW, and the fun folks that I left behind.  But Vanguard has truly become a gaming home for me, one I look forward to exploring for a long time to come.


The game is working towards being based on one server.  For some, it is troubling, and I, too, have concerns, as I do not want to see this gem of a game go away any time soon.  Still, there are other games that have gone to one server and been even better for it, and it is my hope that Vanguard will become a new home for many more players in the days, weeks, and months ahead. 


With all the current uproar breaking loose in the WoW gaming sphere over the Real ID issue, and with the disenchantment expressed by people over other fantasy mmorpg's,  there will certainly be others who decide to look around for another game to try.  


Try Vanguard.  It certainly had a rough start, but so much has been fixed, and there are so many wonderful people there, that I truly hope others will check it out and give it a chance. 


See ya there!