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Author: farengar

Races in Achaea: Racial Abilities and a bit about each race.

Posted by farengar Monday May 14 2012 at 1:30AM
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Ok! I hope you read my article before this on the Races of Achaea, if so you should so you will easily comprehend what is coming up next. Like I said in my other article, in this one I’ll be writing about the Races of Achaea, a bit about each one, and what abilities they come with or advantages. These are very helpful abilities that you can receive as your race and you will find them very beneficial throughout your whole playing time in Achaea.
So first we will start with abilities, each race comes with one or two abilities that will help them in the realms, sometimes even three. The abilities are usually an offensive advantage or a defensive advantage. For example, Tsol’aa have the ability to climb into the tree tops, while humans have an higher chance for a critical hit than anyone else. So each race has one of these and I will list them when I talk about each race. You shouldn’t base your race pick on just these advantages though, you should take much more into account. 
This picture shows you the abilities available to a Siren
Ok, so now to talk a bit about each race of Achaea. Everyone is different, and not a like really at all. I won’t cover so much the background of each race (because I don’t know all of them) but I will cover about the race, what they look like, and maybe something I think about when I get to the race.
Human: This race is average, starting with the stats of 12 constitution, 12 strength, 12 dexterity, 12 intelligence, this makes them a good middle of things. I enjoy that there is an even race like this, because then you can be even in everything! Humans have the racial advantage (or trait I should say) of a higher chance for a critical hit, which is an increased damage on a denizen. They also have an increase chance for a sip gain (very very handy when hunting) as where normally when you sip health for 500 for instance, sporadically they will sip health for maybe 800 points. A life saver in many situations, even in combat.
A bit about Atavians
Atavian: This race I don’t know a whole lot about, but they are the kind of angel race of Achaea. They have wings, so people automatically assume Angel! and they make one, put it in Shallam, city of Light, then join the Empyreal full of priests. But they are more than that, they don’t have to be good, in fact they aren’t really angels typically. They are as good, or bad as any other race. You could make an occultist Atavian which could actually be kind of fun. They are a cool race, and have the ability to fly! You can fly up into the sky above locations, and only other people who are flying can see you, or attack you. This is useful for escaping combat, or if you are low on health while hunting and need a quick escape. They can also hover which hovers them above trap doors, and other obstacles that may throw them down from great heights. Hovering is useful because say if you fall from the trees, you won’t break legs etc. 
Anyway, I need to make these Racial descriptions less wordy so I can get them done. next Article I will cover all of the races that I haven’t covered yet. Enjoy! writes:
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