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MUDS Aren't dying

In this blog I'll talk about MUDS and how they compare to other MMORPG why they are better, worse, or compare. Things you can do in them, their strengths. Pretty much anything MUD related.

Author: farengar

Races in Achaea: The different Races & Their Statistics

Posted by farengar Friday May 11 2012 at 12:44AM
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This article is based off the top MUD Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands.Give it a try, One of the best games out there I think in a long time!
Within Achaea, there are different races your character can become. This is really great for the RP part of the game because nobody is the same as another player. The different races you can become are Human, Atavian, Mhun, Satyr, Horkval, Siren, Troll, Dwarfs, Tsol’aa, Xoran, Grooks, and Rajamala. Each race has a different set of stats that affect how powerful some abilities are, how much health, mana, willpower, and endurance it has, or how quick moving it is. In this article I will talk more about the races and a bit about each one.
The 12 different races across the realms of Achaea each have a diverse history, that one could read on for hours. I won’t talk about the history of each race in this article, that is for you to find out when you start playing! But anyway, each race has a history, they also have special racial emotes. These are lots of fun because only members of your race can do these emotes. For example, Atavians can unfurl their wings, or Rajamalas can hiss and groom themselves. ( Those emotes probably sound weird until I tell you about each race, and you’ll learn that Atavians have wings, and Rajamalas are a more tiger, cat type race).
Those are the different statistics for races
Each race in Achaea has 4 different stats that affect different things about the race and character that plays it. The four different stats are dexterity, constitution, intelligence, and strength. They all play critical roles in your characters skills at combat, hunting, and more. You should try and learn about what each one does before picking your class, so you pick good stats for your class. Strength as you may assume, is the control of how much damage your physical attacks will deal. Intelligence on the other hand, is responsible for your maximum mana points, and how much damage your magical attacks will do. (Note: Your strength does not relate to how much health you have, as intelligence does mana). Constitution is actually what relates to how much health points you have, and dexterity the final stat category, relates to how well you avoid attacks. 
These are the specializations that are available for Sirens (Specializations described below)
Until recently, your race had set stats that couldn’t be changed unless a stat altering artefact was purchased. But now, each race has a few specializations you can choose from and each one has different stats. This increases the ability to RP with your race as any class. Back in the day, for instance Horkvals were the best race for monks. Because their default stats were perfect for a monk hunter and combatant. But now with specializations, all races offer stats similar to those of the old Horkval with one of their specialization, so any race is now good for monk. This helps with RP because if you wanted to be a Siren and a Monk, but the old Siren stats weren’t good at all for monk, now you could do that because if you specialized as a Siren Fury, then you have more monk type stats.  So Each race has I believe 5 different specializations, each one favouring one stat and then decent in the others, except 1 stat will be weaker, 2 will be middle, and 1 will better. Sorry it is hard to put all this into words!
These are the stats for Mhun specializations. As you can see, Mhun Keeper favours Strength, so you would choose that if you were a sword or other physical damage race! You would choose Mhun Conjurer if you were a Magi or Occultist that uses lots of magic! 
Ok so in the next article I will talk about each race individually, and the racial abilities you gain as certain races. writes:
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