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MUDS Aren't dying

In this blog I'll talk about MUDS and how they compare to other MMORPG why they are better, worse, or compare. Things you can do in them, their strengths. Pretty much anything MUD related.

Author: farengar

Getting Started off in the realms of Achaea, Top MUD: More Quests

Posted by farengar Monday April 23 2012 at 1:31AM
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This Article is related to the great top MUD realms of Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands! Play now!


Read my previous articles of the series before preceding if you have not already :)
Ok! So as I said in my last article there are other quests besides the one in Minia. The Lodi quests and the big one I mentioned. These quests are also very key to your early success in the realms of Achaea. Here is a bit about them.
In Lodi, there are a few great questions. There is the Wildcat Area, and then the village south of that. I haven’t quested a lot in Lodi but I hear that it has better gold. I do know what fine quest there that has made me lots and lots of gold. This is the Wildcat hunting quest. There is a farm in Lodi who has a farm. He has sheep, chickens, and all kinds of animals. But just north of his farm is a pack of wildcats! Your job is to kill these wildcats so they still stop eating the town animals. Then you must take their corpses to the Chief Constable in Lodi! He will pay large amounts of gold for these corpses and the relief of dead wildcats! I recommend you try this quest it is a fun, great one!
Then in Minia, at the ivy covered archway there, you will find a man named Vellis. His name is Vellis, the butterfly collector and he, name kinda says it, collects butterflies. If you GREET him, and then AGREE to his offer, he will then hand you a net. You need to wield this net and then run through Minia, the Savannah plains, and the Pash valley CATCHing BUTTERFLYs as you see them. Once you have a substantial amount in your net you will then want to make your way back to Vellis and give your net to him. He will then pay you depending on what kind of butterflies you got him. But careful, if you die all your butterflies will be released from your net. If you leave the realms all your butterflies will be freed. If you drop your net in anyway, shape, or form you will lose all your butterflies! So that makes it hard. You can also only do this quest once a day so take time collecting them until you truly are finished.
Now those are just a few of the quests there are in Achaea for novices. There are many more but I won’t give them all away! You can find them all within the grounds if Minia, Lodi, and Mt. Gheldan. Also some classes also have class quests to gain a certain item or skill for a class. Like in the screenshot below is for blademasters, who quest for their own blade. Many other classes also have Class based quests. These are also very fun and exciting. Even Houses have orientation quests! So I suggest you look around and see which ones you can find.
I hope after reading this you are a bit clearer on how and why you should get started in the realms of Achaea. This may or may not be my last article for this series. writes:
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