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MUDS Aren't dying

In this blog I'll talk about MUDS and how they compare to other MMORPG why they are better, worse, or compare. Things you can do in them, their strengths. Pretty much anything MUD related.

Author: farengar

Achaean Dragons, Ways to cut down the losses and become one faster.

Posted by farengar Thursday April 12 2012 at 11:16PM
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This Article is about the top MUD Achaea, dreams of Divine lands. Try it out now!

Ok! Now that I have talked about Achaea dragons, and a bit about how to become one. I’m going to discuss more on how to become one in this article, since there is a lot too it. If you haven’t ready my previous articles yet, I suggest you read those before you work your way here. I’ll also talk about why dragon is worth the haul, and why you should try and achieve it!

Alright so obviously when you're getting dragon, you don’t want to die a lot. But dying happens there is no way around it, whether you walk into a room of too many aggressive denizens, lag out while hunting, or just get distracted and stop looking at the screen for too long. Point is, you have to lose as minimal experience as possible. How to do this? there are a few ways.

The main way is to pray for salvation immediately. It takes time, but sometimes it can take forever for people to find your corpse and resurrect you, so you need to pray before you lose more experience from just dying. In Achaea if your mana empties while dead, you begin to drain experience then. if you die and then get resurrected before your mana empties, you won’t lose any additional experience besides what you lost from the original death. So you need to pray immediately if nobody on CT says that they are running for you.

Another way to prevent death is tattoos. There are three tattoos you should have when hunting, boar, moss, moon, and starburst. Each of these does something very critical, Boar regenerates health, Moon regenerates mana, Moss clots bleeding, and starburst resurrects you immediatly on death, but then fades away so can only be used that once until you ink another. The rest stay for awhile before also, with time, fading away. but think about it, if you have a moss tattoo less bleeding is less health lost, so you can fight longer without getting dangerously low on health and having to leave the room. Also regenerating mana saves you from having to take a sip balance away from health to refill mana. So you can focus on healing health while that regenerates mana. And of course, I have been saved many times by Boar because i’m at low enough health the denizen will kill me with it’s next hit, but boar regenerates health and then it hits me, but I have the health the boar gave me so it was enough to survive off of, until I could flee. So these are the two critical ways you can cut experience loss.

I also said I’d talk about Overhunting and Underhunting. These boths have there ups and downs but personally, I underhunt for the most part, or just hunt whats barely below my level. Overhunting is quicker experience, but more deaths in the long run so you spend more time earning back experience from deaths. Underhunting is slower experience gain, but still a decent speed. You don’t die as much, so you are moving forward instead of a forwards backwards motion. It’s a pretty easy concept if you think about it, Underhunting is smaller stuff so less experience, and overhunting is bigger stuff so more. Than you can kind of balance out the rest from there on which you want to do. Both are good, it just depends on your STYLE!

Anyway Hope you enjoyed. Next time I will talk about Why is dragon worth all this trouble? writes:
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