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MUDS Aren't dying

In this blog I'll talk about MUDS and how they compare to other MMORPG why they are better, worse, or compare. Things you can do in them, their strengths. Pretty much anything MUD related.

Author: farengar

How to build a solid character in MUDS

Posted by farengar Monday March 19 2012 at 10:04PM
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In MUDS, when you start out you want to be the next big one. The savior, the warrior, the leader, the prophet, you name it. I don’t want to be there, but most do. In the top MUDS, you have to develop roots. If you want to be there at the top, you have to build a strong foundation and build up off of that. There are 5 ways to create this foundation, and I will show you how and what they are.

Roleplay & Background

MUDS are all in text. You can look, be, and feel what you want. But in order to gain others approval, you must never break roleplay at all costs. Stay in character, have a background of where you grew up, and maybe an event that changed your ways or just impacted your life. Also in the MUD I play, you set a text description of what you look like, you may have a stub for a forefinger, or just a scarred neck that trails down your back. You can build roleplay from these things. Pick in game hobbies, collecting masks, collecting hats, fishing, something to build around. maybe just diligence in your House, writing, poetry, dancing. Whatever it is, build off of it and around it. This creates a strong roleplay, and a fine background. The less insane and RP smarts you have, the better of you’ll be. In this screenshot is the description of a friend House mate of mine.




You need to impress those above you, so when they look at you, they take interest. First steps are, join a city and a guild. not only do you meet people, but you can gain rank. Gaining titles and ranks is one way to look strong. Don’t be a 35 year old House rank 2 kind of character, but a 21 year old house rank 5 type. If not in a house rank, join the Order of a Divine. Go hunting and learn combat so you can level up and rank higher in the overall realms. As you can see in this screen shot, I am ranked in the 770’s. You could be ranked at the top with enough perseverance, or you could be that whim ranked 2652nd. Which is going to gain more attention?


If your taking the rogue approach, this is harder but much more admirable. You’ve got to work with what you’ve got making your way to the top. This is done by really getting stronger and training in your class arts. Rogues usually go for one of two things. Take charge in a Deities order, or gain ranks among experience and combat. This is a great path for your second character, once you are familiar with the realms. You can get training from older players, and learn PvP. After you have got a base, you can start dueling other players in public for wagers, or just to get your name out there.


Take part in city or House activities. The more you do this, the more you are seen around and noticed. Join in on the city war raids, or even in non offensive activities. Whether it is an arena event or city hide and seek, you’ll be more well known. Take a look at my city destruction article for one of my favorite activities.

Help around

Help around when you can, whether its your City or House it’s always appreciated. Take on an aideship to a position and relieve the load off an elder member.Become a Position Aide to the House member in charge of combat training (once your good enough) and train the younger members. This sets you in line to be the next head of that position if your good enough, and that's the first steps to Guild or Housemaster and then onto the head of your City! As you can see in this shot, I am aided to 3 positions in my House.

There are more ways than this to become one of the infamous in MUDS. You can even achieve it from being a thief, or exploring every last area in the realms. Every way is rewarding and worth it , just different from the others. It’s up to your personal choice, just set a goal and aspire for it. writes:
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