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MUDS Aren't dying

In this blog I'll talk about MUDS and how they compare to other MMORPG why they are better, worse, or compare. Things you can do in them, their strengths. Pretty much anything MUD related.

Author: farengar

MUDS have the best competitions!

Posted by farengar Saturday March 17 2012 at 5:32PM
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Once again, another great feature of MUDS are revealed. The top MUD,  Achaea, is now hosting weekly competitions for the month, with credit prizes. These competitions are fun, easy, and motivating.

Each week, they pick a different way to get points via when you gain experience. For example, if the weekly competition is “Questing Experience”, you will get points every time you gain experience from a quest. Then, you are placed in the rankings depending on how many points you’ve built up so far. The competitions change weekly so it keeps it changing throughout the whole month. This week was questing, last week was general experience, next week will probably be only bashing! So its kept always thrilling and if you fall behind one week, you can try again the next!  As you can see below, those are the current top competitors right now. This weeks contest is the “Questing Experience”.

**********************[ Weekly Quest experience Contest ]**********************
Rank   Player                         Quest experience     
1      Mortagona                      3675520
2      Arlanda                        2607050
3      Paine                          2275035
4      Kald                           2032700
5      Vincenzio                      1822255
6      Traxtin                        1203395
7      Minxie                         1202790
8      Awan                           893825
9      Mephaos                        887590
10     Darogan                        835250
11     Lupe                           644850
12     Liliana                        607850
13     Tyree                          434850

Then, you can also check your place in the rankings with WEEKRANK.

You are placed 177th in the ongoing weekly contest with 11450 quest experience points.

The points make it a fun and competitive experience (No pun intended). I personally like these contests not just for the prizes, but the motivation. Gaining experience is fun in MUDS, but not the easiest things. These kind of events drive me to continuously be out there questing and trying to gain rank among the high tiers of the competition.

Also, what is it without some rewards? Not only do you get experience as you go along from the quests and denizen kills, but you will gain prizes if you are in the top 5 or so! So if you are number one, you probably would win a substantial amount of gold and/or credits! Then second, a little less credits and gold, but still a good enough. And So forth until probably 5th place when they stop rewarding people. But the great part is, you get credits for just participating! If you make it past a general point mark, you will be bestowed with some credits. So there is always something to go for in these competitions.

Though in these competitions, it creates a player supply and demand. Lets use a smaller numbers for the comparison. On an average day in a MUD, say there are 20 areas, and 5 players hunting (of course, the numbers are MUCH MUCH larger in MUDS and more than ¼ of areas being hunted). So this gives 4 areas to each player, whether the area is for hunting, questing, or both. But then, come these events and bam, there are the same 20 areas, yet 40 players trying to hunt and quest in them. So this creates demand for the area so you have to be fast! If you take breaks often, you won’t be among the top few. To win, you must always be moving forward, because anyone who isn't, is moving backwards.

Anyway, point is, these events in MUDS are a fun way to stay hooked and have fun while playing them as well as growing stronger, and wealthier! writes:
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